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Been feeling artistic as of late.
August 24, 2018

Decided to draw some retrogaming stuff. Have some Pac-Man:

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Nintendo cracking down on Emulation
August 20, 2018

You probably have already heard on sites like Emuparadise, and probably others as a few videos on youtube have been shown about Nintendo taking down licensed roms from their own line on such sites. While I have already seen that titles like Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros and any other pokemon game rom has already been removed prior to the news about it only now I am seeing that others have been taking noticed and how alarmed they feel about it, which we all should really. I for one have a concern on what if Nintendo actually begins to question any gaming video where there are playthroughs of said licensed titles? While this may be far fetched is pretty much something to consider since the company is going around pulling off games on rom sites and such.

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August 16, 2018

I tried using that Twitch thing and I'm afraid to say its something I will not bother with. That site asks a bit too much of anything I am trying to do in terms of streaming and uploading videos and I am not willing to waste money just to get all what it asks of me. I'll stick with youtube for the time being.


Kindly Go F Yourself Twitter
August 15, 2018

I find one of my accounts suspended and my gaming account locked waking up. This is not that strange this happens in the likes of Twitter. However it has happened so often that I am no longer upset about it, because I know JACK (the CEO of said thing) and Twitter themselves could care less on how they just kick you out for speaking your mind or just being there, while toxic accounts spread their cancerous hatred everywhere and seemingly, are doing just fine, such an account notorious for spewing out vile as Donald Trump's. JACK himself stated the reason why Trump's PERSONAL account is allowed to be as it is is because basically, its "good for business." No joke.

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Sonny Lee, the third Double Dragon
August 06, 2018

Sonny Lee's sole appearance was on Double Dragon III The Rosetta Stone in Arcade, and was sorely for multiple player purposes, being that the cabinet would have up to 3 players to use simultaneously and Technos would have to think of a way to fill the third slot. Funny thing being that after this game Sonny pretty much vanished into thin air, and was not included in any other adaptation of said game nor mentioned ever again just as well. However by the time Double Dragon IV was released, he was an unlockable who had his own variation of the moves, and seemingly, was even more powerful than the Lee Bros. themselves, having a limited stock of fireballs which could kill most enemy characters in a single toss.

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Streets of Rage OST
August 04, 2018

Its hard for me to explain how great and genius the Streets Of Rage OST is. Every time I hear either the original or remix/remake tracks it just sends shivers down my spine and I feel transported back to the early 90s overall

Final Fantasy VII remake now rumored to become an action game
August 02, 2018

You know, to me, a remake means nothing more than that. A remaking of something. The graphics and music will change to a point but will be an enhancement of what it was prior, maybe some things will be added to keep the update to a classic game fresh. In the case of Secret of Mana remake for PS4, views on it were mixed because the updated graphics and music didn't seem to go in par with the old gameplay intact for the most part, but nonetheless it was a REMAKE of an SNES classic and not much else. Now we get the lastest on a report about the FF7 which has been in the works for a while now, having it as an "action game" whatever that means. Seems some are OK with it because to their own views, turn-based RPG is just "too old" for anyone who would try said remake, and I already stated S

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