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Below, you can see the 20 most recent posts in the forums, starting with the most recent post first and working backwards. Signatures, avatars and other related information have been stripped so that the page will load quickly. Each post contains a link to the thread where it was posted so you can click to see it in its original context.

Yeah, I knew holdover was the wrong word as soon as I hit post, but unfortunately, I can't edit the topic titles.

Well, to be precise, I said I had no holdovers, but was expecting at least one new review, as I had one in the queue and a couple I'm working on. But, the one in the queue didn't get taken care of until early this week and I'm working on finishing up one of the two I'm working on, so things didn't go quite according to plan.

Please add Eradicator (PC)


I would imagine a few did. I know it's difficult to set up and remember a different password for every site a person might use online, so the temptation is always there.

I wonder if HG patrons reused their password across multiple sites?

Yeah, with three River City reviews earlier this year and the two now, I've had my fix of RC games for now. Kinda. There's actually one more yet to be published. But after that one!

This is why it's never a good idea to review marathon a series, since you're easily exhausted way before you're done. If someone here plans to do one, then I suggest plan ahead: do one review, save it (have backups saved elsewhere in case your computer dies), do reviews of different games, then come back and do another, etc.

Edit: or just simply do the above without holding onto the reviews. Do them piece by piece through the span of months/year.

Thanks for this Jerec. You seem rejuvenated for this week's installment, after last week's curmudgeonly outing. ^_^ I definitely get it though -- I couldn't even get through the most recent tourney as judge, and that was a one-off. Incidentally, I left you some feedback in that topic even after I was ousted from the judging position.

Pick, it sounds like you're having series burnout... better quit, at least temporarily, before you start hating your own reviews. At least, that's what happened to me, but I forget which series it was that took my soul. In related news, I did TEN R-Type reviews in all. TEN! That's way too much talk about Force Devices.

Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny how a bunch of reviews got tossed onto the site on the last two days of your week.

Thanks for the mention, too! Glad to know you were still able to read along just fine, despite knowing very little/none about the series. Personally, I'm finding it increasingly hard to write these River City reviews without making constant comparisons, because every product has that "samey" feel to them. It's getting to Gradius-levels of reviewing where I might have to stop talking about the series.

Good job to EmP on getting second place mention, and congrats to Masters on snagging ANOTHER RotW. On a roll here.

I almost thought I was getting out of it this week. One review by Pickhut sat alone for a few days, and was then followed by another Pickhut review. Then a review from Phazonmasher showed up, which still wouldn't have given me much to work with for a ranking. EmP and Masters got in on the 10th, giving me 4 unique contestants. So there'll be one honourable mention, and three placings. The site is settling down as we get into the holiday season. This is good for me, but probably not so good for Jason.

Zachary's Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is a follow up to a previous Tokyo Xanadu review I read some weeks back in one of these RotW topics. I remember being quite interested in the game then, on Vita. I still am interested in this, and this seems like the better version. The comparisons to Persona intrigue me (as I've been enjoying this series for a while now). There's also a lot of comparisons to Ys VIII. While I did find this review informative, it definitely does benefit from me having read your other reviews, and yeah, it does make me want to check out the game at some point (although Ys VIII is higher up my list). I do feel like the review didn't really stand on its own as well as Pickhut's River City reviews, which also rely on knowledge of the series, which Pick does supply. All five reviews this week were top quality.

River City: Rival Showdown by Pickhut

Pickhut's Rival Showdown review felt like the better of the two, but this may be more to do with the game being better. I don't know much about this series, so I initially felt a little like an outsider with the comparisons to the game this is a remake to, but you do describe the game well so I come away with an idea of what this game is about, and how it stacks up against other RCR titles. I liked the way you went through the various features of the game, the good and the bad, often going back and forth. In terms of the writing, the casual, conversational tone worked for me.

Hollow by EmP

You do this thing where you make just about every game sound interesting. This review starts off great. The writing hooked me in, even making me forget I'm reading yet another indie horror game review (This genre is possibly 2017's Metal Slug). You set up the atmosphere and setting of the game, make it sound so interesting - and even with the flaws, it does still sound interesting. I saw the comment from Masters that how you thought you were on autopilot writing this thing, and like him, I didn't get that sense at all. The only moment this review stumbled for me was near the end talking about the puzzles, but by then it was too late to break the momentum of this well crafted review. You make this look easy.

