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An Area 88 (Brief) Episode Guide
June 25, 2010


Area 88 is a Japanese anime about Area 88, which is a secret mercenary encampment. There is only one Japanese pilot there. He is the best

A Japanese photographer arrives and takes photos which makes lots of people angry. The pilot and the photographer hate each other until they form begrudging respect because of EXTREME photo taking.


Boris is introduced as the best pilot in Area 88.

Boris ďI am strong, but secretly remorseful despite the openness I display this remorse withĒ

Boris is called a God of Death, allowing the anime to say Shinigami at least one ever two sentences (seriously).

Boris dies.

se pilot shoots down a transport plane. Everyone looks for it thinking itís full of gold.

Itís not.


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EmP's Choice
May 28, 2010

Like Zig has done in the past, I have decided to let you, the unwashed masses, decide on what I review next. Unlike Zig in the past, I'll actually review what the majority decide.


Band of Bugs (XBLA)
Resident Evil 5: Untold Stories (XBOX 360)
Breath of Death VII (XBLI)
Secret of Monkey Island Collectors Edition (XBLA)
Sam & Max 302 (PC)
Uno (Sadistic choice)

Voting starts now. Voting closes whenever.


Achievment unlocked: 400,000 Review Hits.
May 20, 2010

Current number is at 400,574. Which is a pretty nice number. Perh0pas adding a slew of new obscure XBLI games will help the number slowly chug away until Masters catches back up. At least, if he wasn't a complete slacker.


April 15, 2010

My thoughts on the next XCOM. Most of you might want to skip to the next paragraph

Obviously, Iím not overly optimistic. Iím not sure how 2K are going to be able to turn whatís probably still the defining TBS into whatís probably going to be a new reworking of the Bioshock engine. Iím not going to write the game off so early though; that would be dumb. The guys bought the license because they think as highly of the original games as me, and that makes me think that they donít just want to milk it for what its worth. Anyway, even if it does suck, itís not going to diminish my enjoyment of my favourite game. XCOM Enforcer was god awful, but it did me no harm.

What you all probably wanted to hear:

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Where's EmP?
March 11, 2010

I'm sorry I've not been around to try and bully the judges through the tourney quicker. This absensce is going to have to continue for a while while I stop doing almost everything else in my life right now to focus on my health. I should have done so years ago.

I'll be back with new things to complain about at an undisclosed date.


EmP Hates: Vol. 1
March 05, 2010

For three years now, Iíve had this idea in the back of my deliciously inky-black mind that I wanted to do a weekly mini-rant on things I hate. I hate many things, Iím often told, so the source material should be inexhaustible. However THE PLAN often has this one flaw in it; I want to do it so that I get a new one every week and because something always happens at the start of the year, the process is cracked, and I wait for the next cycle to start.

NO MORE! Iím not writing at the pace nor levels that I have been for at least a decade, and so this excuse will hold no water. I have shot the excuse full of holes -- using manly mind bullets, and now excuse is leaking all over my track shoes.

I WILL have 52 of these up by 2011. Mark my words -- for I am EmP.

EmP Hates:

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Anime review -- Samurai 7
February 20, 2010

Samurai 7 is a weird take on the well worn (and suitably awesome ) Seven Samurai movie that was made back in the Victorian ages and copied with somewhat less awesomeness by Hollywood when they made The Magnificent Seven and its lacklustre sequel. The 2004 anime adaptation expands on the main parts pf the plot, drawing out and re-writing a lot of the behind the scenes development, shoehorns in new characters then plonks it all down in a steampunk setting where the bandits have transferred their souls into hulking mechs.

And itís brilliant.

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