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Below, you can see the 20 most recent posts in the forums, starting with the most recent post first and working backwards. Signatures, avatars and other related information have been stripped so that the page will load quickly. Each post contains a link to the thread where it was posted so you can click to see it in its original context.

Title: Crowtel Renovations
Platform: PC
Genre: Action (Platformer)
Developer: SinksAdventure
Publisher: SinksAdventure
Format: Download
Release date: 01/06/17



Looks like there are already three reviews in the running for the next RotW topic, so let's hope that continues and we have another great week of quality submissions. I always enjoy weeks like that.

Congrats on putting together a delightful topic in such a timely manner, EmP, and congrats especially to those who managed top-three placements in a ridiculously tough week!

It was nice getting back into some quality reading after a much needed vacation. Hope this week will be just as packed as last. Congratz to the placers too. I might have to switch my style up a bit to appease you folks. We'll see.

Thanks, EmP! Sadly, there won't be much misery in my next few reviews, as they'll be for quality games like Avernum: Escape From The Pit, Mass Effect, Twilight Princess and Super Meat Boy.

Oh, yeah, and a Kemco game thrown into the mix. But those are usually less misery-inducing and more "how am I going to write this without ripping off six of my other Kemco reviews" puzzling.

Gratz to the placers. I ain't even mad. Lots of great reviews showing up lately. Jerec's infusion of quality submissions lately has certainly adjusted the delicate balance of power around here.

Thanks, EmP! And to clarify, I don't think of Sakura as obscure, just not A-list. She originated from a side game, then showed up in another couple of side games. On top of that, she's nothing amazing because she's still a pupil. None of that says A-list to me.

As for the tag mechanic, not precisely. You can select multiple characters, but you cannot tag out. Basically, you start with four character points, with characters being ranked on one of four tiers (IIRC, the fourth tier fighters are locked in the arcade version). So you can go with either four bottom tier fighters, two second tier, etc. The best combo I found was Ryu and Terry, who were both second tier. I also did just as well with Sagat and Vice.

Thanks EmP. What's a Naruto?

I know... those paragraphs weren't in my first draft. I had all this flow going and I had nowhere to put this stuff, but it needed saying. Not sure how to integrate it more naturally, either.

If that turns out to be the case, you've a lot of catching up to do.

That simple serene list of names hides a lot of chaotic maths, and the uncouth thrashings of several people unmentioned, just below it.

Including a carry over from Rob “Rob” Robington, as he will be known from henceforth, this week has a rather noteworthy ten entries of distinguished quality. Of all kind of crazy nonsense - handheld visual novels, indie horror games, forgotten arcade cabinets, awful NES imports and big-name PC reboots. There’s going to be reviews missing out on the top three slot this week that would have strolled into previous editions of this here recap that I’ve penned - suck it up, lads and ladettes. It’s the price you pay for heavy competition. So, the three marked below must be doing something right - or bribing me the most - to get their little slice of glory.


I had such a hard time settling on the final three that Nightfire’s Wasteland 2 cycled in and out several times. So much so that I even wrote a feedback topic which I shall recycle shortly and post as standalone feedback. Most other weeks, both his and silversuriv’s reviews would have been a certainty to place, and place well.

THIRD Steins;Gate [Vita] by Jerec

Jerec loves anime - don’t let him fool you with his misguiding words. I’ve seen him arguing about who in the Naruto cast is best girl and complaining about how tame Berserk has gotten.

Or maybe not. But that’s fine, because someone who rolls his eyes at usual anime tropes is perfect for falling into Steins;Gate’s rather brilliant trap, and Jerec talks openly about how he got good and snared. It’s subtle work, too, because those visual novel reviews are tricky to pull off. Because they’re games with so little mechanical function to complain about and are all almost entirely long streams of plot (almost like a novel, you might point out), it’s difficult to talk about too much without stumbling into spoilers.

