More PS2 games added to my collection
March 26, 2019

These are the PS2 games I had bought for this month. I am very happy with the update on my collection and have only a couple complaints that do not affect my overall feelings towards the lot.

The Simpsons Game-

While I adore the cartoonish look and voices in it, the gameplay is a bit sluggish and jumps seem so awkward with the awful camera in the game. I still get a giggle or two out of it being based on the famous ongoing animated series.

Celebrity Deathmatch-

This game is hilarious. I laughed the whole time I played it. It may be on the easy side but its too enjoyable for me to even complain about that.

X-Men Next Dimension-

It has the same game mechanics as X-Men Mutant Academy on PSX so it would be either a sequel or a reboot of said games. The gameplay is fierce and it focus on combos more than anything else. Although its a bit simplistic than said games preceeding it.

Ridge Racer V-

This is the first game of the Namco series I have ever owned, It plays a bit rough being that the controls don't seem to follow the same tropes as other racing games. While I do like it, I prefer others like Gran Turismo instead.

Samurai Shodown Anthology-

One of SNK anthologies for the system which I loved to play. It includes the first 5 entries of the series plus 6 which may or may not been released on arcade cabinets. Its curious to see an American character that happens to be the President of the US on it named Jackson. He even declares that while he claims to fight for freedom, the truth is that he seeks power.

I am very happy with my current choices and I will keep on trying to find more titles such as the Metal Slug Anthology and also begin to build my PS3 library since I plan to get a system soon.

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honestgamer honestgamer - March 26, 2019 (11:03 PM)
Going back to play great retro games always feels like a treat to me. A lot of great old games have been forgotten as people move on and focus on new releases, so retro collecting feels a bit like a treasure hunt. I think we're only a few years from a point when it's almost impossible to affordably collect many of the great old games of yesteryear, because I think the digital future will drive up costs of old cartridges and even disc-based games, so enjoy filling out your collection while you can do it without having to mortgage a house or get a second job just to fund your passion. ;-)
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - March 27, 2019 (04:43 AM)
Yep, better try to get as much as one can
Masters Masters - March 27, 2019 (09:20 AM)
Good call, Venter.

CRB, those are interesting choices. I always found it curious that the PS2 is the top selling console of all time given it's one of my least favourite systems. For many of my favourite platforms, I can list over a dozen beloved games; for PS2, I can name maybe... 2?
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - March 27, 2019 (10:19 AM)
I found out the PS2 had quite the biggest library of retro games and others that would not be in other systems. I assume when it was out it was more favorable than other consoles with exclusives, but that is my opinion. I started increasing my library when some GameStop stores where clearing away PS2 titles by the dozens at very low prices, something I could never had passed up.
hastypixels hastypixels - March 27, 2019 (06:16 PM)
The PS2 was the clear winner for its generation, and has an incredible library to pick through. The good news is that emulation is pretty easily done, so you don't have to risk damaging your collection to continue enjoying those games. It may be worth keeping in mind...

I still have some of my favorites from the PS2, even though I no longer have the console. And I'll have to second Jason's advisory: I'm seeing more "collectors" turn to digital archiving for their gaming purposes as quantities of hardware decline and prices increase. Both Sony and Microsoft are doing a pretty good job of serving their back catalogues, this way.. but Nintendo's archives aren't so... well, available.

Good hunting!
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - March 30, 2019 (08:55 PM)
Thank you hastypixels, and I had tried my hand at PS2 emulation but have not been so successful with it, probably need more stuff to run on this laptop of mine if I should try again and update BIOS or something, I am not too good with such Emulation when it comes to gaming generations after the 16 bit era ha ha

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