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Below, you can see the 20 most recent posts in the forums, starting with the most recent post first and working backwards. Signatures, avatars and other related information have been stripped so that the page will load quickly. Each post contains a link to the thread where it was posted so you can click to see it in its original context.

Thanks for the win. There was some good competition and I've been off-and-on, quality wise, so this is great damn news!

Yeah, it'd have been an easy 4/5 and maybe a 5/5 game if you just took the prologue, C 1-4 and the final chapter. But add in those other 16 times of having to tap the "x" button a million times while Airy's whining at you to keep pressing it and I really started to dislike a lot of this game by the time I was done. A big part of it is simply how you don't really get any new content to explore over chapters 5-8 (unless, like me, you saved the Vampire Castle for C5 because some of those dragon bosses you have to fight to access it are tough). Instead, you just go through a bunch of ones you've already done to re-fight bosses and, in C6, collect a bunch of weapons and armor from blue chests.

Anyone mind if I change from Alien 3 Genesis to SNES version? I'm going to assume "yes" and start playing it right after I click "Post my reply..."

I like that story. I can so imagine Ruder saying that.

Fixed my spelling in the title. ...actually it doesn't let me. Curses.

Have a go at my spelling, but put the RotW date in as Ocotber 2-8. Ocotber. For shame!

Here's a nostalgic tale. The year was 2005 and a fresh faced EmP was well on the way to winning his debut Team Tourney with Vortex and Ruder. It was quite late in the tourney and I knew I wasn't going to get anything new written in time, so was looking over my fledgling backlog for a review to use. Ruder told me to use a Monkey Island review I'd written and wasn't very fond of because "Jerec likes those awful games." For reasons I can't explain, over ten years later, the weird fact that Jerec likes Monkey Island has always stayed with me.

I won that round. But then I lost to Sho because Jerec didn't understand the subtle genius behind the Monsterseed review.

The short answer is yes, I did throw that in because it was your week. I'd originally just thrown in the Discworld boast but, once I decided I wanted that to be its own paragraph, it needed fattening up a bit. So it seemed an apt inclusion.

Thanks for getting through a tricky week full of new writers. Big congrats to Rob for a well deserved win which (backhanded compliment in 3...2...) has certainly been a long time in the making. No props to Joe until he commits to an Illumination review.

11 reviews this week. At least 7 of them are horror themed reviews, thanks to that dastardly EmP and his schemes to make me read more reviews. Joe has reviewed two games in his Alone of the Dark marathon, which gives me ten unique authors. Sorry this one is a bit late. I spent four days interstate and too tired in the evenings to get stuck into this. But I'm here now, so let's get started!

Jason Venter continues his mission to review all the Switch games. The review waffles on a bit too much, particularly at the start. There is one sentence in this review that really said something worthwhile, and it was the description of the jokes falling flat because they were a parody of a parody. More lines like that and less lines about your childhood underwear, and this could be great.

Usagi reviews XXZ. It doesn't seem like there's much to say about this game, although the review itself feels quite unfocused, which is odd for just four paragraphs.

Brian confused the hell out of me with his System Shock review. The intro had an interesting idea for it, but it ended up being a very long sentence and I had difficulty wrapping my head around what was actually being said. Then there was so much back and forth about remakes and sequels for the future and from the past... then the review ultimately lost me in a treatise of FPS controls. I did like "It belongs in a museum" as a tagline, though.

alteredconfusion's Woolfe review may have suffered a bit, because Nightfire's review for this game is still pretty clear in my memory. I felt like the writing was a bit blah here, especially how paragraphs were started - lines like "Now there was another portion to the game" doesn't fit well (and I'm not even sure what tense is this supposed to be), and there's an "All in all" thrown in at the end. The descriptions of the game came across well, particularly the scene-setting graphics paragraph near the start.

crazycanuck wrote a pretty good review of Observer. I can't really fault the review in any way, except that the pro/con list at the end probably wasn't necessary, since I got all of that by reading the review. In a quieter week, this could've cracked the top 3.

Zach Walton's review is well written and professional, but didn't really engage me, probably more due to the subject matter. The last line about it being lonely in multiplayer was probably the best bit of the review.

Masters reviews a bad Steam game, one of those games that still has something to like. I'm glad you're still on your comeback tour, as this was a good read (although I've heard of this game before, and heard many of the same things about it). I don't know if this innuendo was intentional, but this line made me chuckle, "It’s all very stripped down and imprecise, but as flawed as the main thrust of the game is, the real pain in the ass is the mini-game situation."

