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The Moonlight War novel by S.K.S. Perry

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Below, you can see the 20 most recent posts in the forums, starting with the most recent post first and working backwards. Signatures, avatars and other related information have been stripped so that the page will load quickly. Each post contains a link to the thread where it was posted so you can click to see it in its original context.

NOTE FROM JASON: Because there are thousands upon thousands of PC games already available on the marketplace (around 40,000, give or take several hundred), with dozens more releasing each week, PC titles are currently added to the database only when a review is imminent. If you would like to see PC titles added, please only request two or three at a time and then review those before requesting additional ones. If that's what you'll be doing here, please just let me know which titles you are reviewing first and I'll get those added soon. Thanks!

Sonic Mega Collection Plus

Sonic Heroes

Sonic Adventure DX

SEGA Genesis Classic Collection: Gold Edition

SEGA Smash Pack 2

Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic's Schoolhouse

Would you kindly add:

Title: Skyborn
Developer: Dancing Dragon Games
Publisher: Degica
Released: Feb 2014


Title: Deadly Sin
Developer: Dancing Dragon Games
Publisher: Degica
Released: Mar 2015


Title: Deadly Sin 2
Developer: Dancing Dragon Games
Publisher: Degica
Released: Jul 2010 ... why it's earlier? I'll look into that.


Title: Echoes of Aetheria
Developer: Dancing Dragon Games
Publisher: Degica
Released: Jan 2016

This game is already listed.

Thank you.


@pickhut: I believe you, though I wonder how much RE5's success had to do with RE4's success and people's expectations that lightning would strike twice. It certainly seemed to have missed the mark in that respect at the very least.

@Jason: I also think it's neat when random reviews come out of nowhere. I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't; after all, most of my 90's PC reviews are completely and utterly random as hell.

@EmP: You're welcome, and thanks for the the great reads!

There was a lot of great stuff this week, I look forward to doing it again next month.

Those are some very kind works - thanks, I appreciate it. This little Res run has left me knackered, even more so considering the three games I took on myself were the worst of the bunch. That said, thanks to WQ, Pick and DE for continuing the streak this week, and congrats to the latter two for their well deserved placements.

I did think about trying to nudge Res 6 forward a day so it would fall on OD's RotW slot, but I knew I had (urgh) Umbrella Corps in cold storage to force upon him.

I love seeing random reviews come through the site, from any capable writer who is kind enough to share them. There are so many thousands of games out there that any new review for an old game comes across as random, but the more of them we can host, the better the site becomes. I hope mrmiyamoto shows up with more random reviews, and that plenty of other writers old and new feel inclined to post some random reviews of their own!

Thanks for the second placing, and glad you enjoyed reading the review. The AI truly is garbage, and one small thing I didn't point out is how aggravating it becomes on the higher difficulties. I just tried completing one of the extra modes (Desperate Escape) on the highest difficulty setting for a PS4 trophy, and the AI for my partner just constantly had brain-farts during the final segment. I gave up. I'm not doing that again without an online partner.

Oh, and this is something you might not want to hear, but: RE5 is currently Capcom's best-selling game ever. It dethroned Street Fighter II. Yeah...

Congrats to EmP for his RotW win on one of two impressive RE reviews, and to darketernal's RE: ORC placement, as well. It was a pretty cramped week of reviews, and thanks for taking the time to read them all and making this thread.

Project Horror sure has been keeping the site busy. Twelve reviews were submitted within this week alone, and while that doesn't quite hit the number submitted last week, I must say that I've had my hands full with reading, judging, and glowering over my spectacles. (I don't actually wear spectacles, but you gotta admit that the imagery of a dragon glowering over his spectacles is pretty awesome).

Anyway, there were SIX reviews for Resident Evil titles this week. I must confess that I have not played much of the series at all, in part due to a horrible experience I had with RE2. Thus, some of you were more successful at explaining these games to someone who is largely unfamiliar with them than others. Either way, I still feel like I have received a comprehensive history of most of the entire series now, so when people bring these games up in conversation I might actually know what they're talking about. Thanks for that!

Since a lot of the submitted reviews won't make the running this week, I feel I should make some honourable mentions. Foremostly, there's Zach Walton's Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls review, which... Does not appear to be horror-related, but was nevertheless a thorough and informative read. It also reaffirmed for me that I don't understand Japan at all. I really don't.

Then there was the endearing fangirling from wolfqueen, who gushed about Resident Evil 4 like a kid at a carnival with a sugar high. Her review reminded me of how a good gaming experience, when had in the presence of good company, can really trigger those warm n' fuzzy feelings in us, even if those feelings happen to be triggered by blasting zombies into chunky kibble. These are the kinds of experiences that got us into this hobby in the first place, and it's fun to see someone reliving one of those moments. Your enthusiasm is infectious, madame!

