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The Moonlight War novel by S.K.S. Perry

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Below, you can see the 20 most recent posts in the forums, starting with the most recent post first and working backwards. Signatures, avatars and other related information have been stripped so that the page will load quickly. Each post contains a link to the thread where it was posted so you can click to see it in its original context.

In retrospect, the WHOLE game is horrifically NSFW, just the club level I was referring to is something that hits new ground in terms of things in video games I never want to see ever again.
Large men should stay away from spandex. That's all I'll say on the matter.

Gratz to the winners, it was a good batch of reviews all around.

I sympathize with your illness; it certainly is the season for it. I, myself, have been dealing with a vague viral thing that has been cramping my style for almost two weeks now. Hope you feel better!

Feel better, Overdrive. My wife and I are fighting a pretty nasty cold on our end, as well. It has kept me miserable for pretty much the whole weak, the last thing we need this time of year (or any time of year) on top of other life events.

Anyway, thanks as always for putting out a good topic, and congratulations to those who participated and especially to those who placed. I really did enjoy the winning review in particular, even if it made me wonder what I was thinking ordering what sounds like such an effective horror game. I'm a coward!

This will be a pretty brief one (as well as late). Been dealing with a sinus infection or something like that. Nothing serious, but things like that do have a negative affect on my ability to concentrate on things like "reading" and "writing", so spending a lot of time doing either isn't really what I wanted on my agenda. But, hey, it's my week, it's Friday and, uh, well, I better get to this before I get roundly mocked for my lateness. Again.

This time, there were a good number of reviews. Six this week, plus Nightfire's holdover from last week. In other words, a lot of reading. Why couldn't my last one with four reviews be this time, damnit?!?!?


Lucas' Mother Russia Bleeds (PC)

The strength of this review lies in the descriptions. In short, this is a beat-em-up with more graphic violence, but with a bit less enjoyable playability due to things such as being able to pick up guns with too much ammo and bosses that are more button-mashers than strategic. However, the way you described things make it seem intriguing. The way the violence serves as a life meter, with enemies looking more damaged as you pound on them, is a neat touch. The paragraph talking about how GOOD it feels to beat the living hell out of foes was really nice. And the part where you describe the levels, up to where you mention one is NSFW, was also a good read.



justjess' The Banner Saga (PlayStation 4)

Another review aided with strong descriptions. Unlike Mother Russia Bleeds, I know a decent bit about this game from reading other people talking about it. Still, someone without any such knowledge would find this a good review to start with, as you give a strong description of how the game works, how decisions you make can have lasting repercussions and a few things (such as no terrain adjustments in battle) that could be better. Just a strong, fundamental review with a really nice finish where you give strong praise by mentioning how this game actually has inspired you to tell people (or A person) and write about it.


REVIEW OF THE WEEK (aka: Overdrive Place)

EmP's Yomawari: Night Alone (PC)

This was simply some really good writing. I liked other reviews I read this week (some, a lot), but this was head-and-shoulders above the pack. It just seems you did a great job of getting to the heart of things: a game using the sort of young, defenseless protagonist that a gamer would want to protect and then placing her in a scary world where all sorts of things want to kill her. No legit offensive capability leading to utilizing stealth, trickery and the occasional bits of hiding somewhere and hoping the big, bad boogeyman leaves. Once again, good descriptions abound, particularly at the end, when you're describing some of the creepy stuff you might encounter while walking these streets.


So, that's that for another week. Time to hunt down the Benedryl, since I don't have anything stronger and more illegal at my immediate disposal. Damn it.

The following category for Fez needs to be added:


I've got a review ready to go soon as that's done.

Thank you in advance! :D


"Coke or Pepsi"?

Please add information for The Banner Saga and The Banner Saga 2 on PS4.!/en-us/games/the-banner-saga/cid=UP0134-CUSA02538_00-THEBANNERSAGAPS4!/en-us/games/banner-saga-2/cid=UP0134-CUSA04444_00-THEBANNERSAGA2VE


Thank you.

I thought EmP's review for Silence was terrific. It's one of my favorite of his that I've ever read, and in my opinion one of the best reviews on the site. So... different strokes for different folks?

Thanks for that. I probably put a lot more work into the Silence review, but Crows was by far the easier for me to write. Maybe that says something about me when I'm trying to be genuine and have to leave all the snark aside. The idea that I'll have to stick to playing just games I don't much care for is sobering!

