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Below, you can see the 20 most recent posts in the forums, starting with the most recent post first and working backwards. Signatures, avatars and other related information have been stripped so that the page will load quickly. Each post contains a link to the thread where it was posted so you can click to see it in its original context.

I have a review ready for the PS3 version of Stealth Inc. Could I get it added to the database? Publishing details below. Thank you!!/en-us/games/stealth-inc-a-clone-in-the-dark/cid=UP4395-NPUB31260_00-STEALTHBSPS3FG00


Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
11th August 2015
DEVELOPER: The Chinese Room


Welcome aboard, Black Kitty!

Hi there!

I registered the other day cause I've seen and heard good things about the site! So far, it's pretty gosh darn amazing. I'm glad to have found this site and am gonna stick around.

Title: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Platform: PC
Genre: RPG
Developer: Big Huge Games (*)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release date: Feb 7th 2012

* one of its incarnations anyway, after takeover by 38 Studios, and before development of this one game bankrupted them. Label has since passed on once more. See

You've got it for PS3 and XBox 360, but not for PC. Guess which version I intend to review. :)


Lost Dimension
PS Vita, PS3



Supreme Warriors
Slam City
Corpse Killer

All killer. No filler.

Sonic Rivals 2


Let us have a little fun of the bandwagon variety.

Title: Zaxxon
Platform: Commodore 64
Genre: Action
Developer: Synapse
Publisher: Synapse (best I can figure)

See for instance


Title: OlliOlli 2: Welcome To Olliwood
Platform: Playstation 4/ Vita
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Roll7
Publisher: Roll7
Release date: 4/3/15

I have a review

PS4 and Vita added.

Title: Skydive: Proximity Flight
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Sports?
Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
Publisher: Topware Interactive
Format: Download
Release date: 03/14/14

Note: if you decide to list the PS3 version too, that has a different publisher and release date.



Title: Axiom Verge
Platform: PS4
Genre: Action/platformer
Developer: Tom Happ
Release date: March 31, 2015


Title: Her Story
Platform: PC
Genre: FMV
Developer: Sam Barlow
Release date: June 24, 2015


Title: Crash City Mayhem
Platform: 3DS
Genre: Action
Developer: Climax Entertainment
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment (NA), Rocket Company (JP), Ghostlight Ltd. (EU)
Release date: 07/02/13 (NA), 01/19/12 (JP), 02/??/13 (EU (I'm finding conflicting release dates for this last one))
AKA: Runabout 3D: Drive: Impossible (JP)



Thanks, but I actually need the Android version.


Title: Looney Tunes Dash!
Platform: iOS/Android
Genre: Action
Developer: Eat Sleep Play
Publisher: Zynga
Release date: 09/11/14

I have a review written for the Android version.

Best info I found was from a wikia:!


I just realised I completely messed the date up. Should be 06/14/15. Sorry!

Fallout Shelter
Bethesda Softworks


I'd rather wait for Anger: GOTY.

Anger DLC

You can give me $5 and receive an all new level of anger.

Does that include bonus levels?

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