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Darkside urban fantasy novels by S.K.S. Perry

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- Title: Learn Japanese to Survive! Hiragana Battle
- Platform(s): PC, Steam
- Verification:



Thems some snazzy borders. I usually make do with just putting a space in between. Admit it; it looks better now.

On every screen I've ever viewed my reviews, I've not once seen them as a "3DS panel." But hey, if borders will help...

(Thanks, btw, and congrats to the Suskie and Roto)

D'awww. You one-sidedly positive bunny rabbit of a man.

Seriously, though, thanks a lot. Also, I am playing Banner Saga 2! It's just that DS3 came out first and thus gets review priority. Also I just wanted to play that more anyway because I'm a weak man.

This train just keeps on rolling. For how long? Who knows!

Review of the Week is a readerís digest of sorts, featuring all the reviews written in a given week, and then judged by a self-important author with delusions of grandeur. Thatíll be me today. Only the top three reviews shall be mentioned, in order of relevance. No reviews from the judge will be permissible, and in the event that another writer submits more than one review for the week, only the review the judge deems superior will be included.

The following are words placed strategically in order.

EA Sports UFC 2 [XB1] by Rhody Tobin.

I think weíve all been here (or, at least, I certainly have) where youíre trying to review a niche genre outside your comfort zone. Iíve had to review two (TWO!) pony raising sims, so it could have been worse. That said, I think you keep an informed tone throughout and any discomfort you might have shown is hard to spot. I probably wouldnít have even guessed that was a concern if I didnít have creepy prior knowledge. The main weakness with this piece is that, especially in the first half, the review reads like a list. Like you have a bulletpoint checklist of stuff you had to mention so just bulldozed your way through. Also, this:

The revamped Career mode is a bit of a mixed bag

Food analogy! Minus 10 points for Gryffindor!

Road Runner [NES] by Joseph Shaffer

Despite this:

Ö ACME deliver vans?


I preferred Road Runner to Vessel. Mainly because the ďletís talk about me!Ē intro didnít really go anywhere and the review read a lot better if you started from the second paragraph in and ignored the line about wanting to play the game more from the half-way point. Despite the fact that Road Runner received less praise, I found myself much more interested in your descriptions of the game, and the 8-bit attempt at being faithful to the source material. Itís a little bit remarkable. Especially in the earlier console days, license games were just given a dodgy platforming collect-Ďem-up vibe and thrown out to the public, so keeping the chase alive struck me as noteworthy in itself.

It would not have done so, though, without some carefully cultivated examples, and that you keep the balance between what works and what falls flat certainly helps. The highlights are talking about Wile. Eís gadgets and then dissecting in an even manner what works and what doesnít.

Then the review comes out an end and you realise youíve not talked about the music yet, which is certainly a talking point, and you jam it in there quick. We all do this. What we donít all do though is merge our screens together so they look like a weird 3DS panel. Either wrap them in a border or put a space in between them. Or both! Iíd do both. Do that.

Dark Souls III [PC] by Mike Suskie

Why arenít you playing Banner Saga II?

I donít think thereís a lot I can say about this review. Itís kind of brilliant, and it works on differing levels. I can see how it will show a lot of appeal to returning players, but as someone whoís not played a minute of Dark Souls, I can still see how and why you deem the game as excellent. I remember you wrote about a game in a similar fashion back when RotWing was a thing for a racing game that, thought I had zero interest in the game or the genre, was written so well I felt like an expect vicariously.

I donít really enjoy being so one-sidedly positive about these things; Iíve a rep to protect. Letís seeÖ the review is long, but it doesnít feel that way, so thatís out. Everythingís explained and backed up, so I canít whine about that. I guess thereís another case to be made for lobbing in the few negatives at the end for wont of somewhere to put them but, like Joeís, itís hard to see where else they may live. Spectacular effort/go to hell.

Title: LocoCycle
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Developer: Twisted Pixel Games, LLC
Publisher: Microsoft
Format: Download
Release date: 02/14/14 (NA, EU, AU, JP)



Julai may not have won me this prestigious award, but it's certainly a gift that keeps on giving.

Good job, OD. 'Grats to the hacks who finished above me no doubt via nefarious means.

I have a review that is very specific to the PS3 version of The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 2, so could that be added to the database?

The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 2 Give No Shelter
Released 3/30/16



Haha! I'm number 2!


I mean, like, place. Not poop...

Congrats to Gregarious on the v.

Thanks for taking care of this, Overdrive, and congratulations to the winners!

