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Welcome to my place within Honest Gamers. I like retrogaming and wrestling. Hope we can be friends in gaming. I am also an amateur photographer, game developer enthusiast, and cartoonist, and I am a fan of 80s music as well.

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The new Sonic Movie trailer hit the internet today
November 12, 2019

Seems Paramount wised up and revamped Sonic for the better. He looks a lot more easy on the eyes than that horrible thing they went with the first time around. It also seems they added more stuff by the looks of it, such as Green Hill Zone during Sonic's narration about why he came to "the real world." Seeing Jim Carrey getting punch is a big plus as well.

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Street Fighter II V
November 11, 2019

Street Fighter II V is a prequel of sorts, as it takes place before events featured in the popular Capcom sequel fighting game franchise, while at the same time taking some liberties on origins for any other character featured. The story showcases Ryu and Ken traveling around the world as they seek ways to improve their martial art techniques and also having fun, something that is sure out of character for Ryu canonically. Along the way they meet Chun Li who also takes part in some of his adventures, as well as other characters that would become their adversaries in the established games.

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Here's how things are going
November 06, 2019

Alright, after much difficulty I a, able to have most emulation working on this thing, this includes PSX games which thankfully I can also record gaming sessions from even when I have to start over once more. There's still the dilemma on what program I will be able to use to edit said video captures.

Other emulation like PSP and GameCube are still on hold. I am not sure if I will completely be able to play anything or find an emulator which can work with this cheap PC's specs.

However this is leagues better than what I was dealing with and what I have, so I am getting more confidence and aspirations to continue with my work.

I hate Windows 10
November 05, 2019

So yes, I got another crappy PC to at least use it for personal things. However Windows 10 is a little b*tch and so far I hate it ever so much. Ever since Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 (which was the sole one I tolerated and was good enough to use,) I had no other option but to endure this nonsense.

Of course this also meant many programs were "updated" and some forgotten, making it this the most insufferable of experiences I had. Why do we need a glorified "smartphone" interface to begin with? I want a COMPUTER not a hipster's toy. Microsoft has become a joke.

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It is here.
November 04, 2019

I will state that I DON'T like Windows 10, but since 7 will stop getting updates soon, I will have to bear it for now. I know Linux is better but I'm accustomed to this system. A necessary evil.

Expect more reviews and rants about retrogaming soon.

I get knocked down...
November 01, 2019

Was able to order a core pc by DELL from amazon. I'll wait for it to be delivered by next week. It will be a pain to get everything set up again but I'm not giving up.

On my fight to reclaim my benefits they're still working on my appeal so I'm still on edge about it.

I apologize for being too negative as of late, I simply couldn't handle the BS piling up in a single month. Will let all know once I'm good to go once more.

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A big middle finger to October 2019
October 28, 2019

So this crap PC died on me tonight, halting that Halloween nonsense I tried to implement, and other things that I was making progress on. Fine. I'm not going to let it bother me. This month has been a** overall and I will take it as a wake up call when I try hard to be positive after all the sh*t that has been going on, including me waiting ever so patiently on that reply to my appeal on having my benefits cut.

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