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Below, you can see the 20 most recent posts in the forums, starting with the most recent post first and working backwards. Signatures, avatars and other related information have been stripped so that the page will load quickly. Each post contains a link to the thread where it was posted so you can click to see it in its original context.

Please note that issues remain. Changing my account password has not prevented continued access, either through a spoofed account on the site or through potential access to the database back end. I do not know what access the person(s) responsible may have, or how that access was gained. Though I am doing anything that I can think of to eliminate that access and make it more difficult to gain in the future, that's an involved process and you will likely continue to see irregularities for at least a day or two (and possibly much longer) until I can determine the full extent of things.

Well, that sucks. I know it's not saying much, but it's a good thing other significant things on the site weren't tampered with.

This morning, I woke up to find that I couldn't log into my account. I checked possible causes and found that someone managed to take control of my account, changed the password and name, and (for some reason) updated pickhut's Mighty No. 9 review so that a different author's name was attached and it was posted as a staff review (along with an addendum at the top, attributed to the interloper).

I don't know what the motivation was, but I've changed the password and have access to my account once more. As far as I can tell, I have undone the mischief that was done while that other individual had access to my account, but there may still be some oddness around the site, so I would encourage everyone to take a quick look around their own contributions--especially if you've been active recently--and to change your account password.

As a reminder, it's also a good idea to make sure that you're not using the same password on multiple sites. If your HonestGamers account is in use elsewhere, I recommend changing your account password at those other sites. To be clear, I do not believe that any account passwords other than mine were accessed, but I would rather none of you take any chances. I am posting this message on both my blog and as an announcement on the site forums.

I hope that this will be the last such breach, but the reality of the Internet is that any account on any site can be compromised without warning. I had not imagined that my account was a tempting enough target for someone to go through whatever trouble was required, but I was wrong. Don't make the same mistake!

I didn't even start it when it was still relevant. I bought it when it was $5 on a big sale and sat on it for years. I think I may have even owned it before the fist Portal, come to think of it. I first jumped into it last week and forced myself to go through most of it in an evening. It's a worthwhile puzzler.

Thanks for the win!

And the deluge of Kemco RPG reviews will NEVER end. Not even at the point where I submit the same review repeatedly, just changing the name of the game each time!

Joe: I got halfway through Portal 2 on release week then wandered off to do something else. You're not alone on that one. Maybe I'll go back one day.

Nightfire: You're not kidding. Really good volume of good reviews. No one else gets weeks as hard as I get. Conspiracy!

Congrast to the winners! It was a busy week with quite a few good reviews...

Laziness is something I excel at. In fact, I was so lazy this week that I posted a Doom review for RoG and finished a first draft for the game Wasted. On the other hand, I did only just beat Portal 2 last night, so yeah, I am a bit lazy. Or a procrastinator at least.

Congrats to OD for taking the gold, and to the placers for placing, and thank you, EmP, for getting this topic out quickly.

Congrats to all who placed, and thanks for posting the topic in a timely manner!

I think it's important to have a predictable period where reviews qualify for a given week... or don't. That may affect strategies for some contributors. It was neat to see this one fall into a conventional week, and now my next review will qualify for next week.

Everyone should be very afraid, by the way, knowing that I have another review coming, because I always place 2nd or 3rd in this things.* I'm a super threat!

* Except during weeks when I don't make the top three.

This was to be the week where I was to claim glorious revenge on Joe by SNUBBING his review for this RotW. He outsmarted me by being a lazy fiend.

Below – in order of rising preference – are the three reviews I judge the mightiest for this given week. It was a very solid week wherein no one manages to blow anyone else away, and even reviews outside the listed three were solid. Especially the two I wrote, which I am not allowed to include, but have a slight chance of being included in next week’s round up. We shall see.

Words about video games we’ll probably never play go below here:

Grand Kingdom [VITA] by Jason Venter

Jason tackles one of those ‘It’s alright, I guess’ games. So he’s stuck with that middle of the road thing where establishing tone is difficult because you’re not really praising it or bashing anything. To this end, he does well covering a somewhat complex game pretty well. Well enough, certainly, to make me briefly think about trying to reclaim my PSN account to get my VITA online for the hundredth time before eventually not bothering – but that’s not his fault. Nor is the fact that most of his review’s shortcomings are based on his conclusion that this game’s alright, and you’ll probably, maybe think it’s okay.

