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Below, you can see the 20 most recent posts in the forums, starting with the most recent post first and working backwards. Signatures, avatars and other related information have been stripped so that the page will load quickly. Each post contains a link to the thread where it was posted so you can click to see it in its original context.

Would someone please add the following to the database? My review's ready to go.



Thank you. :)

That was a great wind up. Too bad about the follow-through... don't give up. Sometimes a review takes time to percolate. I usually write mine in one sitting, but my Cosmic Star Heroine review took two days.

That's the way it goes. Maybe try a different tack?

I flipped a coin, it came up Magician lord

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood


My review for a game beginning with the letter D.

Not a lot, honestly. I'm a big fan of Yahtzee but he's hardly influenced my personal style to any degree.

I've been a blogger before blogs were blogs. I had journals in my younger years to record some of my thoughts and that eventually evolved into the internet. My first journalistic experience was reviewing movies on IMDB to varying degrees of quality. I then poked Livejournal for a while about a decade ago in my early WoW-playing years, and I picked Tumblr up about 4-5 years ago.

In my Tumblr career I've had long ongoing series called "Current Activities in..." where I blogged about games and occasionally reviewed some. And here I am.

Q is for QUITTER

At least you tried. I bought a game beginning with Q and didn't play it.

My Legend of Zelda review is going nowhere, but here's an intro as proof I tried:

Spare me your hot take on whether The Legend of Zelda has stood the test of time; you’re the same ignoramus that quit after the first hour back in 1987. Dodongo dislikes smoke, so how about setting that trusted strategy guide on fire? While the market has expanded to include even you – weak-willed, meme-thrilled, unskilled – trust me, you’re still not welcome in this guild.

Then yada yada adventure, context and contrast to previous games to prove significance that I didn't have time to research, sidebar on how good that musical hook is, IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYONE, remember the rain reference to make sure Marc hates it, five stars out.

15 reviews for the next RotW... plus an Overdrive review from last week (although I see he has one submitted this week, too).

Thanks, AlphaOlympics...

A lot of the people here and at GameFAQs back at the day definitely influenced me. The whole thing has been one great big circlejerk of encouragement, critiques, trolling, and ego stroking.

Mostly it's been about writing the sort of review I'd want to read, especially after getting sick of a lot of magazine game reviews that I used to read around 1999 - 2002.

Who infliuenced you about games writing? For me it is three people. Chad Warden showed me how to be real. He is the biggest influence on me. Mme Hoff (8 grade teacher) taught me good grammar. My brother made fun of me every day for playing games so that is why I can take things not seriously and see humour in everything, even though I kind of hate him.

Are we supposed to indicate which of our reviews is for AlphaOlympics?

If so, mine is here.

When I stumble around to Q, I actually picked up a copy of Q.U.B.E. in the the summer steam sale.

Well, better hunting next time? Not like you're a slacker...

Btw, thanks for approving my review of Ninja Gaiden. :)

B is for Bloodborne:

As for my Q review, well...

And I was all impressed with myself spelling Valkyria correctly when I started its review...

Standards, I suppose.

Tried doing one more # review before the deadline, but I don't want to force out a sloppy review. Also was really contemplating using my 404Sight review, but I decided to go with my 88 Heroes one.

88 Heroes

The Cat Lady

It was a pretty skirmish, and many passages were wounded, even broken... but my review and submission for this contest arrived successfully!

Valkyria Chronicles for Steam

Now, on to the next quarry...

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