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Below, you can see the 20 most recent posts in the forums, starting with the most recent post first and working backwards. Signatures, avatars and other related information have been stripped so that the page will load quickly. Each post contains a link to the thread where it was posted so you can click to see it in its original context.

I'm in, if I can find something to review.

Shall we say 19th December? It gives the people writing about a month to get something out, and any judge who isn't Will or Marc plenty of time to write up results before Xmas hits.

I plan to participate in this tournament, with a review for USA!!!!!1 It will depend on whether I have time to finish the game or not, but I am hopeful. What is the deadline?

Put me down for team Europe. When's the deadline?

Time for me to do what I do best!

Which is to loudly insult the non-American peoples' nationalities for weeks before finishing next to last and stomping off in a huff.

Haha. Fun fact: While we do erroneously call the the championship series of games in baseball the World Series, it can, in fact, actually include Canada. Yay?

I'm glad Janus came up with an idea how to score this thing. I might write something up, but who knows.

Before I spotted my awful typo, I was so trying to decide from the four million "American fails to find different country on a map" jokes that flashed up in my head. But, no; turns out I'm the fool here. Bah.

But, you ask, what of our friends outside of these areas? Of the Canadians and the Austrians and the like?

I think Austria is in Europe actually

Pfft. None of this free agent crap for me. If it's America vs Europe, then I'm going to sit back and be a completely impartial judge. I urge all other Aussies and Canadians to do the same. Or at least 2 more.

You all still suck

Various sports have long pitted the world against each over in vicious events seemingly custom built so you can be a little more ashamed of being English. Unless it’s based in America, in which case they call it a world championship but don’t actually include anyone else outside their borders because, I dunno, stereotypical lack of geographical skills? No one else cares about NFL? This isn’t getting me anywhere.

THE JANUS CUP is reviewing attempt at the Ryder Cup, which is this thing were America lose at golf every few years to Europe. As such, the reviewers in question all declare their alliances and write a review for a game of their choice to be judged by a panel of people who have yet to be determined. The top three scores in each squad are then totalled up and the highest score wins.

But, you ask, what of our friends outside of these areas? Of the Canadians and the Austrians Australians and the like? Congratulations, you are now highly coveted free agents who can be hired for whatever team you’d prefer to side with. Though choice or by cunning bartering with each side’s leading voice.

So, gather round all and play for misplaced patriotic pride or pure mercantile glory. Below I welcome the sounds of selling out and interest.

Very well -- coming soon.

I'd be up for X vs. the World. I like the idea a lot.

Or maybe USA vs the world?

That's actually a good idea, Janus, but it will be disappointing if we don't see at least three people from Europe contribute. Still, seems like it might be worth rolling the dice on this one...

I stand by Euro vs the world. Top three scores on either side count. Then it doesn't matter if it's uneven/people drop out.

This has been of no help at all.

You all suck.

Oops, sorry!

The old putting quarters into your NES thing... heh.

Joe, you added the provision that a game couldn't be reviewed it if had already been covered on another platform, not me!

Like you said, games (more often than people realize) did vary enough from system to system that individual reviews made sense. We're not all trying to be KasketDarkfyre here. ;-) #oldschool

The only possible snag I could see with Jason's suggestion would be for games that aren't the same on every platform. Example: Home Alone on NES is way different from Home Alone on SNES.

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