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Below, you can see the 20 most recent posts in the forums, starting with the most recent post first and working backwards. Signatures, avatars and other related information have been stripped so that the page will load quickly. Each post contains a link to the thread where it was posted so you can click to see it in its original context.



Thanks for this, Gary. And Rob, that's pretty high praise, appreciate it.

Can't say I'm surprised Marc won. Nothing against the other reviews, but his blew away a lot of what I've read from anyone in quite some time. Just one of those reviews where everything seemed to flow together wonderfully and nothing looked out-of-place or unnecessary.

If anything, I should be taking some notes; probably make Jason's job of copy-editing me go a bit easier!

Thanks for the topic, as always, and congrats to those who placed ahead of me. Congrats to those who placed behind me, as well. I guess just... congrats to those who placed!

Iíll rarely have an easier week than this. Mainly because of the low volume (I have a review that [REDACTED] will probably forget to include in his rota; Joe had a review that remains mired in the production room). That leaves four reviews. Except Jason wrote two, which means thereís a podium placement for everyone! But itís manly easy because how ridiculously one side the affair is. There are no bad submissions in this list, but thereís certainly one putting the rest in the shade.

THIRD Tag: The Power of Paint [PC] by Follow_freeman

Thus far, Freemanís biggest asset across his reviews has been game choice. Itís been brilliant, often picking out games Iíve never heard of. For the most part, Tagís another staller pick, but the brevity of the game does work against you somewhat. Maybe in an attempt to pad the review out, you spend as much time talking about Portal 2 as you do Tag.

But itís a dilemma. You say all you need to say; I know how Tag functions, I have an idea how it looks. Itís only an hour long, so if you discuss any puzzles, it could be a bit spoilery. So youíre left with what you have; a decent snippet of an obscure game Iím happy to learn more about.

SECOND Yakuza 6: The Song of Life [PS4] Jason

Jasonís review is a little longer than he usually puts out, and the problem here is that it feels longer, too. Thereís a lot of text to crunch through and, while thereís nothing I can pick out and declare as information better off unshared, it could have really done with being a bit shorter.

But it wasnít, and here we are. There are some good paragraphs within, the discussion of 5 and 6ís paths between multiple and single protagonists being a highlight. I thought the mentioning and dismissing of the online play was very well handled, too. The second to last paragraph was perhaps the weakest; an undisguised list of minor gripes rife with word repetition. But I will say that Jason either knows or manages to make it look like he knows the ins and out of the series. It does lend an authorities tone.

Itís good of Jason to put the Switch down for a while.

WIN Silent Hill: Homecoming [360] by Masters

Here comes Marc to casually blow every review written thus far this year out of the water and produce the (second) best Homecoming review on the site.

Jasonís review had authority, but Marc wastes little time in letting you know that he knows this series, knows what made it work in the past and what itís forgotten in its quest to be horrorís uneventful middle ground. In that light, itís savage, bringing up previous series highs to contrast against Homecomingís myriad lows.

And I know theyíre good points because I made a lot of them myself. Homecoming fancies itself a series reboot a la Res 4, but the inability to tell a decent tale, the panicked everyman being replaced by a competent brawler, the weird middle section of the game where they forgot to supply consumables Ė itís all there, succinctly and damningly described.

The only complaint I have is that Iím not sure how effective this will be against someone not as familiar with the series as I am. But I donít care for those people, anyway. Everyone should suffer as we have. This is a great review for a once great series long since lost its way. Itís good of Marc to lay in a couple of fantastically accurate kicks to its rotting corpse.

I was always struck by the beauty of the Wild Arms 3 soundtrack, myself. The first one had some good selections, but didn't stick with me to the same extent.

Thanks for picking me for the win! I STILL GOT IT!!!!

Yeah, it kind of hurts my soul to say a Dragon Warrior/Quest game (at least main series; haven't bothered with any of the side games) isn't really worth playing, but it's hard to not come to that conclusion here. Hell, the only reason I got through it was simply because I love the series and for a DQ fan, it offers just enough to keep me into it. But if you don't unconditionally love DQ, you'll probably hate this installment.

Thanks, Marc! It's good to be back at it.

Happy birthday, my fellow of good taste:

Congrats to EmP and Overdrive for the placings of their great reviews! I'm glad people seemed to enjoy mine, too; my best work is waiting on me to get screenshots, though. I think they won't be as humorous, but those looking for a good analysis are going to get some. I'd better start writing my reviews in Word instead of Notepad, however; I've so little time I can't check for typos.

Incidentally, I find it ironic that the week's #1 was of Dragon Warrior VII, which I wasted 11 hours on, even after resorting to my practice of giving up on the physical copy, save scumming and fastforwarding to skip as much monotony as possible. Guess I don't have to slog through the rest!

Props to [REDACTED] for this first win of the year. I'll update the Site King score shortly

Keep plugging away, Freeman; your time is surely coming. Cheers to Joe for the topic and the kind words. If you have the means, you should give Rage Quest a go. It'll annoy you, but it'll surely surprise you as well.

Glad you're feeling better, Joe, the site has missed your work. Congrats to Rob, who was due. I read and liked both Emp's and Freeman's stuff this week -- for awhile I thought this would be Freeman's week, but I am sure it's coming soon. He's due as well.