There are a few issues. The review does feel splintered into two distinct halves (immediately following the “this is a review, not a guide” paragraph) and your stance on the multiplayer wars is confusing. You note them as a plus point at the end of the above-mentioned paragraph, but when you delve into them later in a bit more detail, they sound a lot less positive. Other complaints are handled more securely, like the enemy count being artificially bloated (that old chestnut; will it ever be retired?). You also do that thing we all do where we realise we’ve not mentioned a cosmetic and they’re worth mentioning, so we lob it in at the end. Still, solid, dependable stuff. Go do that WiiU game.

Blue Lightning [Jag CD] by Vorty

Vorty takes an appreciated break from typical Scottish activities like complaining about how democracy works (I’ve missed you) to have another stab at his staggered comeback. I’ve appreciated the stuff you covered so far because I have a soft spot for obscure consoles and think having the option to have games like these covered is probably the best thing about this site. That being said, I thought the last few reviews you’ve written came off a bit clumsy. This isn’t completely free of this (examples in a bit), but it’s certainly the most polished effort you’ve turned on so far.

Some of this review is a little over-written (says me, right?). Which reads a bit weird, because you completely drop that aesthetic at the end of the second paragraph and adopt a more natural tone. There are a few little typos here and there but, moaning aside, what you’ve written is a compact, helpful little review, making good use of examples from around the same time period. But, wait – moaning back – fix this sentence:
It's high flying basic action of shooting the hell out of everything in sight works well as a hand-held arcade style title as the attention span required to play these games only lasts a few minutes before getting distracted by more appealing choices, and in that from, this game works ok

Keep them coming – good work

Rusted Emeth [AND] by Rob

“It’s alright, I guess,” says Rob, not for the first time this week, then goes through the motions of telling me about another bloody Kemco RPG. I was preparing myself to scan it for things to make fun of, then maybe shuffle it away somewhere in the back with a bit of lip service and unsubtle “stop reviewing the same game over and over!” digs. Like I did in the last one I wrote about. And have done here more openly. But, actually…

I mean, the review does still have a template feel to it, but that’s what happens when you talk about such similar games raid-fire. You contract a kind of uniform order, and I find those multiple explanation points completely unforgivable. Half that paragraph is awful; the second half – the one talking about people gossiping about the boss fights – is brilliant.

Most of the complaining is covered really well. I’ve played games with equip menus like the one you describe, so I understand the fury it inspires. 8-bit games got this aspect right; I don’t know why games sometimes neglect this. Most of all, I kind of like how the entire review is a troll. For the majority, it looks like you’re not going to have to fall back on the old “It’s alright, I guess” line, but then you do anyway. Bravo.

Bioshock Infinite Clash in the Clouds
Released 7/30/13

Thank you!


Second, I think. I'm pretty sure I've done two of them without needing to get prodded. It's called "getting back into the swing of things". Now that I've said that, watch me miss my next week and then do someone else's week.

I logged back on to HTOL last week in the attempts at picking away at some of the secrets. I decided to limit myself to five deaths then quitting, thinking it would maybe stop me before the rage quits happened. But Venter sent me a Steam IM asking me if I was nuts, then shoveling more work in my direction. Bless. It is, though, a very ragey game. I may or may not have only decided to pick it up because I'd already thought of the tagline and couldn't stop giggling to myself. But, yeah, that Baron game. Good stuff, there!

Props, then, to Kai and Pick on some interesting reviews. And to OD for this first RotW he didn't need to be prodded repeatedly at to complete. Another killer week all round.

That second sentence was a doozy, but not (quite) enough to ruin the whole topic. Congratulations to those who placed, and maybe I'll be able to turn something in and compete this coming week. Pickhut, don't forget to get in touch if you wanted to claim something from the prize pool!

Congrats to the winners!

Much appreciation! Happy that you enjoyed the review, since I was a bit concerned that too much explanation was required in order to talk about the game properly. Adding oil to the fire to the whole breeding thing: new horses take time to be born... so you pretty much have to race with an entirely new horse to pass the time.

Congrats to EmP and Kai to their mentions, too. I never heard of Crimson Room and its history until that review popped up, so that was interesting. I also almost planned on reviewing The Incredible Baron myself, but I decided to play something else, instead. Catlateral Damage. Yup. Yeah...

