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Staff Reviews [+]
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 (Vita) artwork

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 review (Vita)

Reviewed August 22, 2014

Zachary Walton says: "Whether you’re new to the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise or a returning fan, Re;Birth 1 is a solid JRPG investment."
International Cricket (NES) artwork

International Cricket review (NES)

Reviewed August 16, 2014

Gary Hartley says: "Reaching out to a niche audience within a niche audience "
R-Type Dimensions (PlayStation 3) artwork

R-Type Dimensions review (PlayStation 3)

Reviewed August 12, 2014

Jeremy Davis says: "If you're an R-Type fan, Dimensions provides a perfectly acceptable option for playing on a modern system, even if it only contains the two most offered games in the series."
The Last of Us Remastered (PlayStation 4) artwork

The Last of Us Remastered review (PlayStation 4)

Reviewed August 03, 2014

Mike Suskie says: "It has no pretentions to being 'cool.'"

Reader Reviews [+]
Sniper Elite V2 (Xbox 360) artwork

Sniper Elite V2 review (Xbox 360)

Reviewed August 17, 2014

pickhut says: "Karl Fairburne 2.0: allergic to headgear."
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PlayStation 3) artwork

Final Fantasy XIII-2 review (PlayStation 3)

Reviewed August 17, 2014

jerec says: "The most difficult thing about Final Fantasy XIII-2 is trying to figure out where you were up to. As this game’s narrative is completely fractured, and the characters are so bland, the game becomes very tiresome. "
Sniper Elite (Xbox) artwork

Sniper Elite review (Xbox)

Reviewed August 10, 2014

pickhut says: "Karl Fairburne: survived WWII Berlin, Germany despite having to deal with soldiers seeing through solid matter."
The Last of Us (PlayStation 3) artwork

The Last of Us review (PlayStation 3)

Reviewed July 29, 2014

Ben says: "Hedges its bets on one idea and fails by a mile."
X-Men (Miscellaneous) artwork

X-Men review (Arcade)

Reviewed July 29, 2014

JoeTheDestroyer says: "X-CHICKEN!!!"
HG Chatter [+]

Gary Hartley @EmP
@Suskie Not really. You'll miss out on the odd throwback line and in-references (Clem not finding any mirth in a joke about losing an arm if Lee loped his off; little comments about some of the stuff Lee taught you) but nothing big changes.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementia
@overdrive **nods emphatically** I was playing a wizard character, and trying to figure out how to spend your spell points is frustrating, because you don't know how good something is until you try it. Also, there's limited exp, so every decision matters.
Rob Hamilton @overdrive
@zippdementia I know. I made the mistake of opening the game by spending points on Shield. And then realized I'd rather be good with a bow. Every time I play, I can only think: THREE WASTED SKILL POINTS! SHOOT ME!
Mike Suskie @Suskie
I want to play The Walking Dead S2 on PC, but I played the first season on 360. Is that a problem? Is there carryover in regards to choices or does it not matter?
Wendell B @pickhut
The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers book is finally out, and wow, wasn't expecting it to be near $50. And Volume 1? I assumed this was going to be just one book.. Sure, it's 500 pages thick, but I need to think hard about this as a purchase.
Gary Hartley @EmP
@Ben Yeah. So. That happened.
Ben Lee @Ben
Walking Dead season two is complete, and I think I can conclude that EVERYONE is an asshole (except Clem).
Jonathan Stark @zippdementia
@overdrive There's also a less forgiving leveling system. Baldur's Gate I may SEEM obtuse at first, but really you don't have too many options at level up. Eschalon makes you do your skill stats every level and you can easily work yourself into a corner.
Rob Hamilton @overdrive
@zippdementia It's like, "Hmm, go to the cellar of the blacksmith's house in the ruined village to get something...whoops! RUN AWAY!" and then repeat the RUN AWAY part for the next 15 things I try, as well. One day, I'll make real progress, I hope.
Rob Hamilton @overdrive
@zippdementia Followed by, "After killing the slime-critter here, I just had to retreat and spend a night at the inn. Keep on keepin' on, I guess!"

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