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April 05, 2009

Moving sucks. I mean, it really sucks, but the thing I hate the most is sorting out all my stuff into boxes and deciding what I want to keep and what I should get rid of. With this in mind, I decided to tackle the monumental dumping ground that has become the storage space under my bed which is a vast graveyard of plastic holding boxes Iíve crammed full of crap and forgotten about.

I think I might possibly own every PSX game ever made.

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Achievement unlocked: #3
February 15, 2009

Unless youíre Venter (who has to cheat by having four billion reviews posted) or Zig (who needs to cheat by peddling smut and corrupting the minds of the innocent) I am vastly more popular than you on the internets. FACT.

Last night I overtook Midwinter in the hit tables. Mid was too busy wearing shorts to work to comment.

The blog post is now open to tributes and homage.


Achievement unlocked: 250,000 hits.
February 08, 2009

Thems a lot of hits. The public love me.


Of snow days and curses
February 02, 2009

Last night wasnít a lot of fun.

I set off for football with that weekís designated driver who I usually employ as heís going that way, anyway and I can hardly give lifts to several people with a motorbike, and all was well. It was cold -- it was bloody cold, well into the minuses -- but such was life When we arrived for the game, it was still just that, cold. Sure, the pitch was frozen and we may as well have been playing on a concrete parking-lot, but weíve had worse.

The snow came like a thief.

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Year in Review -- Part IV
January 03, 2009

Crazy Pig (DS) 7th January:

Although I probably could have fogged this away on someone else, there was no way I was going to give up a game called 'Crazy Pig'. Alas, my dreams of an old-school Contra-style shooter featuring an insane porker were not to be. Crazy Pig is a very limited collection of mini-games and a side-order of dress-the-swine. Not much you can write about with such a game, but I gave it a go!

Everquest II: Rise of Kunark (PC) 12th January

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December 25, 2008

Empleh16: I could take it.
DarkEtr: Surely you jest.
Empleh16: I'm an Alphamathon winner; I never jest.
DarkEtr: Bah, it's a fixed competition.
Empleh16: I'm also a Alphaolympics winner.
DarkEtr: You are?
Empleh16: So, really, I'm king of the Alphabet.
DarkEtr: No you are not.
Empleh16: Yes I am.
DarkEtr: At least not the lastest one, the one in which I was cheated of a high place.
Empleh16: And you will address me as sire.
Empleh16: I won either last year or the year before that.
Empleh16: I am the LORD OF THE LETTERS.


Achievement Unlocked: 1000kb
November 22, 2008

Iím still not sure whether to be deeply proud or ashamed of this.

Running well behind schedule with a lot of reviews, so this figure is only going to climb with depressing speed. Next in line (deep breath) Disgaea DS, Crazy Mini Golf, Vampyre Story, Mini Big Bang (preview) Everquest II Complete, EUIII Complete and a few DS games that Iíve not even had time to open from their forever-mocking envelopes yet.

I've also got half-drafts of three different reviews that I need to finish up, but never have time because of all the ones I have to do for this site first. Grrr!

Someone shoot me now. Most of you are American; itís not like you canít spare the firearms.


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