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August 01, 2009

You know those years and years where I didn't write any reviews? Well, I did. I just never finished them. I went through My Documents and found all the unfinished reviews. Here is a list.

* Animal Crossing: Wild World - The middle game of the series is the only one I haven't reviewed. I have two different reviews started for this, one tries to be like my first Animal Crossing review, a continuation of the story, while the other is more of a standard approach. I still keep trying to write this review, even though I sold the game over 7 months ago.

* Final Fantasy IX - Even when I was reviewing all the time, this game confounded me as far as reviewing it went. I never did get to review this game. I never could organise my thoughts. This is my white whale of unfinished reviews. So many different attempts and angles and I never could get anywhere with it. I love the game, too.

* Final Fantasy X-2 - Pretty mundane review in the making. It goes on for a few paragraphs. Not bad, not anything special either, then it just turns into a dot point list of things I need to expand on. Never finished.

* Final Fantasy XII - This was another one I had some good ideas for. It was going to look at how the game focused on world building and not characters, and how the characters were simply vehicles used to explore. It was going to go into how Ashe and Basch pretty much drove the central conflict of the story, Balthier being the exposition guy cause he knows things about the world, Fran being the one to discuss magic, Penelo being the moral compass, and Vaan being the eyes of the player. I'm disappointed I could never make this one work.

* Futurama (PS2) - Got a lame intro done, the rest of the review has humourous subheadings but nothing filled in.

* Knights of the Old Republic 2 - I wrote a paragraph!

* Legend of Zelda 3 GBA - A condescending bash review, which uses the word "snerd" way too often. This was back when it was the cool thing to do. The tagline was "For the Snerd on the go!" which I just chuckled at right now.

* Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - a praise review that tries way too hard. Dies in the ass after a few paragraphs. Some original dot point planning there, too.

* Lost Odyssey - I have an outline, but not much more.

* Oblivion - one of my more recent abandoned projects. It's supposed to be a 6 episode retelling of my adventures in Oblivion, each one touching on and giving critical analysis of important elements of the game. This one could still work. Might need to give it a go.

* Project Gotham Racing 2 - The intro was talking about a near miss in my real life driving, how I narrowly avoided disaster by pulling off a technique I'd learned in this game. That stuff was interesting, but the transition into the actual review kinda killed it for me.

* Secret of Monkey Island SE - My most recent one. I have all these ideas in my head but I can't seem to do anything with them. I'm not sure how I want to approach this game, a comparison between that and the old one, or for newcomers to the game, or both. Argh.

* Star Fox Adventures - basically a few paragraphs ranting about how a would be classic is mutilated. A lament on the original Dinosaur Planet that never was...

* Star Ocean: The Last Hope - a pretty clever intro, and a look at why the battle system works, but I never got any further than that.

* Super Smash Bros. Brawl - it's actually about 5 paragraphs of me playing a match at a shopping centre before I had the game, and reaching the semi-finals. I'm not sure if this would have worked.

* Tales of Monkey Island Part 1 - Just some stumbling intro paragraphs, but in the end I decided it's too difficult to review a game based on 1 of 5 chapters. I'd rather review the finished product.

* Tales of Symphonia - Now this is a review I really wished I could have finished. It's a review that discusses how the game feels like a pastiche of so many RPGs, but does a great job with it. And also how the momentum just keeps building and building and building until the end is just so freaking epic. But it also covered my initial dislike of the game, how I eventually started liking it more and more. Like how it took me weeks to get through the first 6-7 hours of the game, then the last 30 hours I played through in maybe less than a week. This really could have worked, but I never could get the words right.

And there's plenty more reviews that I've given plenty of thought to over the years, but never even got as far as making a document about. Like Dragon Quest VIII.

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Halon Halon - August 02, 2009 (08:03 AM)
I have more unfinished review than you, HA!
jerec jerec - August 02, 2009 (04:26 PM)
These are the ones I actually had something written down on. There are so many more I had in my mind but never even started!
Halon Halon - August 02, 2009 (08:35 PM)
I probably have 60-70 unfinished reviews on my computer from over the years. Most recent one is Fallout 3, where I have so much to say but having trouble choosing what I should say in the review. If all my thoughts are included the review would be 25k long!

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