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Staff Patreon Pages

HonestGamers site staff and freelancers are unpaid volunteers. They are responsible for more on the site than just reviews, including processing reader submissions, moderating the forums, adding game listings and more. Below are Patreon pages for the site staff who have most recently contributed reviews to the site.

Jason Venter

Name: Jason Venter

Latest Review: Sega Ages: Fantasy Zone (Switch)
Most Recent Blog Post: Pure Mahjong - review update
Patreon URL:

Reader Patreon Pages

We love our readers, and we hope you do too! Check below to see if your favorite writer has a Patreon page available that you can support. We'll list Patreon pages from those 5 readers who have most recently contributed new reviews.


Name: pedrorojas

Latest Review: Love Hero (3DS)
Most Recent Blog Post: N/A
Patreon URL: N/A


Name: hastypixels

Latest Review: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch)
Most Recent Blog Post: Other things I like to do...
Patreon URL:


Name: bwv_639

Latest Review: Axiom Verge (PC)
Most Recent Blog Post: Hidden games, and folks.
Patreon URL: N/A


Name: MegaManTrigger

Latest Review: Mighty No. 9 (PC)
Most Recent Blog Post: N/A
Patreon URL: N/A


Name: Dinoracha

Latest Review: Killing Floor 2 (PC)
Most Recent Blog Post: More Overwatch co-op can and will be good.
Patreon URL:

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