Bought a PS3
April 05, 2019

Couple days ago I bought a PS3 at a pawnshop. It was of a reasonable price, 40 dollars in fact, and it was one of the early models, you know, the hulking beast that weighs a ton but as long as it worked I was OK with it. Had to clean it up from all the users logged on and their saved files plus other stuff like rap mp3s and even corrupted data to make room as much as I could inside the system for my own game save files and nothing else. There was no need for me to even care bout the playstation network since it was long gone after the PS4 was around and to be honest, I really would not had cared if it was still around. One problem it had was that at first it would not read discs so it was tricky to get it going but now it is playing games just fine.

The system came with a physical copy of Grand Theft Auto V that the pawnshop seemingly left inside so it was a pretty good deal after all. I was happy with the cordless controller and the fact you can turn off the system with it than having to do so yourself most of the time, and those silly trophy rewards which seem to be just to boost your ego than anything else.

I had already a couple of PS3 games before I got the system and was able to get a couple more so I would try them all out when I bought the console. The latest game I had bought was Batman: Arham Asylum and had ordered Tekken Tag Tournamen 2 and Virtua Fighter from Amazon. I will try getting other titles of interest as long as the internal memory can hold save files and installations from games. Duke Nukem Forever alone already took a sizable chunk as it was.

I am pretty amazed at the graphical upgrades compared to those of the PS2 but some of the games seem overly flashy and very sharp for my taste. This is just nitpicking really, the PS3 has some amazing titles and I so far have some of such in my current collection.

I will finish this entry stating this will be the last console I will ever purchase. I feel like the PS4 would not bring much for me to keep my interest and my small budget could not be enough to even get the console in itself. I know the PS5 is around the corner but I simply feel with this final purchase I have reached my goal in terms of my own gaming life. I feel I had a good run since my childhood on what I could afford and what I got in the long run. I like the PS3 very much and having the option of playing Blu Ray videos on it is a nice touch as well.

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Masters Masters - April 05, 2019 (08:43 AM)
I love the PS3. It's the system that flies in the face (for me personally, obviously) of the idea that you have fewer and fewer favourite games as time goes on, because we get older, get more jaded, have more choices, don't have nostalgia colouring our memories, etc. For me, that trend was totally happening, from NES, to SNES, to PS1, to PS2, but then PS3 came along and totally bucked it.

Ah, the favourites: Uncharted 1-3, Modern Warfare 1-3, Black Ops 1-2, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Spec Ops The Line, Sleeping Dogs, Mafia II, Killzone 2, Resistance 3, The Orange Box, Silent Hill Collection.
honestgamer honestgamer - April 05, 2019 (11:00 AM)
My experience has been the opposite of that. I played and enjoyed--and mostly still enjoy--games from eras up through the PS2, but then the PS3 came along and lasted 10 years and a lot of the developers I care about were very slow to adapt their output to suit the more powerful hardware, if they did at all. So it wasn't until a year or two into the PS4's life that I started regularly finding new games I could thoroughly enjoy again, outside of a few franchises. Then the last three years or so came along and have been fantastic for me, between the PS4 being on fire and the Switch giving me virtually everything I've ever wanted from a console. The PS3 is still a good system to have, but I suspect that 10-year period will always represent a low point for my personal interest in games... at least until such a time as I finally decide I'm just tired of games for good. Assuming that moment ever comes.
overdrive overdrive - April 05, 2019 (12:05 PM)
For me, I think newer systems have had fewer titles that I found myself loving, but those titles were just so much more rich and full of content than older games. For this system era, I've played the 360 instead of the PS3, but since the two had so many overlapping games, it kind of counts. I probably put more hours into the two Elder Scrolls games released for it than I put hours into a couple systems I've owned. Seems this was the era of consoles where Western RPGs (or Japanese games that ape Western RPG aspects, such as the Souls games) really took off as console games. Which strangely coincided with me deciding that was my new favorite genre!

And games like Skyrim, Dark Souls, Borderlands (mainly the first and second, although Pre-Sequel has some cool aspects), as well as pure action stuff such as the two Rayman games for the system, Spiderman Shattered Memories and Live Arcade titles like the Trials Evolution, Super Meat Boy and Splosion Man all have put my middle-aged ass in the same "THIS STUFF IS ADDICTIVE AND AWESOME AND I DON'T WANNA LEAVE MY HOUSE TODAY!!!!!" vibe that those classic NES games did back in the day.

And even if I don't really play many JRPGs any more (although I'll be tackling Dragon Quest XI for the PS4 in the somewhat near future (after finishing all the Kingdom Hearts games re-re-re-re-repackaged in The Story So Far, I might jump right into KH III or I might play this one first), it had a couple great ones that I loved in Lost Odyssey and Tales of Vespiria. And its Star Ocean at least had a really fun battle system that carried me through it.

When I look at things from a "my entire life" perspective, the NES has that super-strong nostalgia value with how it carried me through high school so I had something to do other than count the days until graduation for those four years, but I'm thinking that my 360 might be, at worst, #2 as far as most favorite system. Because I think, I was in the same boat as Masters, with systems having diminishing returns where I'd have a few games I really loved, but most of them were just things I was playing, not disliking them, but not really invested in them either. Then I bought the 360 and Oblivion, started it up and felt like a kid again, exploring this vast world with a GIANT city and a few "smaller" ones that were still much bigger in scale than most that you'd find in older games and mammoth dungeons.
Masters Masters - April 05, 2019 (12:06 PM)
Yup, that's definitely the opposite of my experience. Right down to my having very few favourites on both the PS2 and PS4; the 3 was an oasis between two uninteresting consoles for me.
Masters Masters - April 05, 2019 (12:13 PM)
Whoa, Rob snuck a huge post in between Venter's and mine. Yeah we're pretty much in agreement. You're also right on the money with this: I think newer systems have had fewer titles that I found myself loving, but those titles were just so much more rich and full of content than older games. There's nothing like a Sleeping Dogs that was possible back in the day. There were Zelda games and the like that made you feel a part of their world for a solid month or so, and that's similar, but the realism of today's epics make that 'whisked away into another world' feeling a bit... different.
overdrive overdrive - April 05, 2019 (01:11 PM)
I'm a sneaky bastard!
Masters Masters - April 05, 2019 (02:10 PM)
I think the PS3/360 era might be the golden age of the console FPS. I actually had both systems for a bit, and while there's a ton of overlap, the 360 did have the Halo series, of which I enjoyed Halo Reach the most. All the best Call of Duty games came out in this generation: MW1-3, BO1-2, WoW. All the garbage ones came out in the current gen: Ghosts, BO3-4, AW, IW. Ugh. WWII wasn't bad, at least.
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - April 05, 2019 (02:46 PM)
I am currently waiting for Virtua Fighter 5 so I may beat up challengers with El Blaze :p

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