After quite the long hiatus, here I am again, doing a ROTW topic. Some said this day would never happen, some thought it would just be a matter of time before my judging services were brought back into regular practice. Well, here it is.

In sad news, that I'm doing this week means that my review for R-Type isn't eligible. If there were only 2-3 reviews, you can bet I'd have found a way to sneak it in, but out of interest of fairness to all of you, I won't be handing myself a much deserved win. No, but KNOW ONE THING. Whoever wins the title this week will have to live with the knowledge that you won because my review didn't count. Sure, you might be thinking "Whatever, dude, your review was the least interesting of anything submitted this week, now shut up and tell me who won!", but you're not the one doing the judging now, are you? ARE YOU!?!?!


Anyway, I'm sure we have rules like we always have for this, but I'm not one for following rules. Even rules I set. There are five eligible reviews this week and three of them will be mentioned. The End.


EmP's Julai (PC)

This was a good week to be back on the RotW train. Every one of them was good, so I had to think a bit on things before making my picks. In the end, this review got the nod due to just having a sense of freshness about it, putting it a touch above one for a port of a NES game or one for a copycat of a more popular series. I'm not sure what I like more about this review: The actual review or the aftermath you detailed about the obviously-fake counter "reviews" on Steam that started popping up.

I mean, this review is just a fun bash of a threadbare game that seems to be a rip-off of almost-hilarious proportions. I mean, paying $19 for this? This review about writes itself. I read it and then read it again just to make sure I'd read everything and not accidentally missed a couple paragraphs where you described cool features and whatnot. I mean, there's just so little to this game that this review offers a valuable service warning people away from wasting a lot of money on this game. I mean, I just bought that Divinity RPG that Suskie was raving about a year or two ago on sale for that price! It included the original version and the enhanced version of a game that probably will take a few dozen hours to get through! Just the thought of spending an equal amount of cash for this almost makes me physically ill. Seriously, thank you for exposing this thing as overpriced crap. If you're charging "x" amount of money for something and only supply this much content, you deserve all the calling out that you get.



Joe's Slain! (PC)

Apparently, this is a good week to take down seemingly unfinished games. While this seemingly doesn't have the added entertainment of a designer trying to balance out negative reviews by posting their own "This game are goodest I seen in days" high-quality professional work, it is a very effective review. It's obviously that you went into this game wanting to really like it because of how metal it tries to be. And then the flaws started hitting you. And then the ending came and you realized you'd only played one chapter of a larger story with little fanfare.

While it may not have been great fun for you, this sort of review is probably one of the best negative type to read. It comes in with high hopes that eventually get dashed. Call me an evil monster of a sadist or call it a side effect of subjecting myself to Kemco mobile RPGs for the past few months, but I delight in reading about these experiences.


REVIEW OF THE WEEK (aka: Overdrive Place)

Kai Powell's Stranger of Sword City (Vita)

I really dug this review. First, the game has a badass name. Kind of metal to tie things in with second place. Secondly, if I had a Vita, I'd be running out to buy this game after reading your review. Fortunately, I don't have a Vita, as my backlog is WAY too large for me to be buying another "this will take a while" dungeon-crawling RPG. Like, at least, I should beat the remake of the first Etrian Odyssey on the 3DS, you know?

Anyway, the main thing I really liked about this was just that you did an excellent job of telling me a lot about this game in a short period of time. The "life point" system seemed really interesting, especially with how that creates a trade-off between using older or younger party members, as older are superior, but can be perma-killed more easily. I liked how you assumed a reader would have a certain amount of familiarity with this genre, so you spent the bulk of your time talking about features more unique to this game and how they affected things, with little additions such as how new characters start at a higher level as you get more powerful, so that having to replace a guy who died too many times isn't too crippling of a setback.


And there we are. Another week bites the dust. Get geared up for next week when whathisname does whatever he does with this thing.

Emp, that was too easy. Always reaching for the low hanging fruit.

Glad you enjoyed reading the MM10 review! At first, I found it surprisingly hard to convey my thoughts about the game, since it really didn't have any unique qualities to it. Though, I had a moment of clarity in the bathroom. Weirdly, half of my insights seem to occur there.

Well, this is awkward.

Back when you last submitted a review?

Is it 2002?

You should do the 3DO port instead. It's excellent.


In lieu of me hitting Doom 32X, I decided to just buy the XBLA port of Doom 2. I'm happy with that decision.

OD can't handle Doom 32X.

I thought OD was hitting Doom 32X.

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