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Haha. Thanks for the feedback, and the game. You would be right; I thought the intro would have been more interesting than you found it to be, but maybe I just haven't played enough FPSes. In any case, I'll keep that in mind for the future. I'll fix the RPG issue shortly.

Sincei t was so hard to write this thing, I'm glad it turned out somewhat better than expected, so I appreciate your insight.

A Dark Room
Doublespeak Games


Curses! Beaten again! Aye, congrats to you, Wolf!

Thank you for the crit. I was making the point that addictive =/= good, actually. In fact, I'm not the first to say that here. I believe Zigfried beat me to it. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I hyperlinked to said Zig review within my Flappy Bird piece.

I always appreciate it when people take a stab at reviewing genres like puzzle games where the subject material isnít exactly the most exciting thing to write about. Thatís really the only complaint I can have about this review; itís well written, gets the facts across well and is without errors. It also devolves a little into being a list of things youíve not managed to fit into the main body of the review when you get to the end. The music is, the extras are -- maybe try and watch out for things like that. We all do it from time to time when we realise that weíre near the end of the review and have forgotten to mention something we feel should have been included, but thereís almost always a smoother way to drop that information in.

WQís been threatening to write a Resistance review since forever, so well done for finally getting it done. Iíll overlook the fact that you slid screens in post-deadline; Iím cool like that. If I was one to argue (and I am; Iím well into that) I would suggest that the opening paragraph doesnít really pack the punch I suspect you were aiming for as it sounds like it could apply to every first person shooter ever made ever. Itís only when you start talking about how the Chimera in the second paragraph that the review starts giving the game a sense of its own independence. From there on though, you do a good job of describing the gameís stand-out instances (though it should be RPG launcher in the weapons run down unless the game has you hurl these by hand). Iím also not sure about the last line; Iím not convinced begrudges is the right word for it -- but conclusions are hard!

The dream is dead; Iíd always hoped Iíd not have to read iOS shovelware reviews, and Joe has collapsed that dream, even if he has taken a stab and shovelware drama king, Flappy Bird. Thereís a bit of disconnect in there talking about one second how the game is addictive enough to make you late from work then immediately saying that the gameís actually a bit rubbish. Maybe that was the point, but it read to me like there was a paragraph missing in there. Otherwise, I think the review is handled very well; itís important, I think, that origins are sometimes explored in games that have been the subject of high drama and the end of Flappy Bird certainly deserved the brief explanation offered here while, at the same time, it avoids dominating the review. Also good.

Three good reviews covering very different titles in a very different way. Joeís offers a cautionary tale about a game that (I assume) is no longer available, Attack tackles a difficult subject matter competently while WQ covers perhaps the easiest target of the three reviews with a bit more poise. Itís a harder choice than I anticipated because all three have things going for them that their competitors do not

Iím going to give it to WQ. After a pretty flaccid start, I think she covers the rest of the title really well without resorting to listing (though the weapons run down does start straying into that). Congrats to lazy, lazy WQ (who will find a Steam code in her HG mail NOW), and many thanks to Joe and Attack for their fine efforts.

Well, I've submitted my entry. I'll link it when it gets posted.

And here it is *Shrug*

I've been picking at this... I hope to be done tomorrow. Don't remember when writing a review became so hard... Seems like I used to be able to do this in a day or two. Now it's hard to find the words for a whole sentence, let alone a whole page. Haha. Maybe I've become overly critical of myself again, but geez.

Well, hey, good news, then! I have three reviews I could write and two of them are S.

Bloody bloody Venter....

Argh, none of my upcoming reviews start with S. Damn you, Toren! Why couldn't you have been called "Soren" or "Storen?"


1// - Star Ruler 2 [PC]
2// - Solarix [PC]

Here's my entry:

Cool, I understand. Thank you!

Oh, cool. Glad I caught this. Wasn't sure when it would be announced, and it looks like it came out a couple weeks ago. I must've just missed it in the forum list somehow. Anyway, gives me an excuse to finish that Resistance review I'd managed to halfway finish for the last tourney I couldn't show up for.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse
PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC

Added on PS4, and PS3, and Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Coding an internal search tool is a trickier challenge than you might suppose, and sometimes games won't come up at all even though they are listed in the database. If you want to review a game, the best way to see if it exists is to browse alphabetically by system. I hope to continue improving the search function over time, since I know a lot of people like to find stuff that way, but in the meantime it's worth browsing. Any time someone requests a listing, the first thing I do is browse to see if I can find it that way.

Edit: Scratch that... somewhat. I just got done spending a few hours researching and coding, and the search engine has been improved a bit. It seems to show more of the results it should have all along.

Oh sorry, I didn't see it there. It comes up as the 10th result or so for some reason... review will be up soon, thank you!

Hook Champ
Rocketcat Games
October 4 2009


I'll probably toss in a review.


I could throw my hat into the ring as an additional judge. As I need another game to work on like I need another hole in my head (tune in later as I complain about my giant backlog after binge-purchasing 5+ games like I do all the time when I complain about my giant backlog).



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