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Uncharactoristic reflections.
June 27, 2008

I was having this deep discusson with a girl at work today. We were talking about why I'm forever turning up with some form of injury and she made a pretty good point. But it took her a few attempts to tell me as I couldn't hear her from my perch thirty feet up on a wobbly forklift blade, striping down electrical wires I was about 75% sure were no longer live.

"Maybe you should stop doing things like, I don't know, balancing on wobbly forklift blades thirty feet up, striping down electrical wires you're only about 75% sure are no longer live?", she said.

I was feeling very witty today, so, quick as a flash, I shot back with "What?". Then recieved a mild electric shock and nearly fell off.

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EmP wears his sexy interviewer hat. It has blinking lights.
June 20, 2008

Ages back now I was offered the chance to send a Q&A sheet to Bill Tiller. If you've never heard of him, he had a big hand in a lot of the classic Lucusarts stuff. He's been kicking around the industry for a while now, taking jobs in places like Midway before surging out on his own to make Vampyre Story. I bit at the chance, but Jason decided that most of my hard work was to die and wiped my site e-mail address so I had to pen it all again last minute.

I've never really thought of myself as an interview guy, so I had mad worries I would mess this up somehow. Bill turned out to be a really cool guy, though, and I'm stoked that I got my own sketch attached to the end of the interview. Check it out at the bottom of the page, it looks awesome.

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RARE: EmP admits a mistake
June 19, 2008

Only a small one, but, still.

Both of the people keeping up with these blogs may nave noticed the reoccuring theme of my Oblivion addiction (some three years late) and will have seen my playthrough come to a crashing halt after I found myself locked out of a quest-vital object. This drove me to go away and play other games for a while, Like Ninja Gaiden II and Blue Dragon.

The former kicked my arse and the latter is so bland that I need to invent a new word to convey this blandness. This word is Blandonous. I also borrows GTA4, bu I've spent years scoffing at GTA games and it's hard to change this mindset, even if I've enjoyed the couple of hours I've put in.

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Mode: Laze
June 15, 2008

Itís a rare time of life right now when I donít have a million review codes to go through and I can just sit back and play the games I want to play. This, of course, means Oblivion, until I ran in to what could very well be a game-breaking bug.

I was merrily running through the Fighterís Guild quests when you come to a level where you have to recover a holy artefact from some thieves. You find the only one of the thieves alive, and he confesses that ogres took the artefact. I hate ogres. They may be the only thing left in Oblivion that can kill me.

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The geeky things I did while I was offline.
May 28, 2008

Because the non-geeky stuff would only bore you. I knows my audience.

Finally completed Eternal Sonata: Decided to wander into the secret dungeon and plough through that and it rekindled my enjoyment of the game. Going in there grants you a super combo attack that allows you to chain all three character's together in a sea of violent pastel colours and cliches. Finished the secret dungeon, killed all the super-powered bosses and went to finish the game. Had flashbacks of FFX when I beat the end-of-game boss in a couple of attack rounds.

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Tentative returns.
May 24, 2008

My PC is held together with duct-tape and my new wi-fi modem is the most expensive piece of junk in the world.

I'm 25% back online. This may get better or worse in a heartbeat and I have no idea which way it will go.

Just a heads-up. I know you all missed me.


EmP talks about: Football.
May 09, 2008

I'm going to do something a little taboo and actually blog. And I'm going to blog about something none of you care about. No, not genj's new musical interlude or the ongoing debate over how many figures OD's age has strayed into (my money is still on three), but on football.

And not your dull American football nonsense.

We do not allow girly sports in the Arena of EmP.

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