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What I've Been Playing -- The Woefully Tardy Edition
June 20, 2015

I often think that keeping DE around has been a mistake thatís too late to rectify. In this case, heís a pain in the arse because heís one of those MOBAers and, like all those MOBAers, spends a lot of time telling people they should be playing MOBAs. I spent some time a few years back playing Awesomenauts, which was enough for me, so I managed to ignore him for many a year. then Infinity Crisis became a thing. And it ate hours of my life. And now itís dead.

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Debuting on Youtube.
May 17, 2015

DE: Know why you're always wasting time with those written reviews? Because video editing is above you! I used to edit videos and, as such, am qualified to conclude that it is above you.

Me: I'll show you!

Here is a thing I did. It's the first section of a playthrough of a game I recently played. I have more footage but, good god, is it a dull time sink and there's every chance this little experiment will die here.

Still there we go. Another thing I can do. And now choose not to.

Stuff I played in March
April 11, 2015

WARNING! Nonsensical sentimentality ahead!

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Stuff I played in February.
March 07, 2015

Finished off the last little bit of Supreme League of Patriots. Now to just wait and see if anything else comes of that.

Grey Goo -- what a timesink that became. Because it was a review code, I decided the best thing to do in this case would be to stick it on easy mode so I could get a good enough feel for the game and move through it quick enough to form an opinion. I consider myself a decent strat player because otherwise itís hard to justify all those hundreds of hours I've thrown at X-Com over the years. Goo still kicked my arse and then acted largely smug about it. I thought Iíd console myself by taking it to the multiplayer servers and got bitch-slapped there, too.

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Stuff I played in January. The Belated Edition
February 11, 2015

January started the same way December ended Ė with a small mountain of shoot-em-ups. It would be fair to suggest that the bug had bitten me, but it was assisted by the fact that people kept giving me games to review that fell within that genre. Hell, even as we speak Jasonís trying to get me to do another one. Curse you, Venter; Iím up eight reviews at time of writing this and youíre at one. Cover your own admittedly good review code!


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Review #300!
August 02, 2012


Silent Hill: The Room -- In Pictures!
June 26, 2012

Horror games -- good horror games -- go out of their way to make yu feel like you're a/ always being watched and b/ there is always something just behind you. It's supposed to make you feel uneasy at all times. Silent Hill: The Room knows that, but does not know how to employ a subtle touch. So:

..... yeah.

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