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Welcome to my place within Honest Gamers. I like retrogaming and wrestling. Hope we can be friends in gaming. I am also an amateur photographer, game developer enthusiast, and cartoonist, and I am a fan of 80s music as well.

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13 Days of Halloween now playing
October 19, 2019

13 Days of Halloween now begins. Each day from today till Halloween I will upload a gaming video with a Horror-theme. Will also be posting direct links below to each day and each game uploaded. Have a ghoulish holiday.


s://youtu.be/uf-S-rmdlXo">DAY 1, CASTLEVANIA: BLOODLINES
s://youtu.be/YICfOR2YWlA">DAY 2, VAMPIRE (Master of Darkness)
s://youtu.be/bfLKWfgwTKA">DAY 3, ZOMBIE RAID
s://youtu.be/X_su7fvhNa0">DAY 4, UNINVITED
s://youtu.be/FQELbXAtpZI"> DAY 5, DOOM 64
s://youtu.be/gpy5rAWEgqo">DAY 6, THE SIMPSONS, BART'S NIGHTMARE
s://youtu.be/KyUr0YvF5gM">DAY 7, SENGOKU 3
s://youtu.be/T906t2seG84"> DAY 8, DECAP ATTACK

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Cpt. Retro Blue's 13 Days of Halloween
October 16, 2019

I've decided to make some sort of countdown to Halloween every year starting with this one. Beginning on October 19 to the 31st, I'll be uploading a horror-themed gaming upload at my youtube channel, all the way till Halloween. If everything goes right then I will be on a new hobby every time this holiday comes about.

While things in my life aren't that better, I am still not wallowing in self pity to the point of not being productive. I still have my love for gaming.

And yes, that image you see is of my own design. It will also be used to introduce each game on each designated day.

You all have a great day.

PS: lol I mispelled my name on the pic. Oh well.

People who take advantage of the less fortunate make me sick.
October 08, 2019

It has been the worst 4 days of my life this month and I seriously hope tomorrow doesn't give me so much crap as that time. Everything from money problems, that damn appeal about my benefits, and unreliable relatives has made me just take a jump off a cliff to get rid of it all.

Its been made it even worse with the fact that I am currently using a crappy ass phone of which are offered to low cost families with a free lifeline. I didn't expect it to be state of the art, but the fact that it refuses to even let me make normal ass phone calls at times and I have to urn it off and back on JUST to make said phone calls is really getting in my nerves.

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Console ports better than the Arcade
September 25, 2019

As much as I love Arcade games, I cannot help but to feel like their console versions never truly gave me that feeling that would not only be comparable from its original version, but also surpass it in some way. Well here are some of my picks on which I feel such had been established and was happy to experience in my lifetime, while also acknowledging that they pretty much are better than the Arcade originals as well.


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StarFox the Comic
September 19, 2019

When StarFox hit the SNES system a comic by Nintendo was published in the pages of Nintendo Power. The comic would take a few liberties like including original characters like Fara Phoneix who has yet to ever appear in a game adaptation at all, and the relation between Fox and his crew of mercenary space animals who fight for the good of Lylat system. I have found a site where you may experience some of these comics albeit seeing them in a low resolution, but at least preserving a section of gaming history. Hope you enjoy them as much as I.

StarFox Comics

StarFox 2
September 11, 2019

Now that gamers can experience StarFox 2 as intended on that SNES mini, I am able to experience it myself in all its protoype glory, mainly on that ROM that was done and intended for the Super Famicom and subsequently on the SNES back in '95. Its pretty good! I can see all its gaming designs that were put in later titles such as the Arwing walker and the introduction of the bad blood StarWolf, who would appear pilot by pilot to annoy you between missions.

Unlike its predecessor you do not go from stage to stage, you actually select where to go and in instances, intercept enemies and enemy fire on the spacemap. The gibberish animals are back and I am so in love with them.

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Comic Sans skin now a part of Smash Bros. roster
September 04, 2019

You know I haven't played one of those smash bros. games since its Gamecube iteration which I still believe to be one of the best in spite of all the ones that came after it. Not that I don't like the game, but I never really owned a Nintendo console since the SNES and I quite been on other games besides that over hyped toy match tourney everyone seems to obsess over. I am not saying its bad either, I am just saying to each their own.

Over the years that game series has been adding characters from many other franchises besides Nintendo, making it for more of a curiosity than anything else. That would be part of why I have stopped caring really. It seems too much for me to bother with it but still, no harm done.

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