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Blacksite: Area 51
September 18, 2008

I just beat Blacksite: Area 51. Hereís some artwork to make this post look bigger.

Itís a short, by-the-number game that is beatable in, say, five hours. It was fun, but far from brilliant and Iíll probably burn though it on a harder setting at some point. Review forthcoming. However, this post is to talk about ending spoilers:


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EmP bitches about: Anime
August 18, 2008

Itís not often I do posts like these because, frankly, I know you all look up to me as some unflapping totem of awesomeness and I donít like to drop in to normal conversation that Iím really just a huge geek like the rest of you, but sometimes, you should all just be happy to hear my opinion on things. So, Iím going to talk about anime -- which I watch.

Claymore is an anime about skimpily dressed barely post-teen girls battling huge demons that eat peopleís guts. Itís surprisingly gory and tries to tackle subjects with a maturity that usually behoves its genre. At times, itís sobering, graphic and depressing. It also has the single worst ending since Grandia.

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Achievment unlocked: 200,000+ hits
August 15, 2008

Do you have 200,809 hits, OD? I do.

I don't often look at my hits but I can remember a time when I was well behing MAsters and Ratking back when the table was first drafted -- look at me now! While I'm still way, way down on the top three, that's an almost scary amount of hits.

Go me, and such. Now, the unflagging praise from the rest of you!


Tales of Oblivion
August 10, 2008

So, Iím at this point of the game where, to raise some allies, you have to go around closing a load of Oblivion gates that have popped up right outside some of the major towns. Itís optional for the most part and Oblivion gates are, by far, the dullest points of the game, but Iím trying to do everything so I can write a 20k review when Iím done.

Going into a gate is the same thing over and over. You storm through some Deadra. Some are hackers and slashers, some are mages and some exist in between. You have big lizards, spider demons and golems. The landscape is always the same and itís always a mini-maze dash to get to the big tower in the middle of the map to nick a stone and close the gate. Yawn.

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Reviews, reminders and Oblivion
July 08, 2008

I feel like a vacation has finished. I had to pen another review for a publisher-sent game. Here it is

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The Stay-Safe Bet
June 30, 2008

Short version: I win.

My weekend of suspected injuries went pretty well, considering how much I had to contend with during this period. The patio was constructed without flaw (but with the crazy paving not looking as good as I had hoped. Might take the sledgehammer to it next weekend and try again) and football went pretty well. I have niggles, which aren't the same as injuries, so i still win.

We won all out initial qualifiers, which we expected to do well in, which put us into a league-set-up with the top eight teams. Which we also won, then got dumped out in the semi-finals on the way to the final which was a bit of a shame. Kept the score at 0-0 throughout then got caught on a counter-attack right at the death of extra time and out we went.

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Uncharactoristic reflections.
June 27, 2008

I was having this deep discusson with a girl at work today. We were talking about why I'm forever turning up with some form of injury and she made a pretty good point. But it took her a few attempts to tell me as I couldn't hear her from my perch thirty feet up on a wobbly forklift blade, striping down electrical wires I was about 75% sure were no longer live.

"Maybe you should stop doing things like, I don't know, balancing on wobbly forklift blades thirty feet up, striping down electrical wires you're only about 75% sure are no longer live?", she said.

I was feeling very witty today, so, quick as a flash, I shot back with "What?". Then recieved a mild electric shock and nearly fell off.

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