The Rise and Fall of Jerktown
May 15, 2009

The review posted on the site today is not new. It's about five years old, actually, except for the small edits I did on it to make it a bit better (I hope). It was a fairly well received review, in its day, despite not being conventional. So many people were reviewing Animal Crossing and just listing the stuff you could do, which I did not find helpful. I went with describing what the game was like on a personal level, and it was quite an experience. The story in that review is true, though perhaps my imagination embellished things just a tiny bit.

I remember being surprised the review was accepted at GameFAQs, despite their policy against gimmicky reviews. It's actually my only review on GameFAQs to get one of those stars, and it has the most hits. I've seen the review talked about around that site from time to time.

The review was originally rejected when I tried to submit it here. By one of the former staff members, before the new wave of Zig, EmP and such. I was told to submit it as fan fiction instead, and I left the 8/10 score at the end of it as an act of defiance. I did eventually remove that...

I'd always meant to try resubmitting it as a review here, but it had gotten a fair few hits as fiction so I didn't want to lose them. Turns out I lost 'em anyway, when fiction hits were no longer displayed - ages back, and now with fiction disappearing off the site completely, it was time for the review to take its rightful place - as a review!

I updated my new edit of the review over at GameFAQs. I hope that doesn't alert Mr. Bacon that my review is a bit gimmicky and force him to pull it down - which is why I'd left it alone for five years, I think it was CJayC that accepted it back then, shortly before Bacon took over. It'd be quite amusing, in a frustrating way, if my review was rejected at GameFAQs now that it's finally been accepted on HonestGamers.

Still, this doesn't count on my tally for reviews this year. I would like to see if Review of the Week comments on it, though.

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bloomer bloomer - May 16, 2009 (01:00 AM)
Yeah, it's potentially dangerous ground to try and update a review you got onto gamefaqs in the past that would no longer be accepted under the current regime. I've tried to tweak my Apple II system review and they reject it. I don't want to bring their attention to it anymore so I'm just gonna leave it as is.

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