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September 26, 2009

I found the Fallout collection - Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics on one DVD ROM, for a mere $9 AUD. At $3 per game, I'm sure to get some good playtime out of this. Started on Fallout. Haven't done much yet. Fought some cave rats, found my way out of said cave. Character creation is quite detailed.

My review hits, here and at GameFAQs.
September 12, 2009

Game - HG - GF

Star Ocean 3 - 1399 - N/A
Shadow Hearts - 1001 - 250
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - 561 - 293
Final Fantasy VIII - 380 - N/A
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - 363 - 679
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - 360 - N/A
Final Fantasy X - 355 - N/A
Donkey Kong 64 - 354 - N/A
Grand Theft Auto III - 322 - 777
Golden Sun - 312 - N/A
SimEarth - 303 - 2007
Animal Crossing: City Folk - 287 - 842
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga - 245 - 195
Animal Crossing - 190 - 2618
Wii Fit - 177 - 377
Tales of Vesperia - 58 - 112

I took down some at GameFAQs, but left them up on HG. Though my SO3 review was rejected over at GameFAQs, yet is my only review on HG to win RotW. Go figure.

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I was really enjoying Batman Arkham Asylum until...
September 12, 2009

...the final boss. Bleh. It's just so frustrating. I'm so close to finishing the game, but I just can't bring myself to try to fight it again, because I know it'll leave me in a bad mood.

The rest of the game was so amazingly brilliant, too. What a pity. I should give those challenges a go in the meantime.


(Untitled Post)
September 06, 2009

Freaking submitted a review. I rock!

Though it's probably not so surprising given I wrote a huge wall of text about Tales of Vesperia on my previous blog post. Seems I missed the cut off for this RotW, but that means I've got a week to make any corrections before it's judged.

Tales of Vesperia
September 02, 2009

Tales of Vesperia

Clocked about 40+ hours on this one, finished the game, but there's still plenty of side quests to do, and a fair few achievements. I'm gonna take a break and come back to this later, probably play an EX New Game with some of the Grade bonuses.

The story is a bit all over the place, but still incredibly compelling to play through. I loved at how simple the complication was at the start, and then things just kept snowballing and becoming bigger... and a quest to recover a stolen item ends up being a mission to save the world. Some of the names of stuff seemed really over the top, like Apatheia, Entelexia (or however you spell it)... but it's no worse than Symphonia's "Desians" and the strange words from that game. Must be a Tales thing.

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I know something you don't know!
August 30, 2009

Yet. ;-)


How the judges judged!
August 10, 2009

It took a little while to put this together. Probably would have been easier to update it as I went, but whatever. Here it is.

Team Leaderboard

This way we can see which judges favoured particular reviewers. Overdrive's record from Lewis and Sportsman was pretty bad, but I voted for him nearly every round. On the other end, Dagoss never scored a single vote from me, the only one (other than Turducken whom I don't count since he was only in for 2 weeks) to get no votes from any particular judge.

Janus managed to get 4-3 from each judge and Suskie got 6-1 from each of us.

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