Back in action, I am here to type up another action-packed episode of RotW. And by "action-packed", I mean the ever-so-exciting action of me typing on a keyboard, whether it be words of praise for our three winners or blatantly obvious, overly verbose, generally meaningless filler such as most of what I've done so far and, for no reason whatsoever am continuing, long past the point where it was even remotely humorous, but unable to stop, as if under compulsion to make this the most annoying intro to one of these topics ever written, to the point where it might come full circle and become funny again since there's no sign this horrible run-on sentence will ever end, at least until I run out of steam and figure I better get to the praising part before I forget what I'm doing and all you end up with is this, this and more this.

Anyway, after gasping for breath and putting my fingers under ice for a minute, the rules are the same. One review per person can count and every person counts except for me, which means that next week, EmP will be in charge of giving my review for Rusted Emeth first place. And you best not forget; I remembered to read your review for the game with the stupid title that Joe apparently was too disgusted with to give the time of day.

Now, with no further ado, except for all the further ado I'm currently typing, let the games begin!


Kai Powell's Crimson Room: Decade (PC)

I could see what you're saying here. While I didn't play the original game, it seems like a sort of neat title for those early days of browser-based games. And so, a decade later, a sequel comes…and is essentially little more than an upgraded version of the original where there are changes, but not enough to make this a truly new experience. That point was highlighted by you mentioning how, at one point, you played the original for a bit and that proved to be a big help in figuring out how to do things in the new one. As you mention, puzzles might be reworked to be solved in different ways, but still, the similarities are striking. I mean, this isn't my style of game, but the way you talked about it, I can get both the reasoning behind your interest and how you were slightly disappointed that this sequel wasn't more its own beast.



EmP's The Incredible Baron (PC)

Oh, I did read that other review. I just couldn't reconcile how a game so infuriatingly frustrating warranted an "average" rating. Reading through that laundry list of the ways a person could die getting through one challenge…I swear on my holy name that I felt my frustration levels rising to computer-busting levels. Put me in that game and I'd be throwing your computer off a building, turning to you and saying, "Well, looks like I beat that damn challenge!"

Ahem…anyway, I could feel the fun more clearly with this review. It might only be rated one tier higher, but the tone between this and that couldn't be more different. I mean, as someone who lives in a rural area, I really need to look around more to see if I can find my own cyborg fox, but still… You did a good job of bringing out the light-hearted tone of the game early on and then put in the work to give a strong description of the game's mechanics and how things generally work, with the whole "devise a strategy and use it to beat most levels that aren't tied to their own particular gimmick". Also, a very strong conclusion that brings up the always-important point that the number one attribute a game should have is simply to be fun. And if a game causes you to tear through it over the course of a day, it succeeds in that.


REVIEW OF THE WEEK (aka: Overdrive Place)

Pickhut's Pocket Card Jockey (3DS)

Huh, a combination of horse racing and solitaire -- you know, when I was wondering what sorts of games I'd be reading about this week, I don't think I was expecting this. And I also wasn't expecting it to be remotely enjoyable until I started reading and saw you got immediately hooked on it. You did a great job of describing the mechanics and how solitaire actually is implemented into an event which seems to usually run a bit too quickly for anyone to have time to do much of anything with a deck of cards. I was getting intrigued by this game…and then you took all that away when you brought up this game's fatal flaw -- how you apparently have to spend an eternity in Final Fantasy VII's Chocobo breeding mini-game in order to make progress. I'm a big fan of RPGs and grew up on those old-school ones where you were expected to run in circles around towns in order to grind for enough levels to survive more than five minutes out in the wild and, man, this just sounded tedious as hell. In short, you did really good at pointing out the highs and lows of a bizarre little game.


Tune in after a couple weeks to see if my insanity has gotten better, worse or stayed the same!

Xbox One & PS4

Added on Xbox One and PS4.

DMC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition
Xbox One & PS4

Already listed on PS4, added Xbox One listing.

YAY! Thanks guys :)

Kinda disappointed that we didn't get to fight with fish-bats but I guess I'll just have to deal.


Fine work all three. I did like that Nightfire review. Not enough to play the game -- never that -- but he's picking out some really interesting old-school titles recently and I'm enjoying that. Good stuff.

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