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The Moonlight War novel by S.K.S. Perry

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Grats, Jason! Lots of good reviews yet again.

Yay, I finally won RotW again, for the first time since several of you were kind enough to bring it back from the grave! Thanks for bringing it back, and for awarding my review the win on a week that (I thought) turned out to have quite a few strong contributions. And of course, congrats to all who participated!

Geez, a lot of good reviews this week, with a real war for the top three. Though they didn't place, I recommend reading OD's Fanatic Earth review (which may have just convinced me to download the game) and Briddle's Metro: Last Light, which may have also done the same (never mind that I still haven't gone through Metro 2033 yet... Yeah, I'm slackin'). Anyway:

EmP's Supreme Warrior (32X)

It has a long introduction, but an effective one. It's a pretty good general statement regarding FMV games and why they went the way of the dodo. However, my favorite parts about this review are the zingers found throughout it.

“Hey, I’m really looking forward to that next Digital Pictures game; Tom Zito is saving video games with his celebrated visions” said exactly no one ever.


Armed with the inspiring power of causing second-hand nausea, your warrior is, of course, the only man capable of saving the world from that one evil guy by beating up twelve successive other guys. Then, boom. World’s saved. Or something.

I can only imagine what you would have to say about Fahrenheit. Anyway, this is a good, fun review that gives an awful FMV-based fighting game the thrashing we all know it deserves.

Phazonmasher's Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (PS4)

You know what I hate about modern gaming? Seeing a "new" title released for a franchise and not knowing if it's a sequel, a full fledged expansion, a port or an enhanced edition. You've done this world a service by not only coming out and telling us what this game is, but also detailing whether or not it's worthwhile for players who've already experienced Fairy Fencer F. You also did a good job describing the game for those who haven't played yet, accomplishing both feats in a timely and fluid manner. You've done gamers a terrific service, and I thank you for that.

honestgamer's Mega Man 6 (NES)

I'm not a fan of Mega Man 6, but I don't hate it. Apparently, the same goes for you, and you've done a wonderful job describing why this game is a wash. You support your claims with excellent examples and even bring up the game's unbalanced item system. Best of all, the game is full of "could've done more" moments, and you listed each of them. At the same time, you remind us that Mega Man 6 isn't terrible and is worth playing for fans of the franchise. What stands out most for me is this line:

"I don't want to give the impression that Mega Man 6 is a poor game. What it managed to be instead, despite admirable efforts to improve the formula, is decent. That just doesn't feel good enough for the final installment that the treasured series would see on the platform that birthed it."

Nail. Head. Hit.


That's all for ROTW. Go away.

*11th - 17th

Trying to steal one of my days, eh? Or are you forgetting there are seven of them in a week?

Cloudberry Kingdom


Thanks for the remarks! Yeah, it's a pretty neat remake, but not so great that I would recommend purchasing over better releases. It was difficult balancing that tone in the review, because I didn't want it to come across that I thought the remake sucks. Maybe pick it up once it becomes available on PC and at a discounted price.

Review of the Week is a reader’s digest of sorts, featuring all the reviews written in a given week, and then judged by a self-important author with delusions of grandeur. That’ll be me today. Only the top three reviews shall be mentioned, in order of relevance. No reviews from the judge will be permissible (though, under a snazzy new rule we just invented, will be then eligible for the next week. Take that, tradition!), and in the event that another writer submits more than one review for the week, only the review the judge deems superior will be included.

More words follow:

Vexx [GC] by Smiley_Face123

I usually average my review word count at around 800-1,200 words, and always considered myself a bit long winded in my rantyness. This review contain a little over 5,700, so you have to really want to know about Vexx to get to the end of it! So,I’m going to poke fun a little. Like how the third paragraph says the game is “Short, sweet and to the point” and then you go on about it for another 5,000+ words. There’s a lot here to take in, not all of it essential. I’m not sure the shot at Gamespot was necessary, no did it really add anything. You don’t need to try and validate your opinion above someone else’s.

A lot of points are cleverly raised and then repeated in different ways numerous, and I’m going to have to call foul on the “Ah, game title here” intro which is always a bad idea. Still, I’m a little impressed in how you’ve managed to start talking about a game you’ve enjoyed and just kept going. So there’s that.

Dark Parables: The Swan Princess and The Dire Tree [PC] by Joan403

I genuinely look forward to Joan’s review popping up because (aside from that time she reviewed the same thing I did) I know I’m going to get the chance to read about something I’d usually never otherwise know exists. She picks out some sometimes obscure games to cover, and there’s an importance to that.

I tend to shy away from sectioned reviews, but these kind of work. There’s a few spacing errors I might go back and tidy away, but there’s a lot of information squirreled away here. Sometimes, you try and drop too much information into a sentence and overload it so that it’s easy for the reader to lose the original context, and there is a certain stiffness that might be accredited to the sections. The conclusion takes an odd tone change into casual chat, which was odd. Still, it teaches me about a game I once knew nothing about, and that’s ultimately what a review is for.

Assault Suit Leynos [PS4] by Pickhut

I remember Target: Earth. God help me, I remember Target: Earth.

