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A setting I actually care about?

I like fantasy video games and sports.

Hey everyone! I wanted to highlight a new type of game being announced called Virtual Squared Leagues — it’s basically like Fantasy Football but instead of live sports it has characters (Orcs, Warriors, Wizards, Zombies, etc.) from virtual worlds.

I’m part of the team that helped make it, and we’re basically creating living virtual worlds and combining that with virtual player leagues. So you can draft characters from these virtual worlds and play in structured matches against your friends every week, just like you would in fantasy sports, but in a setting you actually care about!

We thought you guys might like the Realm Adventure League (MMO/Fantasy) or Zurvival League (Zombie survival), and we’re open for pre-registration!

Looking for feedback/general reactions, what do you think?

Title: Crash City Mayhem
Platform: 3DS
Genre: Action
Developer: Climax Entertainment
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment (NA), Rocket Company (JP), Ghostlight Ltd. (EU)
Release date: 07/02/13 (NA), 01/19/12 (JP), 02/??/13 (EU (I'm finding conflicting release dates for this last one))
AKA: Runabout 3D: Drive: Impossible (JP)



Thanks, but I actually need the Android version.


Title: Looney Tunes Dash!
Platform: iOS/Android
Genre: Action
Developer: Eat Sleep Play
Publisher: Zynga
Release date: 09/11/14

I have a review written for the Android version.

Best info I found was from a wikia:!


I just realised I completely messed the date up. Should be 06/14/15. Sorry!

Fallout Shelter
Bethesda Softworks


I totally thought that was an incarnation of Running Free. Very convincing. Well played, sir.

That's an alt account of mine, actually. So I was insulting myself :)

It was a joke at the time because we had a regular troll who actually talked like that. And yeah, every new account he opened was pretty swiftly banned.

I'd rather wait for Anger: GOTY.

Anger DLC

You can give me $5 and receive an all new level of anger.

Does that include bonus levels?


No - wait! Fifteen!

How many levels of anger are there?

That I have ended up leading this thing has made me so angry on so many levels.....

I refer to the post calling the reviewer a "simpleton" and so on. I think insulting the others shouldn't be allowed, also because — I speak by personal experience — if a smarter person obeys to the temptation of replying to such cheap insults with something really intelligent and derisory, there's good chance their well-deserved reply get removed (insults seems to unsettle and disquiet everybody, as soon as they are intelligent and humoristic. Vulgarity never bothers anybody).

(Edited) Nevermind. Already up.

Can I get Magrunner: Dark Pulse added to the databaase for PS3? I have a review ready to go. Thanks!
Release date 10/22/13!/en-us/games/magrunner-dark-pulse/cid=UP4133-NPUB31129_00-MAGRUNNERHDDLICP


Bioshock 2: The Protector Trials

PS3, released 8/3/10.

I have a review ready to go, thanks!


Congrats, and thanks for the feedback

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