Kidding aside, I appreciate the feedback. Obligatory congrats to Pick for keeping up his usual lofty standards and props to Brian for sneaking in there.

Much appreciation for the kind words and the second placement. And yeah, once I realized I had the option to modify what can show up in embedded videos, I removed the titles and suggested videos. I agree it's pretty distracting in something like a review.

Congrats to EmP for the RotW, Brian on his placement, and for everyone else for making this a busy week. Was pleasantly surprised to see my Bot Vice review get knocked off the front page after several dry weeks.

Once again, this ol' dragon has slithered down from his wintry mountaintop to bring fiery wrath and judgment upon all of the reviews submitted for the week. There were ten in total (not including my one of my own) and I was pleased to see a fresh influx of reader reviews, as the staff have been mostly dominating ROTW lately. There was a fair bit of quality submitted this week. Let's keep giving these guys a run for their money, eh?

An honourable mention goes out to vgc2000's Escape From Monster Manor review, which genuinely made me laugh. I, too, remember the flood of crappy Wolfenstein 3D knock-offs, and this review brought me right back to that era. It was a time when developers believed that they could slap any old first-person shooter together and make money off of it. Sadly, they were probably right. Escape from Monster Manor is one of the few of these that I never played, and he made me sure glad I didn't.

This review is also concise, funny and descriptive. It has a good, conversational tone and is an enjoyable read overall. It would have easily made it into the top three this week if not for its multiple technical problems. Namely, missing periods, missing commas, missing question marks, and some other minor grammatical errors. All it needed was a few edit passes and it would've been right up there with the best that HG has to offer.

And now, without further ado, here are the winners for the week:

Third place: Brian's Fallout: New Vegas review (PC)

This is an interesting review. The retrospective approach is appropriate, considering that New Vegas is now six years old, and writing it as a comparison article against Fallout 3 is also appropriate when considering that both games run on the same game engine and were released fairly close together. While reading this, I was fully aware of the fact that it is probably incomprehensible to anyone who hasn't played either game, but that's fine - HG has plenty of reviews for both titles that were penned closer to their actual release dates if anyone wants to know more about them.

Personally, I am one of those weirdos who likes Fallout 3 better than New Vegas. In the same vein, I am also one of those weirdos who likes Fallout 1 better than Fallout 2. I think I simply prefer the desolate, quirky weirdness of Fallout 1 and 3 over the complex human dramas of Fallout 2 and New Vegas. Like Brian says, though: "Coke or Pepsi"? It really comes down to personal preference. He makes a convincing argument as to why New Vegas is the better game, and I am happy to agree to disagree.

On a technical level, this review is also fairly well written. Brian has come a long way since his first submission earlier this year. Way to go, man!

Second place: pickhut's Bot Vice review (PC)

Whenever pickhut submits a review it always seems to end up placing in Review of the Week, and there's a reason for that. He consistently (and prolifically) churns out quality reviews for a variety of platforms week after week, and this is just one more notch on the belt. I honestly don't know how he finds the stamina.

Anyway, this review is much like his others - thorough, informative, and expertly written. He provides us with a complete picture of how this game works and how it compares to other games within the genre without bogging us down in too many technical details. He almost made me interested in trying this game myself, even though I have no interest in the genre at all. He has a persuasive writing voice. Yes, that is a compliment.

Also, the video disguised as a screenshot was clever. I generally find that videos can disrupt pacing when they are thrown into the middle of a review, but this one was so innocuous that it actually didn't bother me. Well played!

First place: EmP's A Quiver of Crows review (PC) (Held over from last week)

Here we are once again, mister slime blob, with you at the top of the pile. You submitted two reviews this week, but I felt that the mixture of anecdotal sufferings and referencing in your Quiver of Crows review ultimately surmounted your Silence review, which was a bit more on the dry side. In fact, if you'd only submitted that one, pickhut might've beaten you this week. But you didn't, and so here we are.

This review effectively illustrates how the "punishing, procedurally generated" trend in gaming continues to grind on ad nauseam even when it isn't fun, necessary or appropriate. Not every game needs to be blisteringly difficult just for the sake of being blisteringly difficult, and you articulated this beautifully. You also made me wonder whether some developers are taking this lazy approach to design simply to make their otherwise lackluster titles stand out somehow. Hmm. Food for thought.

Anyway, your strong penmanship is evident here, much like it is in most of your reviews. I laughed out loud when I realized that your repetition of the phrase "a huge army of pests constantly swarming around you" was not an error, but a deliberate redundancy loaded with your signature snark. It also seemed to appropriately summarize the entire game. Well done, sir!

