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Back to the Future game
February 24, 2011

I recently played Episode 1 of TellTale's Back to the Future game. I'd been following the game's development from announcement to release, and was eager to see if it was any good.

The biggest thing going for the game is the fact that they got Christopher Lloyd to reprise the role of Doc Brown, and while he does sound older, he does lend the game some much needed credibility. Michael J. Fox wasn't able to voice Marty, but the guy they cast does a very convincing impression.

Some of the other voices, though, aren't so convincing - such as George McFly and Biff. Their voices are close, but sound a little bit off.

The music is excellent, and definitely has the Back to the Future vibe. Presentation-wise, this is quite faithful to the source material.

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From the Jerec Archives - Mario Party 3
January 21, 2011

In the old days, I used to write reviews. A lot. Most of them were pretty much rubbish. But hey, I was 15-16 when I wrote them. And then Vegita was doing silly gimmick reviews, so a lot of us had a go at them. I did more than my fair share. Here's an absolutely woeful review of Mario Party 3.


It was a bright and happy day in Nintendo land. It always was. The sun and the clouds all wore a happy face as they smiled upon the land, which was covered with smiling trees.

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
January 17, 2011

Pretty fun. It's definitely a game living in the shadow cast by its predecessors. It tries to innovate, by making the in-universe terms into wiki type links in dialogue so you can choose if you want to read the info dumps. But then it feels like an old game again, trying to conform to the previous games. Battle mode is exactly the same, right down to having to click A for every line of text for damage dealt, attacks, experience, levelling up etc. which can get a bit tiresome.

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I don't need to do a retrospective for the year that was
January 09, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII was pretty much my only review that year worth talking about. I'm surprised how well that one came together. I guess my anger and disappointment at the game, and the direction the series had been headed for a while, brought out the best in me.

I also reviewed FFXII and Zelda: Wind Waker, which I did by memory since they were both reviews that had been swimming around in my mind for years but it took the pressure of a tournament deadline to finally force me to finish them. They're... okay reviews. Might be better if I'd replayed the games first, but I had no time. Well, the FFXII review went by my original plans, but maybe it didn't work as well as I'd wanted it to.

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My one word review of New Super Mario Bros.
December 18, 2010



Rock Band 3, Fable 3, Fallout: New Vegas
October 29, 2010

Three games I've been looking forward to, all coming out pretty much at once. I have money. But I haven't bought any of them yet.

Trying to find Rock Band 3 at a decent price. Waiting a month for Fallout to be fully patched. Fable 3 is looking good. Might need to get it soon.


September 14, 2010

touch base.


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