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May 26, 2009

Do I have 7 reviews that could work in a contest? While I'm reasonably happy with the 3 I've posted so far this year, I'm not sure how they'd hold up against other people's best works. Animal Crossing Wii is just a rant, as is Wii Fit. Lego Star Wars was my attempt at writing a proper review, and is probably the only one I'd use in the tournament, and only if I didn't have anything better. I'm not even going to consider my older reviews. You won't see me throwing GTA 3 into a tournament again. It's had its day, earned me enough wins. Everyone's sick of it. I know I am.

Ideally, I need to write 7 new kickass reviews. This might not be a difficulty to many of you prolific reviewers out there, but I'm not sure I can do it. I suppose first I'll draft a list of games I could possibly write an excellent review on... and different enough games so I'm not just writing similar stuff all the time.

Fallout 3
Lost Odyssey
Mass Effect

So far those are all 360, and all fairly recent games for me. I could review a Guitar Hero game, but I've judged enough contests to know that isn't always a good idea.

Looking back to my PS2, I've wanted to review Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII. I have started reviews on these before, but never finished them.

Also, I've been trying to write a sequel to my Animal Crossing review, covering the DS version. I've got a few paragraphs of that, I just need to make it all work nicely. I could probably attempt to use my old Animal Crossing review, now it's got a nice update. But only if Venter isn't judging.

I've got some thinking to do. Maybe I need to star blogging about the games I'm playing, to get some words down.

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