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Crisis Core.
November 01, 2009

Finished it tonight. My thoughts.

- it's a very shallow game. It's like there's very little under the surface. You move along with the story, and you rarely get a chance to deviate, look around, explore or any of that.

- the missions are also very shallow. There's 300 of them, but they're pretty much all the same, cycling through the same half dozen environments, giving you different enemies to find. It seems like there could have been some variety to these missions, but they're all combat based, and even treasure hunts revolve around killing monsters until you kill the last one that ends the quest (opening up treasure chests on the way). It does reinforce the SOLDIER being good for fighting only, and leaving the thinking to others, a point that is touched on in the story.

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Got me a PSP today
October 19, 2009

An original PSP, seems to be in excellent condition and no dead pixels or anything.

Picked up Crisis Core (been wanting to play that for ages), and Star Ocean: Second Evolution which was selling for half price. I took it home and then realised I needed a memory stick for it... for some reason I didn't think about that at all.

So I looked around online and a store nearby had a 2GB stick at $5 off, which works for me at the moment.


Metal Slug 3 (XBLA)
October 17, 2009

Because EmP and Boo hate me, they assigned me to play Metal Slug 3, due mostly to my extreme dislike of reading Metal Slug reviews. It was done to death one tournament a few years back, and then in the most recent Team Tournament, Boo and EmP both used horrible Metal Slug reviews against each other. This is the outcome of their revenge. I also received props for actually writing the review, but low marks for the review itself, understandably. It is a bad review. And now after being on the site for a little over a week, earning 58 hits, it will now sit on my Blog to soon become lost amongst the archives.



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Finally went back and finished Braid.
October 10, 2009

I decided to go back and plough through this game today, after stopping for some reason not long after it first released. Yeah, the story isn't much, but it is an absolutely beautiful game to play, and the puzzles are very clever.

I got all the achievements for it except the speed run. I can't see myself doing the whole game in 45 minutes.


For a limited time only:
October 09, 2009

Metal Slug 3 review. Submitted just now.

After the contest I may remove the review from the site and post it up on my blog instead, unless it turns out to be a good review.


October 08, 2009

Interesting idea, but I think Lucasarts were a little too fond of the idea to revise it when it wasn't fun to play. Look past the surreal dreamy imagery and you've got a tedious little game on your hands that is not very fun at all.

I love how XBLA lets you download a free trial. Saves me from buying stuff like this and instantly regretting it.

Seems I'm not alone, either. I've seen mostly negative comments on the game so far.


Playing that Sega Collection on the 360.
October 02, 2009

I cheated at columns! Just pause the game, you can still see what piece comes next, giving you more time to plan where it goes. Got my 20,000 points and the achievement.

I doubt the rest of this game is that easy.


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