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Below, you can see the 20 most recent posts in the forums, starting with the most recent post first and working backwards. Signatures, avatars and other related information have been stripped so that the page will load quickly. Each post contains a link to the thread where it was posted so you can click to see it in its original context.

Eh, I don't usually worry about pay when it comes to reviewing anyway. I'd take the position!

I thought these 2 were on here before, though I could be wrong

Phantasy Star Portable

Phantasy Star Portable 2

There are open spots on the prestigious staff roster for both Mr. Destroyer and Mr. Suskie, if they ever want them, but the lack of pay makes that doubtful. ;-)

Title: Corporate Lifestyle Simulator
Platform: PC (download only, as far as I know)
Genre: Action
Developer: Dolphin Barn
Publisher: Dolphin Barn
Release date: 2014 (I'm getting differing dates for the month, though)



They should probably just make you a staff member already.


The last trio of games to review for October:

Game: F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate
Platform: PC
Developer: TimeGate Studios
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Genre: First-person shooter
Release: 11/6/07


Game: Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves
Platform: PC
Developer and Publisher: Artifice Studio
Genre: Action, strategy (tower defense)
Release: 4/5/13


Game: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Ultimate Edition
Platform: PC
Developer: Mercury Steam
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Action


GameFly has sent me a copy of The Evil Within -- two copies, in fact -- and I've already promised Jason a review for that one if I play it, so yeah, looks like I'm definitely in.

Thank you!

Oh, fine.

A very anti-EmP judge panel of Will/Ben/WQ confirmed.

Can you put me down as a judge for now? I don't think I have the energy (or time) to write a review for this, though I was planning on reviewing a horror title next if I get around to it. I just don't think I can do it before the deadline.


One possible entrant into this competition has been completed by me! Will there be others? Maybe!

I think I'm better suited as a judge for this tourney.

I was thinking about writing a Danganronpa review (if that counts?), but I might be a bit busy to do so over the next couple of weeks.

Both are pretty big long shots!

Have you forgotten how to log on to IM again?

I don't need any help crushing Emp! Ha!

What I need help with is even writing a review in the first place. =T

Week 3 Submissions:

Game: Dead Hungry Diner
Platform: PC
Developer and Publisher: Black Market Games
Genre: Puzzle
Release: 5/16/12


Game: Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime
Platform: PC
Developer: Behavior Studios
Publisher: Atari
Genre: Action
Release: 3/23/11

We would have taken any left back. For the past four or five seasons, we've either taken out-of-favour Premier League left backs on loan or played our best central midfielder back there for some inexplicable reason!

Regardless, thank you for taking pity on us and giving Danny Fox for free. Better value for money than Luke Shaw, too.

I downloaded two 360 indie titles.

If that's the path you're going, check out Decay.

Or bribe me

What can he give you that I haven't? A Velocibox addiction and the mighty Danny Fox for your football team!

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