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Below, you can see the 20 most recent posts in the forums, starting with the most recent post first and working backwards. Signatures, avatars and other related information have been stripped so that the page will load quickly. Each post contains a link to the thread where it was posted so you can click to see it in its original context.

Midnight today

Has the deadline passed yet?

You know what? Screw it; I'm re-branding our team as the mighty TEAM ENGLAND, a little part of a little island, taking on the world.

Who are still a person short. Oh my.

I was setting myself up for a no-show, but I exceeded my own expectations!

I just realised that I got my dates confused and that I actually had a week longer than I thought. Hah.

I'm working a full day on Sunday, which means tomorrow is the only time left I have to work on my review. I've also just been to work's Christmas party so maaay be a lil' hungover.

Europe might need a back-up plan but I will do my best!

And here it is!

My review will be up tomorrow after I give it another proofing. I like the way it came out, so hopefully the judge(s) is/are smart enough to appreciate the unparalleled genius I bring to the reviewing world and give me 100s across the board.

Or at least don't make me my team's weak link and force the other USA members to have me deported...PLEASE?!?!?

I was worried I might have to drop out of a competition named after myself, but I have managed to complete a review of Sonic CD. Phew!

Uhhh could you add the 360 version then please? I got that one too.

urgh, fine!

I'm still alive, Europe - a review is in progress.

Whether work gets in the way of me finishing it or not is another matter.

Sonic CD
Platform: iOS
Released: 2011

There's no iOS options on site

I will write a review

Hey, you know what? I'll judge.

ACCEPTABLE! New deadline: 21/12

Could we have a minor delay until Sunday?

Title: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Platform: PC
Genre: RPG
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: EA
Release date: 11/18/2014


Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2
PS3 & Xbox 360


Minecraft (physical and digital)
Xbox One

Deception IV: Blood Ties

Both added.

Got the bare bones for each team -- I guess that's a start!

Now to go out and bully ruthlessly recruit.

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