Lastly, there was the extremely random Quake II review by mrmiyamoto, which seemed to have dropped out of nowhere. A quick look at his profile reveals that he hasn't submitted a review since 2013. I couldn't help wonder why he decided to come out of the woodwork now, after a three-year absence, just to review it. Out of all the games out there, why Quake II in particular? Why the N64 version? So many questions. The review itself is concise and functional, but the story behind the review is what intruiged me the most.

Anyway, I could literally make comments about all of the reviews submitted this week, but I will stop before this article becomes pages long. So, without further ado, here are the winners:

Third place: darketernal's Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City review (PS3)

Ah, Raccoon City. Certainly there are places in the world with stupider names, but the fact that a horrifying zombie apocalypse happened here made it hard for me to take RE2 seriously. It's probably simply a case of nuance being lost in translation, but... C'maaaaahn. Raccoon city? Really?

Anyway, darketernal's review about the srs bzns going on in Raccoon City is a point-by-point account of how bumbling AI can completely ruin a perfectly serviceable product. Since the cooperative AI is apparently the main attraction of the game, it seems appropriate that the majority of his review is spent on examining how it works and how it fails miserably. His descriptions of how his character's companions ran headlong into a hail of bullets might've actually sounded heroic if they hadn't been tragically mulched into hamburger. Sigh.

Also, because I know next to nothing about the series, the tiny history lesson he gave us at the beginning of his review actually worked for me. It might be redundant to those who are familiar with the series, but even so, he managed to tie it in with his conclusion and wrapped it all up very nicely.

All in all, this was a solid piece of writing that I had a hard time picking apart.

Second place: pickhut's Resident Evil 5 review (PS4)

pickhut takes RE5 to task for not being as good as RE4, and does so with brutal efficiency. I have read a lot of Resident Evil reviews this week, and thus I have read a LOT of complaints about terrible AI (see above), but his description of Sheva emptying her clip into the back of the protagonist's head was the only one that made me laugh out loud. Gods, it made me frustrated me just reading about it. That, combined with his thorough account of this game's lackluster rail-shooting sequences and other monotonous filler make me glad that he's played this game so that I don't have to.

Come to think of it, I never actually heard much about this title. I remember a certain amount of hype being generated prior to its release, but then afterward, nothing. I guess this is why. The game is just poop. Or at the very least, it's poop compared to the other titles in the series. I trust pickhut's assessment of this, because he is clearly a good writer who knows his shit, and knows shit when he sees it.

First place: EmP's Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster review (PC)

Sir, you might just be my favourite reviewer on Honestgamers. I'm trying not to be biased here, but your reviews just so often hit that perfect blend of narrative, exposition, snark, and well-informed opinion that I can't help but give credit where it's due. In this case, you took an awkward, lumbering, problem-plagued chapter of the RE series and spilled its pretentious, high-def entrails all over the floor. I laughed more than once, but I also feel like you told me everything I need to know about this title. And that's what reviews are for, aren't they? And you did it all in seven concise paragraphs. Well played, sir.

I actually had trouble deciding whether to give the win to this one or your Resident Evil 6 review, which was an equally great read. That one almost deserves the win solely for the fact that you used the words "try-hard Die Hard" in a sentence and made it work. In fact, if you'd waited one extra day to drop that review, you might've had a contender for the top spot in RotW next week. Too bad.

Human: Fall Flat
PC, Steam


Thanks for the placement, Gary. I'm glad the review could capture the essence of the game.

I didn't know that the PS2 version was more lenient. I don't remember having too much trouble with the Tyrant fight in the airplane because I'd managed to conserve enough ammo to that point to make it possible. It certainly wasn't easy, but I never had to restart my whole playthrough, either.



It's weird how that happens, OD. Sometimes, when you feel like you're struggling, you just try and finish and thus don't try so hard and it accidentally comes out as a more nature piece of writing. Or, sometimes, the bribe you slip an overworked judge is enough to sway them.

Hello everyone, the stream this week has been cancelled due to real-life stuffs.

It will resume next week on Friday, Oct. 21 at 11:00am MST as usual. Hope to see you there!

Congrats winners! There were so many reviews this week to go through, my goodness. Thanks for the mention too, I lol'd a bit as I noticed the exact same thing about breaking up the RE streak.

I think the funny thing about RotW is that some weeks, I think I wrote a killer review and it doesn't get picked and some weeks, I write something I think probably won't stand out from the pack in any real way and it winds up doing well.

Such as this time where I legit struggled my way through it and was left with something where I thought it was decent, but not the sort of thing that'd do good on a busy week like this.

So thanks!


Review of the Week is a thing we do weekly, concerning reviews. We read them all, we pick the top three and then we talk about why we liked them. For some people, it’s a pretty plush gig. They might only get three reviews or to so to pick through. Good for them. I have sixteen.

We’ll knock that down by one, because one of them is mine. Still, there’s a lot to go through, so I’ll cut the rambling short and get to work.


There’s a lot of very good stuff this week, so let’s give some shout outs to those who didn’t make it – including Pick, who’s been destroying these things recently. Pick throws out a typically even-handed bash review on an awful sounding racer that would have strolled into most weeks. There’s really not much fault I can find in it. I think, in this case, he was done in by a relatively uninteresting base topic.

