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Fable II
August 09, 2009

Very fun game. I actually bought this late last year, but then I got Fallout 3 a week later and got completely sidetracked. It's taken me this long to get back to it - I decided to start over. Very fun game. Been playing it all weekend, so it's partially responsible for my apathy towards judging this week.


Anti-ad base.
August 05, 2009

This is my base, but feel free to make use of it.


Unfinished reviews
August 01, 2009

You know those years and years where I didn't write any reviews? Well, I did. I just never finished them. I went through My Documents and found all the unfinished reviews. Here is a list.

* Animal Crossing: Wild World - The middle game of the series is the only one I haven't reviewed. I have two different reviews started for this, one tries to be like my first Animal Crossing review, a continuation of the story, while the other is more of a standard approach. I still keep trying to write this review, even though I sold the game over 7 months ago.

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(Untitled Post)
July 29, 2009

We're writing reviews. It's more important to talk about feeling and personality than mundane things like control and gameplay.


Reality is crumbling.
July 20, 2009

I don't even know what is real anymore. Seems like life has just been one endless joke for the last few years. Sometimes I suspect that I've been dreaming for the last 5, 6, years. I dunno.

Maybe I just want to be someone else, somewhere else. Blah. And when I'm in a state of mind like this, watching stuff like Life on Mars, reading House of Leaves, hell, playing most video games in general, doesn't help.

This is one hell of an identity crisis.


Monkey Island for me!
July 10, 2009

Got a better graphics card. Second hand from a friend - cheap. Said I could buy it from him if Monkey Island worked, and it did. Also boosted my 512 MB of RAM up to 1 GB. Monkey Island works! A little slow at times, but playable. I'm happy now!


No Monkey Island for me.
July 08, 2009

How sad. The textures don't show up, the game runs at about one frame every few seconds... so it's pretty much unplayable. Granted, my computer is under the minimum requirements, but Wallace and Grommit had the same requirements, and that game ran fine.

Looks like I need a new processor, something over 2.0 GHz, preferably 3.0... probably a GB of ram or more, and a modern graphics card.

How is Jerec going to pay for all this? Hoo boy.


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