Cheap controllers while being cheap overall
January 02, 2021

I am flat broke, I had already so many problems that I cannot afford to spend money on things like a gamepad t play games on my PC. However when you see something that strikes you as a bargain for the tine being till you can afford better, you cannot help but to try it out. The results can be quite disastrous overall.

This is one of such instances with said cheap products. The JDROAD brand is the cheapest controller you could ever bother to get both in price AND quality. Hell, my first pad was a Logitech brand which was leagues better than this and only costed me $19.99 plus tax at some walmart. I am not sure how I could ever thing something like this would be as good but like I said, economy issues.

This pad suffers from quite an annoying set of nuisances like its LEFT ANALOG being utter crap. Mine continued to move on its own when assigned to it on some games and would even press action buttons NOT assigned to it. Being this is the one I mostly use for gaming it really soured the mood when playing anything, even RPGs when you don't even move characters that much.

That alone would had been the sole complaint, because the rest I was OK in dealing with although I can say the one I ordered had wiring exposed at the top of it where the cable meets said controller. I had thought nothing of it while hoping it would not mess up any more. I do think that would be a SAFETY hazard however.

Other nitpicks include the color on buttons fading quite fast, while the rubbers on the analog sticks deteriorating and ripping away faster than I could ever thought possible in less of a month that I been playing with it. The buttons on it would also face issues like the B button sinking in and getting harder to press on overtime.

So yes, if you see this controller forget about it. You can find more about the same price that seem quite better at Amazon but if you do not wish to chance it as I had, maybe just wait to be able to afford a sure thing even when its a bit out your reach for a while.

For now I will try to get me another one NOT from this manufacturer and hope it at least lasts a lot more while working properly on what I use when purchasing such things.

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