Playing Mother 3
February 14, 2021

Finally getting a try on playing Mother 3 on GBA. Found an emulated fan translated ROM at a site dedicated to the Earthbound series and so far its pretty intriguing albeit difficult. I am finding out using strategies in some spots is pretty much key in order to go forward, unlike its predecessor on which you can simply attack and use PSI attacks till enemies are done for.

The fight mechanic is tweaked a bit here, allowing you to make more than one hit when you got the know how. Just like its previous entries the game uses contemporary settings and tropes akin to our contemporary world instead of a medieval fantasy world, although monetary tropes here have been replaced by trading goods in order to get items to replenish HP/status/PSI and equipment.

Characters are pretty likeable, although you don't exactly get to play as the main protagonist till later in the game. Mother 3 seems to breakaway from many RPG boundaries and I applaud it for being different. This includes having almost no relation to last two games making it a whole new entry in the series true and true.

Now back to fighting the pig masked men.

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