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Anime review -- Samurai 7
February 20, 2010

Samurai 7 is a weird take on the well worn (and suitably awesome ) Seven Samurai movie that was made back in the Victorian ages and copied with somewhat less awesomeness by Hollywood when they made The Magnificent Seven and its lacklustre sequel. The 2004 anime adaptation expands on the main parts pf the plot, drawing out and re-writing a lot of the behind the scenes development, shoehorns in new characters then plonks it all down in a steampunk setting where the bandits have transferred their souls into hulking mechs.

And itís brilliant.

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January 23, 2010

I'm in the midst of clearing out my laptop's memory so as to be fresh and ready fro when I switch back to a desktop. In doing so, I've come across a few documents that I don;t remember doing, and may as well throw up here.

Here, then, is a venom filled attack against one of my old reviews:

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

The attraction of the Jurassic Park franchise has always lain in the dinosaurs.

Gee, thanks, EmP. The attraction of a franchise based around giant flesh-eating lizards is said lizards. That needed clarifying

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Year in Review: Part V
January 07, 2010

2009 was a wholly less productive than the year before with significantly less reviews thrown out, but it still only took two extra days to finish the Alpha-marathon challenge. Though Iíll most probably run it as long as Iím associated with the site, Iím not as confident of finishing as I have been in previous years. For several reasons, 2010 is probably going to be a year where writing, here and elsewhere, has to take a backseat to more pressing concerns.

That said, I went and made this huge time-consuming habit of writing up a summary of what Iíd written in the year, so I suppose I should make an effort to carry that on. All five of you whoíll read have my condolences.

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Mini Reviews
November 07, 2009

Beneath a Steel Sky:

Sometimes clusmy but often brilliant. A fitting foundation to Revolutions opus, Broken Sword

Fable 2

Despite myself, I can't help but quite enjoy this game. I can feel Venter smirking from here.

Guilty Gear 2: Overture

I can;t decide if I like this game or not. It's an odd mix of Guilty Gear lore mixed with Drakengard and Herzog Zwei. Really bloody weird!

Fairytale Fights

Repulsivly adorable, but very, very samey.

Front Mission

Should be more fun than it actually is.

7 Wonders II

Shouldn't be as fun as it actually is.


What did you do for Halloween, EmP?
October 31, 2009

I'll tell you, blog topic header. I sat on my roof with a super soaker and the laptop and shot any kids coming up my driveway. Shot them with streams of water mixed with red food dye.

I put it to you, phantom readers, that I had the best Halloween of all of us.


Mini Reviews:
October 12, 2009

Raven Squad (360)

The bastard love child of a dodgy RTS and a shoddy FPS, rasied under powerlines and force-fed lead-based paint chips.

King of Fighters XII (360)

One mammoth step backwards.

FIFA '10 (360)

Friendship-ruiningly brilliant.

Risen (360)

Still yet to get old.

Half Life 2 (360)

Still yet to become worth my time.

Zeno Clash (PC)

Unplayable due to crappy laptop. Forces you to install Steam and, therefore, lame.

Mass Effect (360)

Much like WQ, doesn't care how little free time you have and demands your immediate and unceasing attention.


FAO: Aussie userbase
August 23, 2009



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