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Note to the Sacred 2 lot
November 06, 2008

Yeah, your wolves probably shouldn't be carrying gold, you fuckwads.

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Big Percentage
November 04, 2008

Just managed to come across this by accident on YouTube. One of the funniest (and, to be fair, only) pastiches on sideways games journalism I've ever seen.

"I keep imagining Julian Rignall climbing through the window with a big percentage under his arm."



Amazonian cult
November 02, 2008

Amazon users piss me off.

There's a big cult of people going round Amazon UK, rating everything that uses SecuRom 1/5, in an attempt to convince developers that it's a bad idea.

And it is. Except they've just made a ridiculous mistake.

There's only about 20 reviews of Fallout up on Amazon yet, but about 5 of them fall into this bucket, dragging the score down to a somewhat nondescript 3/5. Only they got it wrong.

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October 31, 2008


No, really. Seriously.


Guitar Hero
October 30, 2008

My friend Chris's band appears on viral marketing game for razor company.

It's Guitar Hero, basically. Have a look for Eureka Machines. Get to know the song a bit first, then try to smash my 82% record. This is a full 15% higher than the band's bass player's top score.

I'm eager to see how Chris would score, but sickeningly, he's currently doing on tour with his other band. Lucky bugger.

Be warned: it's *ever-so-slightly* out of time in places.

One more day to go...
October 30, 2008

I get my copy of Fallout 3 tomorrow. Expect the official HG word on the PC version some time next week.

In anticipation and preparation, I might play bits of Fallout, Fallout 2 and Oblivion today, just by means of comparison. Though I'm keen to get away from the Oblivion thing. So many publications are writing as if Oblivion is the only thing Bethesda have ever made before - and by the looks of things, the only similarity between the two games is the engine, which has been enormously revamped for F3 anyway.

You'd think F3 was the new Elder Scrolls title. Jeeeeesus.

Rant over, anyway. The point of all this is that I'm excited, and need an outlet to go on about Fallout 3 a bit more.

The New Rule
October 28, 2008

Just the one rule from me:

Everyone must buy Quake 3 and download this mod, so we can all play it ALL THE TIME.


Trust a level designer when I say there's a lot of work gone into that.


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