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3DS Game Reviews

The newest 3DS game reviews available on the site are listed on this page. You can search the database for additional reviews by browsing alphabetically according to game title, or feel free to check review listings for additional systems.

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Hazumi (3DS) artwork

Hazumi review (3DS)

Reviewed January 12, 2015

pickhut says: "Eat your heart out, Mazda!"
pickhut's avatar
Tokyo Crash Mobs (3DS) artwork

Tokyo Crash Mobs review (3DS)

Reviewed December 30, 2014

pickhut says: "I just want you to remember one important thing: Nintendo published this game."
pickhut's avatar
The Starship Damrey (3DS) artwork

The Starship Damrey review (3DS)

Reviewed November 13, 2014

pickhut says: "WRRRRRRRR!"
pickhut's avatar
Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (3DS) artwork

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney review (3DS)

Reviewed October 25, 2014

Jason Venter says: "The world of Labyrinthia is well worth visiting, in spite of a few missteps along the way."
honestgamer's avatar
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS) artwork

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call review (3DS)

Reviewed October 11, 2014

jerec says: "Have you ever caught yourself tapping your fingers on a desk to the beat of a Final Fantasy battle theme?"
jerec's avatar
Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) artwork

Super Mario 3D Land review (3DS)

Reviewed June 13, 2014

Rob Hamilton says: "Where I revisit the past through the present...or some such pretentious-sounding statement."
overdrive's avatar
Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS) artwork

Kirby: Triple Deluxe review (3DS)

Reviewed June 10, 2014

Jason Venter says: "The Kirby formula is rather time-worn at this point, but this is still one of his finest adventures to date."
honestgamer's avatar
Weapon Shop de Omasse (3DS) artwork

Weapon Shop de Omasse review (3DS)

Reviewed March 08, 2014

Jason Venter says: "Crafting weapons and renting them to a crew of JRPG heroes isn't nearly as thrilling as it sounds..."
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