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I feel like I'm getting stupider.
June 13, 2009

I can remember being quite smart at one point. Sharp, even. I had a good general knowledge, knew what was going on in the world, and was pretty quick with puzzles and problems.

Now? I feel dull-witted and apathetic. I don't pay much attention to current events, politics, or any of it. People 5 years younger than me could probably beat me in arguments about things I used to know quite well.

This is probably due to my mind becoming lazy because I'm no longer studying. 2006-2008 all I was studying was my Library course, so I still know lots about libraries. Just not much about anything else.

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Out with the old.
June 09, 2009

I got rid of all my SNES games, plus my SNES console, most of my N64 games, and a couple of rubbishy PS1 games. I got 500 trade in value, thereabouts. I picked up a red 360 elite, to replace my aging 20 gig 360, Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, and some Microsoft Points.

The guy at the shop was quite impressed with the games I traded in, and he offered me way more than I ever expected to get. I'm quite happy with how that day went. All those SNES games... I actually made a profit on them from when I bought them in 2001. They were just sitting in a box not being played, and most of them are on the Virtual Console now anyway, not that I'm likely to bother with most of them.

Still, gotta move onto the future! :P


7 reviews...
May 26, 2009

Do I have 7 reviews that could work in a contest? While I'm reasonably happy with the 3 I've posted so far this year, I'm not sure how they'd hold up against other people's best works. Animal Crossing Wii is just a rant, as is Wii Fit. Lego Star Wars was my attempt at writing a proper review, and is probably the only one I'd use in the tournament, and only if I didn't have anything better. I'm not even going to consider my older reviews. You won't see me throwing GTA 3 into a tournament again. It's had its day, earned me enough wins. Everyone's sick of it. I know I am.

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The Bookshop
May 19, 2009

There is a bookshop I can only find when Iím dreaming. I know its physical, real world location from my dreams, but in the waking world, I know the bookshop is not there. But I have visited this bookshop many times before, when I sleep. I never can buy anything from it, though, as I donít ever seem to have any money in my dreams.

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The Rise and Fall of Jerktown
May 15, 2009

The review posted on the site today is not new. It's about five years old, actually, except for the small edits I did on it to make it a bit better (I hope). It was a fairly well received review, in its day, despite not being conventional. So many people were reviewing Animal Crossing and just listing the stuff you could do, which I did not find helpful. I went with describing what the game was like on a personal level, and it was quite an experience. The story in that review is true, though perhaps my imagination embellished things just a tiny bit.

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Didn't there used to be a review site somewhere here?
April 14, 2009

why are all the reviewers now at war with each other?


Third review of the year
March 23, 2009

Only a week on from my Wii Fit review, comes Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, for that Magical Mystery Tournament. It's been a while since I actually participated in a tournament on the reviewing end. Though I never would've made it if not for the gracious extensions. My 360 sure picked a fine time to die. Got it back just in time to finish up the game, explore some more of the game modes, and put my review together.

2009 is looking like my comeback year. I'm going to aim to have 12 reviews written by the end of the year. 3 down!


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