Team 32X’s zork86 has been a valuable mainstay of Project Horror. Some would say that his tagline for Resident Evil 3 (Only shooting S.T.A.R.S) is the cleverest tagline ever to be written. I would agree, before the unsporting admission that I wrote that tagline. It’s the only thing on his cool streak of reviews I did write, though.

Silversuriv’s first steps into horror have been fun to read as he takes on his own little Project Horror run. He’s very lucky I am enjoying his run, otherwise I might be peeved that his inconsiderate release dates have messed up the Resident Evil streak.

Attack on Titan [PS4] Zigfried

This is that time of the year where Zig shows up, drops one review and then vanishes for the rest of the year. True story; check his submission history. Rather than write something productive like a piece on an obsolete 32X flight simulator, he’s decided to pen something relevant and interesting. He’s so out of touch.

I’ve been seeing a weird chibi Titans game around Steam, so kind of assumed this was it until I, you know, read this review. And found that it wasn’t. This actually sounds and looks pretty cool, which you wrap up well by dropping the amount of hours you’ve ploughed into the game. I think it’s the games that really call to you that seem to rack up secret hours - it doesn’t feel like you’ve just sat through a four hour or so period because immersion. I can relate; Dogma took me over in a similar fashion at the start of the year.

I am left with some curiosity as to the state of the ‘dire’ titans. Are they the big stand out ones like the giant Titan or the armoured titan, or do they include the abnormal ones who look like regular titans but do weird shit? Especially in a game setting, the idea of an abnormal seems genuinely scary; the landmark titans look different enough to give you some warning, but when the ones who look the exact same as everyone else start leaping around, or running rooftops or interacting with wires, it comes out of nowhere. But, then, maybe to overall easiness of the title would bypass that. I’m rambling… Good, solid comeback review. Hope to see more of you/see you next year!

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X [PS2] Wolfqueen

I have, of course, beaten all the Res Evils – even the ones you’ve never heard of – but CV has always been a bit special to me because it’s the only one that legit kicked my arse. It was the Dreamcast version, and I found that the boss fight on the plane before I switched to Chris had used up much more of my ammo stock than I’d wanted. Despite having the vast majority of the game beat, I had to scrap it all and start again, being even more miserly with my ammo. What does this have to do with yet another comeback review? Well, I think this review does a very good job on capturing that very aspect.

CV was on the tail end of the survival horror gauntlet, before the time when the series became flat-out action. Where survival was actually a prerequisite and you could work yourself into a dead end by playing it too loose and carefree with your items. Les picks up the significantly more forgiving version of the game, but still focuses right in on this aspect as the driving force of her review. It is, in my not so humble opinion, the exact right thing to talk at length about.

Lunar: The Silver Star [MCD] Overdrive

Check out Rob and his attempts to HTML. With his perfectly centred but weirdly sized and spaced out screenshots. Awww.

I think this review could have benefited from the thing you expressly avoided; some direct comparison with the PSX port. But there’s none of that, and what we get instead is a pretty good ramble review where you walk us through an old RPG, picking away at some holes and bigging up some successes. It works. There’s a few times where it feels like you’re going to tug at some bigger threads (The port comparison; a bigger discussion on Working Design’s opinion-splitting localisation efforts) but you just ramble right through them. It’s probably for the best as your review doesn’t get bogged down in either subject and keeps its focus on the core game.

Congrats too all three, especially Robert, on a very challenging week for old judgeface here.

I replied to this. I remember replying to this. Bizarre.

Thanks for the comments and congrats to Pick for covering a game I adore and to Nightfire for covering a game everyone adores. Really strong stuff all round.

Today's slot has been taken. If you're happy to post it tomorrow, I can put what was going out that day on hold.

Which reminds me; I should really make a list.

EDIT: going to assume that's not dropping today. Onto the next one!

I have a Limbo review ready to go. Should I just publish it, or would you like me to wait until a certain date?

Glad you liked the review, despite not being big on combat racing games! Thanks for the mention, and congrats to Nightfire for the RotW, as well as EmP and Otokonomiyaki for their contributions.

Man, it's a shame no real attempt for a successor followed Dune II, with the exception of those two attempts. They really should remaster or remake the game, without any additions. Maybe I might just give Dune 2000 a shot one of these days, in spite of knowing it won't have the same atmosphere of Dune II...

Edit: Oh god, I forgot the PlayStation version is in 3D...

Thank you for the win! I will admit that I do rely on a formula, at least for my retrospective reviews, and I seem to do it without even realizing it. It's just the way that my brain organizes everything that I want to say, I guess.

I think my style fluctuates between the Front-Loaded or Balanced approaches, with some Narrative elements thrown in as appropriate. I might try to challenge myself by writing a review in a different style at some point just to see what happens, though apparently people seem to enjoy my writing style as it is, so I might also just keep on doing what I'm doing.

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