Alone in the Dark 2 by JoeTheDestroyer

I got to read two Alone in the Dark reviews by Joe this week. I felt your Alone 2 review was the stronger of the two, with plenty of analysis of what works and doesn't work in a horror game, and how the two segments of this game contrast each other. Those screenshots, though. This game doesn't look like it has aged well. The shoddy mechanics made me laugh. I think the paragraph that earned you a spot in the top 3 wwas when you talked about Grace, then followed up that description with "All that to kill one creature. Bless this game." Because up until that point, the game sounded pretty bad, but here I was able to see why you still liked it.

Yesterday by Gary "EmP" Hartley

I almost locked you out of the top 3 for a mistake in your intro (You then'd when you should've than'd), but that wouldn't have been fair, because this review is cheeky and energetic, and engaged me. You definitely had me at "Prepare to be underwhelmed!" This game seems like the sort of thing I'd pick up if it were included in a bundle of stuff. I do like my adventure games, as do you apparently. I don't know if it was necessary to flash your Adventure game credentials at the readers, but I suddenly feel like challenging you to an insult sword fighting contest (with rhyming insults if we are at sea) due to you saying you could out-quote me in Monkey Island. Did you slip that in because you knew I was judging this week, and that's exactly the sort of thing that would bait me?

Bravely Default by Rob "Overdrive" Robbington

I reviewed this game a few years back, when it was new. I have to admit, I didn't actually finish the game when I'd reviewed it. I think had I known about the padding of the last few chapters, I might've dropped my score a bit. Rob, your fatigue with this game definitely came through. It was an interesting discussion on what is wrong with RPGs these days. I definitely look back on this game with fond memories, but there's no way in hell I'd actually replay the damn thing, and this review reminds me of why. I agree with your need to keep things vague. A lot of the games issues don't really manifest until after the 40-50 hour mark, because the first four chapters of this game are awesome, and a lot of the late game stuff involves pretty hefty spoilers. I gave this one RotW because it makes me want to go back and revise my review, which is quite a feat when you consider how lazy I am.

Done. I probably get to cop another horror week later this month.

The Evil Within 2
PS4, Xbox One


Yeah, I thankfully installed it once the news of it being delisted hit.

You currently have it installed on your PS4? I hope so, because otherwise it's fairly difficult to get to... ;-)

Goal: play and review PT before the month is over. I don't care if it's a trailer.

Title: Friday the 13th: The Game
Platform: PS4
Genre: Action
Developer: Illfonic (note: as in ill)
Publisher: Gun Media
Release date: 05/26/17



Anyone want to join the roster?

Working on mine. On an interstate work trip this week so if I get bored in the hotel I'll try and get the reviews read.

PS4, Vita

Both added.

Yeah, my review input hasn't been great for the previous two months. Hopefully I can pick up the pace again starting with this month and go from there. There's a lot of games I've been meaning to play and review, and it's not helping that the holiday release season is upon us.

Ys Origins


Asdivine Hearts


Apparently my whole "Do a total of 2-3 reviews over a two-month period" strategy did not work as far as placing highly in Site King goes...

Oh well, I'm actually in an area where I'll be beating a few games in a short amount of time, so don't worry folks, I'll be making a comeback! Or not, if I can't figure out a way to make my current review suck less.

I tried to set something up where you get more points if you place on a busy week, but as the year's ground on it's been a major regret.

You could set up an Excel spreadsheet with formulas so all you need to do is put in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd each week and let the formulas do the rest.

For those of you keeping up with the Site King scoreboard -- which is probably none of you, but I need to pretend otherwise to make the hours of work I put into it not feel like I actively seeking busywork to ensure I don't stray outside and talk to people -- you might notice that, for the first time since this thing started, Pickhut's not in the top two and Joe's snuck in. OD's also fallen out of the top five for the first time this year. There's 22 names total with points on the board, and enough year left for more obscure maths based shenanigans.

(If I do this next year, please please please will someone remind me to make a more simplistic formula for points)

Well done for getting on this, completely unprompted, no less.

Gone above and beyond with the feedback, so kudos for that. Thanks for the placement - it was kind of my goal to bring the tower defense aspect on the sly, so I'm glad that worked. The original draft had about a million words complaining about how games used to be simple and now everything's a hybrid, but it was a lot of words that said nothing, so I ruthlessly deleted the hell out of it. Glad it worked!

Congrats to Joe. Stop being such a girl and play more Illumination. It will amuse me.

Thank you for the victory, and congrats to the placers!

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