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November 17, 2016

Most recent blog posts from Gary Hartley...

pickhut pickhut - November 21, 2016 (04:34 AM)
But... but I saw a thing pop up at the end of the video. >_>
EmP EmP - November 21, 2016 (04:58 AM)
Fine.... I'll post an update.

pickhut pickhut - November 21, 2016 (12:25 PM)
Oh, a part 3. Cool.
EmP EmP - November 21, 2016 (01:51 PM)
I have all of game bar the two endings on the hard drive now. But uploading them to Youtube takes an ungodly amount of time. Which, I now remember, is most of the reason I got bored of doing this in the first place.
pickhut pickhut - November 21, 2016 (02:14 PM)
I completely understand. I used to upload game videos all the time, but it took so much time, from recording to editing, that I just dropped it as a regular thing. Was taking too much time away from other stuff I could have been doing.

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