It’s difficult to do this, but still talk enough about the game to engage, but Jerec’s only gone and done just that. The only tangible down point is how badly he goes to town in the last couple of paragraphs trying to squeeze in all the stuff that’s worth a mention, but couldn’t be fit in elsewhere. So you get kind of listy conclusion talking about scroll speeds and BGM quality and ending branches and the state of the artwork and the writing and the translation issues. It does feel overbearing, but the final few lines does help being it back in.

SECOND Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 [Arc] by Joe

Joe presents a double serving of indifference this week with two reviews on lukewarm games. Perhaps this one getting the nod over his caveman game was simply down to game choice, but is probably more down to the authoritative tone employed here. Joe takes Millennium Fight to task, but bases his mounting disappointment on solid fact, backed by pesky reference to both company’s pre-existing library. It makes it sound like he knows what he’s talking about, which is the greatest trick he’s ever pulled off.

Even if he seems to think Sakura is an obscure character for some reason, but we’ll forgive him that oddity. Just as we’ll try to overlook the “crap, I’ve not complained about the sound yet!” paragraph stuffed in at the end because we all do it and we know we do. I kind of remember this game having a tag in/tag out mechanic, but I could be thinking of any of the other four billion fighting games Capcom have released. Regardless, Joe comes out of this sounding like he’s well versed in the genre, and his review gets all the benefit from that.

WIN! Minelvaton Saga: Ragon no Fukkatsu [NES] Rob

I do love a good bash review. And this is a good bash review that maybe takes a little long to really get to all the wailing and gnashing, but is worth the wait. A lot of the first half is spent establishing the game as a poor Ys rip off, which turns out to be vital once the ludicrous run of events starts unfolding. Once all that foreshadowing is out of the way, the descriptions of progression sound positively painful. Old games would use things like grind and backtracking as artificial padding to camouflage the simplicity of their games that the hardware of the time forced upon them -- but, still, that warp thing sound horrendous. As do the excuses used to force you to revisit beaten dungeons endlessly, or how the game essentially requires no skill to beat, just huge dollops of your time. I’d not have seen the end of this one - I wager not many would. But your patience has rewarded you with a lofty placement this week. Continue documenting your misery for our entertainment.

Hey :D Please add the following :)

PC, Steam


Dungeons 2 (PC, Steam)


Grats to me, but also for excellent efforts from Nightfire and Joe, who both picked great games to talk about. I just grabbed game that looked good but then wasn't, like a hack.

I don't feel comfortable comparing Don't Chat With Strangers to the Sierra fare of yesteryear, because the cheap deaths were just a part of Sierra's game. The most annoying part by far, for sure, but they at least had a game going on around them, simple as it might have been. Don't Chat is just about staying alive long enough until you've exhausted the game's attempts at killing you and it ends with a whimper. Really disappointing stuff. But it's out of the way now - let's see what'll disappoint me next!

Thanks for getting the topic out without me having to nag you, OD!

Yay for placement! Thanks, OD and congrats to Nightfire and EmP!

Title: Steins;Gate 0
Platform: Vita, PS4
Genre: Visual novel
Developer: 5pb, Nitroplus
Publisher: PQube
Format: Download, Retail
Release date:
JP: December 10, 2015
EU: November 25, 2016
NA: November 29, 2016

Review in the next week or two.

Added both.

Wasteland 2 (PC, Steam)


Thanks for the topic, Overdrive, and congratulations to those who participated!

Thank you for the placement! I had a feeling I wouldn't take first this week since I was up against the Slime Lord, but that's par for the course.

That Dont Chat With Strangers was a rightful lambasting anyway. Reading about it reminded me of all those old annoying Sierra adventure games, where if you coughed in the wrong way at the wrong time, it was instantly game over. Sierra did this, of course, to sell "Hint Books" at the game shops, which were packaged with a magic marker that could reveal answers that were printed in invisible ink (I'm not joking). Or, conversely, you could call their pay-by-the-minute hint lines, where a grinning employee would profit off your frustration. I hated a lot of those Sierra games for this reason and more, and there is absolutely no reason to bring back such a punishing format in 2017.

/end rant

Anyway, it was yet another week of good competition. Gratz to Joe for his placement as well!