Devil May Cry HD Collection
PS4, XboxOne


I'm going to keep this one brief because I've finally healed enough that I can sit in my computer chair again. I've been itching to get through a few Steam games, especially Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (which I plan to review).

Majyuuou #### Follow_Freeman

I'm a sucker for reviews of games I've never heard of, especially if they're interesting. This one dishes all of the good info I would want to read, plus you do a great job of praising the game's presentation. There are only a couple of snags here in the form of typos, plus the penultimate paragraph needs some polish, but this is an otherwise cleverly written and entertaining review.

Rage Quest: The Worst Game #### EmP

I would say that your work was pretty well lined up for you. It's game that makes fun of bad RPGs whilst falling into the traps it parodies. However, you balanced this review terrifically by saying, "Hey, wait, this game actually does do a few things correctly!" The examples you gave for its positive elements left me wondering if I shouldn't check the game out after all. It's one thing to criticize a game that blatantly leaves itself open for criticism, but you went beyond that to show us that it's not entirely a waste of time.

Dragon Warrior VII #### Overdrive

Two RPGs placed this week, and this one won because it's a very detailed review that flows wonderfully. You do a great job of detailing why this is a painful game to play, plus you give us a little history lesson to provide some context. The game is a product of a need to cash in on Final Fantasy VII's success. You don't settle for merely saying that the game is boring, but dish out a well organized series of reasons why nearly every aspect renders this title one of the most unloved DQ games. This is a skillful evisceration and a genuinely good, thoughful review.


That's all I got...

I'll get in on this on what remains my favourite OST of all time. I even imported the album:

Wild Arms - Ps1 Soundtrack

Oh, cool! There's a few here I haven't played yet; I may have to get to that before publishing my Tyrian review. I'll follow up with music from more shmups:

"Stage 1" from ring^-27

This game gets the award for weirdest shmup title. It sounds like one of those bizarre visual novels. I haven't tried this one yet, though.

"Will Force (Arrange)" from Mamoru Has Been Cursed!

More Yousuke Yasui excellence. It seems Touhou may be the third or so most influential shmup (behind R-Type and Gradius) in terms of aesthetics.

"Judgement Day" from Don-Don-Pachi Black Label

Jake "virt" Kaufman, composer of Shovel Knight and many tunes from, lends his talents to this remake of the seminal bullet-hell title.

I've been wrestling with a Mass Effect Andromeda review for a while now. My last great idea was parodying that "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" youtube video, but I don't think I can make that work.

I'm still playing Breath of the Wild and Ys VIII, but not ready to review either one.

Thanks for doing this, Jason, and thanks for the second place finish. I tend to agree with your choice for winner; I was singing that review's praises for a few weeks now. Good to see it get some love.


This time last year, SITE KING showed a very different set of standings. Early year blitzes from Pickhut and Jerec in particular had them both grasp high positions (Pickhut would remain in the top two for the majority of the year before slipping out near the end; Jerec was sabotaged with a RotW judge spot that destroyed his output for the rest of the 2017 season). The rest of the chasing pack was comprised of EmP, Overdrive, Jason, Nightfire and Joe. At this point of last season, Masters had yet to review a game in several years, leaving Nightfire as Canadaís only hope.

Heís certainly found his feet again. After a slow January, Masters dominated the February submission queue, often offering multiple reviews for weeks and competing hard for top honours. Heís currently held off the top of the league by a stubborn Joe, who boasts the highest number of RotW placements so far, but has recently found himself on the injured list. Could this be a secret boon while he quietly games away, building up a reserve of things to write about?

Defending champion EmP rides high in the table, but his position is not without some early controversy due to notorious EmP-snubber OD. Forcing a review carry over has had serious impact on two weeksí worth of standings including, in a bitter twist of irony, potentially knocking his own reviews out of a possible top three finish in the most recent week. These lack of points will especially hurt the veteran campaigner, who is off to an uncharacteristically slow start to the new season. Likewise for fellow vets Pickhut and Jason who would expect their early-season standings to be better.

Many assume this is an early blip that will soon be righted, but the shock re-emergence of several old faces such as Fiddlesticks, DE, Will and ex-judge Jerec may force them into a tougher season than they might have expected. Already, new opponents like Freeman have staked their place in the league; maybe a surprise rookie victory is on the cards? Or, as the never-ending Masters comeback tour has proven, thereís always room for retirements to be broken and old strangleholds re-established.

I was going to make a jokey little dig at Rob for forgetting to include my review again, but I instead will follow his lead and SNUB any mention of him from this point onwards. Take that, [REDACTED]

Appreciate the topic and the feedback on the everything, Jason. Cheers for the top spot in a Team EmP dominated week; I enjoyed writing Q-YO and it's been a few years since I busted out the moving image gimmick. It's funny you should complain about Marc's Space Invaders Extreme getting a better billing than yours (I merely put them in game release order, for the record); he was furious I was mentioning you in the same breath as him. Oh, that Marc!

Props to Marc and welcome back to Will. It'll be fun to see who tapers out first between he and DE.

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