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Jerec's games of January 2022
January 30, 2022

This was a pretty good month for game progress. I had the first week off, and I'm getting used to my new job so I'm not coming home so tired as often.


Mass Effect 3 (PS4)

I wasn't quite able to finish this off before the new year, but I did finish it very early in January. I completed the game again, and found the ending a bit more fleshed out than it was the first time I played it. It's not the best ending to cap off this amazing trilogy, but I don't think it's awful, and I don't think it ruins the experience. There was just so much good stuff in this trilogy, and I was surprised that Mass Effect 3 became my favourite, coming in just above the second game (which is what most people will tell you is the best one). The heights of that story and the character moments were so well done, but they couldn't get there without the foundations laid in the first two games.

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception (PS4)

I was struggling with this to begin with. It took me a couple of months to progress through the first 10-12 hours, where battles were few (and short), and the story didn't seem to be going anywhere. But then sometime in January, it clicked. I suddenly started absorbing the story at a faster and faster rate, even when my holidays ended and I was back at work. Started to really enjoy the character interactions and the worldbuilding, and then the plot really picked up and it was a complete ride. I finished the story at around 40 hours, and the cliffhanger ending was masterful. Instead of moving onto the next game, I then spent another 17 hours or so with the 16 post-game battles which were really quite difficult. Did a fair bit of grinding, and really learning to be more strategic (since the battles in the main story just let you coast through without too much resistance). I got the platinum trophy yesterday, so this is completely done. Onto Mask of Truth!


Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (3DS)

To be honest, I could have this finished if I really wanted to. I think I've only got a couple of story missions to do, but I've been spending a lot of time grinding support levels. I think I said I wasn't going to bother, but I'm kinda interested in unlocking as many of the children characters as I can. Still, the story is kinda basic and most of the characters aren't particularly memorable, but Fire Emblem gameplay is addictive.

Dragon Quest XI S (Switch)

Progress has been slow in the post game content. Haven't forgotten, but other games have monopolised my time.

Picross S series (Switch)

I've been playing a lot of Picross. Since I bought 4 of these games at once, I decided to play them in parallel to get the easy stuff out of the way. So far I've done the first 60 standard picross pictures in all four games, which is all the 5x5 and 10x10. Picross S2, 3, 4, I've also been doing the Clip Picross puzzles as I unlock them.

Picross S - 60/300 - 20%
Picross S2 - 108/420 - 25.7%
Picross S3 - 120/480 - 25%
Picross S4 - 120/485 - 24.7%

Pic-a-Pix Pieces (Vita)

I completed the next big picture (24 15x15 colour picross puzzles). This one was a man picking apples in an orchard. My current plan is to try and knock out one of these a month until I'm done with the game.

Muv Luv Unlimited (Vita)

Picked this one back up, and progressed through a couple more chapters. It's been kind of a frustrating story, the main character thrown into an alternate world he doesn't know, has never been prepared for, and is basically mocked for being weak and useless. There's only so much of that you can take. Fortunately I reached a turning point where his obsessive video game skills actually make him useful at piloting a mech. Progressed a couple of chapters in the common route, but it's definitely taken a back seat to Utawarerumono, since I usually only have capacity for one visual novel at a time.

Ys: Oath in Felghana (Steam)

I got past that crystal worm thing in the mines FINALLY! Then I progressed along, enjoying the game. Even got through the next boss (three bird things). Basically enjoying the mountain area. Then the game is like, "Are you trying to finish me in this month of January? Hah! Have an ice dragon! Also, leveling up is now really really slow!" Honestly, this game is really unbalanced. I loved Ys Origin so much, but this one just does not respect my time at all. A bit of googling said I could edit the ini file and activate debug mode, which I just did today. I can press a key to go up a level. I don't plan on blitzing through the remainder of the game on the maximum level or anything, but when the game forces me to grind, I'm just gonna use these 'cheats' to do it for me, because I'm an adult with a full time job and I hate playing for an hour or so and not making any progress.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

I completed the art collection, therefore completing the museum. There's not that much more in the game I want to accomplish, apart from getting more fish/bug collectibles from CJ/Flick when they visit my island. I'm gonna stop playing this every day (in fact, I skipped Sunday since there was nothing I needed). I might get to a point where I start the game up and find out which NPC is visiting, and then decide if it's worth playing or not. I got close to two years out of this, but with no more big updates planned, this might be it.

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