Looks like a busy week this time, with a few more reviews than I'd been doing, dealing with games I've heard of, games I haven't heard of and games I probably currently wish I'd never heard of. And that doesn't even count my Minelvaton Saga review (originally in category #2 and now, very definitely in #3), which gets shunted off to EmP because site rules say I can't simply give myself first place this week and ignore the other two places, leaving me with a lot more free time!


Joe's Anima: Ark of Sinners (Wii)

First off, this was a tough competition again. It's always a good problem to realize that most of the submitted reviews could easily be judged a top-three effort for the week and then have to really delve into them to find something or other that puts one review above a couple others. For you, that moment came pretty early, as you quickly give a great comparison point, mentioning Symphony of the Night and Devil May Cry…and then immediately take it away by noting this game is like those if a great deal of what made them so good had been stripped away. From there, you talk about how short the game is, how it's not overly challenging, how the dialogue is easy to miss and how said dialogue is crucial to knowing what you need to do. If I decide to buy another game for THE WII I RARELY CAN BE BOTHERED TO PLAY BECAUSE, YOU KNOW, THE CONTROLS, it won't be this one!



Nightfire's Duke Nukem Forever (PC)

As a guy who had a good bit of fun with Duke Nukem 3D, I dug this review a lot, as it really gets to the heart of why this game would be horribly disappointing to fans of 3D. There was some good stuff about how the long developmental hell period had a negative effect, with various elements and jokes that would have been good, if not for how some other game had done that or made that reference a few years previously. The talk about the inconsistent tone also made a lot of sense, as it seems this game is all over the place, from self-parody to being completely serious OR making bizarre attempts at humor at times where doing so is rather nonsensical. Comparing the alien-goo girls from 3D to the more realized models in Forever was a nice tough to show how one treated them as scenery that can be destroyed (I believe that can help getting 100% kills in a level, as destroying a lot of them causes an alien or two to spawn near you, if I remember quickly), while the other uses them to create a seemingly horrific stage verging on horror…and then ruins the atmosphere with Duke's ability to make bad jokes about things. I really liked the ending too, where you basically were like, "After that, I decided to screw with multiplayer, but since no one else plays this crap, that didn't last long." Good way to end this review, I think!


REVIEW OF THE WEEK (aka: Overdrive Place)

EmP's Don't Chat With Strangers (PC)

You know, it's rare that I get interested in actually playing a lot of these cheap PC games that you and a few others review a lot, but it's common that I get interested in finding out more by getting online and either watching a video or reading a guide or whatever. And so I watched a couple 15-20 minute videos of people playing this game. Or I least I watched parts of a couple videos. The cool thing was that I felt I was essentially watching your review in video form. Not because of commentary by the dude doing the video, but because I saw virtually everything you were talking about and I could easily see just what was so frustrating about things. Like you said, some of the stuff is cool and reasonably straight-forward, such as you having to be chill with the girl while online with her unless you want the lights to go out and then return with you hanging from the season and "DON'T LEAVE ME" or whatever scrawled on the wall. I also watched the guy use the phone and get electrocuted, I watched him turn the radio on before the game cues you to do so and it blew up, I watched him go outside and get run over by his car. The kind of stuff that makes it feel less like a game and more like an interactive trial-and-error experience where you have to figure out just when to click on stuff or die horribly for not clicking on it or clicking at the wrong time or whatever. I also have to say that from watching the video, if someone asked me to play against them in that "buttons" game, I'd pick the horrible death.


That's it for another week, so now it's time to get back to Super Meat Boy until my thumb starts to bleed! Or read more about this bizarre world-spanning, geo-caching easter egg located in Trials Evolution that I knew nothing about despite playing that game for dozens of hours.

Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea

It's in the database now. I was actually in the process of adding it when you made this post, and didn't even see your post until I got the notification, just after finishing the addition!

Says the Pro. Is that a challenge? I read that like a challenge.

"I'm looking for a challenge!" Stinkoman.

Blasted flu. And Buckleys.

Too much buckleys.

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