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The Spanis keyboard bows before my might
March 12, 2008

Observe, in fear if you will, as I type without fear of odd keystrokes!

Last days have been lazy as hell. Took on the 54 hole crazy golf course and finished it off in a morning. It was a good time killer, provided beer and I would play again. I'm somewhat annoyed that most of the stuff that I had planned to do this holiday doesnñt actually start until the day after I leave. This leaves the adrenaline junkie in my very sad. But the lazy guy in me pretty happy.

Thinking about hitting the sights, but the sights are so tourist happy, I may as well have stayed at home.


Somewhere in Spain - Day 1
March 10, 2008

Observe the unneeded extra keys on my Spanish keyboard! ç¿ñªº

Flight didn't crash and burn, which is a plus, and I managed to get out of England just before half the country vanished underwater. Flew on Easyjet, which meant we had to have a frantic fistfight to get seats that weren´t situated on the wings. One of the cabin boys clearly fancied me.

First night here houses a violant storm with thunder and enough rain to flood the swimming pool. It also killed the TV reception. I complained.

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Mass Effect down
March 01, 2008

I've just come back from finishing off Mass Effect, a game I very much enjoyed.

It had some problems in it, and I'm hacked off at not getting my promised achievements right now (I lugged the same two soldiers through the vast, vast majority of the game, one of whom never left my side once, to collect two achievements, and I got neither for no reason whatsoever) but it was a solid as hell game. When I heard that it was going to be a venture into third-person shootery, I was concerned, but the mechanic was pulled off well and even the MAKO vehicle missions became enjoyable after the 10 hours into the game, I learnt the rover had a bloody cannon as well as a machine gun (My non-manual reading fault rather than the games. I didn't discover the maps until 13 hours in, either)

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EmP breaks character, helps someone out.
January 19, 2008

[I recently got asked by a friend to help him out with his attempts to make it as a writer. The guy is super-talented so I agreed to post his question here on the off chance any of you would show any interest.]

As most of you probably don't know, I finished a novel about half a year ago. Most of you probably don't know this because it was too long to try posting on the boards - and also because the few people I've given it to (ahem) have each bogged down attempting to read it, and I've subsequently lost a bit of hope regarding it. ;_;

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Year in Review (Part III)
January 02, 2008

Tortuga: Two Treasures Preview (PC) January 02, 2007
Number of Views: 372

Never let my commitment be called into play! I wrote this still suffering from one hell of a hangover as I once again took on my old foe, New Years Day and lost in spectacular fashion.

Previews are bloody tough. Don't believe me? Download a pre-release demo and try to write one -- I dare you! Most people who have stop at only the one, and I don't blame them. You can't even talk in an assured tone because you have no way of knowing if what you're talking about will even make the final cut of the full game.

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EmP Hates on : Rap.
December 25, 2007

Xmas is about happiness and nothing makes me happy more than telling the world that all avenues of music everywhere suck. So, my gift to you -- Rap. It's shit and the retarded culture around it is even worse.

Look out for the cameo mid-video of HG's own Genj.

Merry Christmas and such.


(Untitled Post)
December 10, 2007

Today, while Xmas shopping (which I hate almost as much as the season itself) I, of course, wandered into a games shop and spend money on video games I will probably never play. This week I got:

Guilty Gear XX #Reloaded (XBox)

GGXX is awesome, but I already own the PS2 version and have done now for many years. As much as I love the game, I've not touched it in ages. Really, all GGXX# has over the version I already have is Robo-Ky and an online play feature long made redundant by the passing of time. Still, it was £3 and I regret nothing.

Broken Sword 3 (XBOX)

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