I was thinking about this game not long ago when playing the likes of Gigantic Army and Steel Strider which were doujin games that took a lot from the likes of Target (check them out for a manageable slice of the same mayhem) so that it got a little rework is pleasing to me. That said, how you go about dismantling it is a bit of a shame, but I guess I can’t blame you for that. Or can I? No, probably not. Rats…

Some of these examples are very well thought out. Such as the suggestion that striping back the game’s harsh difficulty lays bare the unimaginative level design. I suppose there is such a thing as being too faithful to your source material, and you highlight this well by mentioning the few times the game does shake up the old formula to great success. I’m not sure I could go back to this game; I still remember the things I’ve seen, but it cool there’s a remake out there and it’s not awful, I guess.

Resident Evil 5
PS4 & Xbox One


Zero Time Dilemma
3DS & Vita


Title: Assault Suit Leynos
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre: Action
Developer: Dracue (Dracue Co.? Dracue Software? I'm getting conflicting names)
Publisher: extreme Co.,Ltd. (JP) - Rising Star (US)
Release date: 12/23/15 (JP) - 07/12/16 (US)



Thank you for the placement! I'm glad you enjoyed the review. As for the warrior's name, blame Persian myth. Garshasp was a Perisan folk hero, similar in some ways to Hercules.

Congrats to the winners, and thank you, OD, for doing this topic.

Gratz to the winners. A lot of good competition this week. Not surprised that the Vegas Casino High 5 review took the win; it was just too funny.

Congrats to the winners, one of whom is me. Fine work, Rob. Thank you for the kind words.

I'm willing to post my copy of Vegas High 5! to anyone who would like to play it next.

Congratulations to the winners, none of whom are me. Nice job on the quick turnaround, too!

I'm pretty sure it's my week to do this again, so let's see what sort of stuff I'm reading this week. I'll laugh, I'll cry, I'll wonder why I'm doing this instead of playing Doom 2. Speaking of which, since it's been a while since I've played it, I'd forgotten just how awesome THE TENEMENTS (L17) is. For most of the level, every time you do virtually anything, some door will open somewhere and most of the time, something will start shooting at you. Keeps ya on your toes, it does!

In technical stuff, looks like Joe had a review last week, so it gets added to the count, giving us a total of eight reviews by seven people. None of those are mine due to one of those summer bursts of writer's block, commonly known as "the weather is beautiful, so I'd rather sit on a porch and drink beer than write stuff" syndrome.


joethedestroyer's Garshasp: The Monster Slayer (PC)

Hoo-boy, man, just the title of this game reeks of "generic hack-and-slash". I mean, "Garshasp"? It took me three tries just to type that without screwing up at least one letter. Damn stupid barbarian names… This was a really good week for reviews with just about every non-mentioned one being in strong contention for a place on the board. What put you a step ahead of the pack was just how good of a job you did communicating how this is (at best) a second-rate rip-off of God of War. From the "God of Bore" tagline to all the mentions of the mechanics and plot and how there's this sense that it could have been something if a little more effort was put into things. I liked where you mentioned this positive (a really cool city/swamp monster area) right after talking about how the part where the hero's brother dies has no impact whatsoever because the game treated it like nothing special happened. That just illustrates how any potential the game had was left unfulfilled due to laziness.



Rhody Tobin's SteamWorld Heist (PlayStation 4)

This game sounds pretty cool and interesting. I'd say the best part of it is just how you explain so much in a fairly brief amount of time. The combat system, characters and their abilities, controls (especially that part where you can't undo moves before actually acting; that is definitely different than other tactical games I've played) and so on. I finished this review feeling I knew a good bit about a game I knew nothing about previously. I mean, it's hard to say much more. You covered all the bases and did so with brevity in a manner I found engaging. Good enough for me!


REVIEW OF THE WEEK (aka: Overdrive Place)

EmP's Vegas Casino High 5! (DS)

This review made me laugh. Repeatedly. And therefore it won. This was just a great bash review that made me glad that the most casino-ish stuff I've done in video games is hitting up the various ones in places like a Dragon Warrior game to play the slots…or that damn monster fighting game where you could find a way to lose if you picked the game's final boss to take on a damn slime. No, I'm not bitter about losing all my hard-earned gold trying to win that one good weapon!

Uh, anyway, this game seems like a hilarious disaster. The highlight of the review was the part talking about how poorly its attempt to shoehorn in all the DS' gimmicks worked. Especially the voice commands part. Seems that even if this was a good casino simulator, the inability to clearly tell it what you want to do would be a deal-breaker. Since it seems like communicating "fourteen black" might have caused you a bit of a breakdown. Man, I could read reviews like this all day without being (overly) resentful about it!


And that's that for that. Tune in next week when someone else does this.

Newest release of this series. Hit the market a few days ago.


Alien Rage
City Interactive S.A.


Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z
Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Added Xbox 360 listing to go with existing PS3 listing and coverage.

No biggie. I shouldn't be missing errors like that anyway.

Congrats to pick - who is killing the new RotW rota, and props to Nightfire. Grovelling apologies to Joe, who I nagged under the false pretense that we were a week further on than we are. I've somehow invented a week and I don;t know how.

Thanks for the mention.

Sorry, EmP. My notes on my computer show that I fixed the "palate cleanser" error in your original draft (as I spotted it also), but I see in the notes I posted to the site that I didn't actually do so. That's my fault. Anyway, I've updated it now.

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