No problem, thanks for the good read! :D

Thank you for the placement and kind words! I understand the "too busy for this" thing all to well myself.

I've been remiss in regards to commenting on this topic. Thank you for the placement!

The post-horror drought continues this week with no user reviews and six staff efforts. Except I wrote two of them. So four staff reviews? It means I can knock off early, I suppose. Go do that socializing thing people are always raving about, or finish that youtube thing Iím already bored of. AnywayÖ

Please find below, in order of acceptableness, the top three reviews submitted this week by you, the submitters and not you, the lackadaisical gawkers.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 [3DS] Eric Kelly

The review feels choppy in places, and a little on the stifled end. Itís informative, which is always a plus when trying to educate the blank-eyed masses on something, but it ends up feeling like a list of things jammed together rather than a cohesive review on the game as a whole. It also seemed mostly geared to returning players of the series, which meant (seeing as I do not belong to that demographic) I did come away with some questions. Some of these were answered simply by stop being such an inquisitive pain and by reading onwards, so props there on anticipating that.

I continue to be miffed at how hard some companies seem to work to botch localisations. Itís not even just in games; why these glorified translators think theyíre in a better position to tell someone elseí story than the original author continues to baffle me.

World of Final Fantasy [PS4] Zachary Walton

I admit; at the time this review was posted, I paid it very little attention. Mainly because (and in keeping with how little attention I paid it) I assumed it was going to be a review on another one of those mobile games the series is regularly kicking out these days (damn kids, get off my lawn, etc). More fool me.This is an intriguing sounding game well reviewed with someone with an admitted attachment to the series.

It does hit list territory by the end, and I still come away confused with how the stacking aspect to the battle system works, but I think you get the main focus right. Talking about how itís a quirky and sometimes silly celebration of the last couple of decades and how itís not afraid to go obscure now and then to appeal to the die hards was the right information to convey.Iím glad the gameís been brought to my attention.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction [PS4] Rhody Tobin

The two reviews you submitted this week were polar opposites to each other. I didnít much like your Gurumin effort because it was obvious you didnít much want to write it, so slapped down some quick thoughts and got out of the assignment as quick as you were able to. On the other hand, I really liked the Blazblue review because it was, if anything, over-long because there was so much you wanted to say about it. Maybe even a little too much when talking about, say, the newer cast members, but it came across with such a sense of knowledge and endearment this game obvious holds for you. This in itself could have been a cunning trap by writing the review like the reader has the same experience as you do, but I come away with most things mostly clear in my head.

Iíve not played a lot of BlazBlue (Guilty Gear for lyfe, yo) but I come away from this review confident I know what I can expect. Thatís a strong argument to top RotW.



Please add:

Black Mesa
Publisher/Developer: Crowbar Collective
Platform: Steam

I've got a review in the wings for that one.

Also, I submitted a review for The Swapper (PS4), but it needs to land in the (PC) section.

Thanks for adding The Swapper. :)

I've added Black Meas and Swapper; I had to reject your initial review on the PS4 for Swapper as I can't switch the system a review is submitted on, so you'll have to resub that now the PC page is live.

Title: Bot Vice
Platform: PC
Genre: Shooter
Developer: DYA Games
Publisher: DYA Games
Format: Download
Release date: 07/11/16



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You can regularly post your press updates there, and can dress up the page to suit your tastes, and monitor reader feedback. It's a far better use of everyone's time. I've taken the liberty of upgrading your account so that you have PR status and can take advantage of the feature immediately. Enjoy!

Hello guys,

DyLab releases their newest Monster Hunting RPG, Iron Blood: Dawn of the Dark today, Nov. 16.

Use 4 interchangeable characters: Warrior, Knight, Magician and Archer to bring back peace and harmony in Visus Empire!

Defeat Hades' allies through monsters that you'll encounter through Expeditions. After defeating them, you can have them as allies to fight in the Arena. Battle out monster to monster in the Arena War! You can also equip your character and upgrade it to the limits to be the strongest among others!

Game Features:

★ Iron Bloodís high-quality 3D graphics!
★ Battle out nemesis of Visus Empire!
★ Medieval Era gameplay!
★ Acquired Monsters Ė Clash and Defend!

Feel free to download the game through Google Play Store. Here is the link:

You can also visit their Facebook fan page to know more:

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