Sky Force Reloaded by Masters

I'm not a shmup guy. I have always found them to be interesting games, but I've never really been up for the challenge. I don't think this game will be the one to hook me in, because of the grinding aspect. I thought this was a really balanced look at a game that would be all to easy to just dismiss based on its mobile platform origins. There's a formula to mobile games that is annoying and addictive, and I see that it's here as well. I get an idea of where this game sits in the genre. You say it's accessible, but you also make the reader fully aware of what they'd be getting themselves into. I'm not sure if the Steam version actually has the microtransactions that the iOS version surely would, but if it didn't, and you weren't willing to pay the extra, I can see where this would be a game with potential that is held back by greed on the part of the developers. Anyway, this review wins because EmP used "then" instead of "than", and I feel like this is the only way he'll learn. This clearly was the best written review of the week.

Less reviews this week, but putting these in order turned out to be a tough job, because you're all so freaking talented and you all have a huge catalog of reviews to your names. I don't know what the future is for RotW, but it looks like I might have the honour of closing out the year (and possibly the last of these for a while). I'll be sad to see it go, but I won't be sad to give it up.

*This is my first time doing one of these, I apologize if I do something wrong*

Title: Environmental Station Alpha
Platform: PC (exclusive)

I have a review written and screenshots to add once I get the hang of things.


Good afternoon! I'm here because this site greatly appeals to me due to its focus on analytical, in-depth reviews of many games I like, and the high standards it has in doing so. I plan to contribute reviews for lesser-known games new and old, and I hope I can introduce great games to others as well as Honest Gamers has introduced games to me. I'll get started on that as soon as I get the hang of using the site interface, have uploaded good screenshots of games I'll review, and have submitted an avatar for myself. Good to be here!

Okami HD
PS4, Xbox One


Birthdays The Beginning


2064: Read Only Memories
PS4, Vita


Ablest: most able.
Ablist: a list of stomach muscles.
Ableist: discrimination towards people based on disabilities or mental health.

Yep, I liked it, but obviously not enough for it to top the other one. You did have the same vibe going, though, as you did a great job of describing the cool aspect of Metroidvanias in the next-to-last paragraph.

The reason the "gold" part worked for me probably is just because I also grew up during the era of those Faxanadu-type games. While not everything there perfectly relates to what we were playing then due to the rogue-like parts, it comes so close that it did bring me back to those vibes I had back in the NES days where the general difficulty was at a level where it felt like a gamble to be at 25% life and needing to go further because, unlike most of today's games, losing the rest of that life actually had legit consequences to your goals of making it further that day.

The Talos Principle


King's Quest
PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One


It's neither. The word is spelled "ableist." Someone just added "ist" to "able" and called it a day.

I'm just glad to get that one behind me. Though I'm still arguing with myself as to whether it should be "ablest" or "ablist". That's the problem when people just go around making up words. It's a really strange source for a bad game to come from, too -- NIS don't often let you down.

Good job on getting the topic out so timely and for remembering all those carried over reviews. Welcome back Mariner, only a scant decade later and congrats to Marc for his win that I'll certainly be hearing about for the next few weeks.

Rob: Thanks for the comments, and I'm glad you liked the part which you characterized as 'gold.' I wasn't sure how that bit would resonate, if at all. I found it a difficult thing to communicate my preoccupation with the game in general, so I'm glad someone enjoyed it. EDIT: Was my other review part of this?

Mariner: It's nice to see a familiar 'face.' I noticed that your last review submitted, before this one, is from 2008! Anyway, I liked your review. I wasn't sure if you were being facetious, but in your final paragraph, you mentioned how cool it would be if a new game was created using the same assets, and that actually has happened:

Gary: You had the unenviable task of writing about a weird, lame title (Zig likes it, surprise surprise), and you still pulled it off. Kudos.

Thanks for the comments, Rob, even though I didn't place. I'll have to look into those grammatical issues, which you were right to point to in your critique.

Part of my trouble these days is that I use speech-to-text dictation software (starting about 10 reviews back) to fight issues repetitive strain issues in my arms and hands, and the software sometimes makes blunders I wouldn't if I were actually typing. Blunders it's hard for me to catch, even though I still go back over my stuff to edit. But the software IS helping my issues, so I'll keep right on using it. I'm such a rebel!

The first paragraph was intentionally rough, in a forced sort of way, to highlight the point that game makes it difficult to drum up the sort of enthusiasm my review never quite mustered. I know people can say "I did that on purpose" about bad writing in a lot of cases and be full of crap, but in this case, I really was going for a particular effect. Whether I should have gone for that effect or not is certainly up for debate, but it actually was intentional. I also wanted to avoid just talking briefly about every game in the collection without saying anything insightful about any of them, so I'm mostly happy with how the review turned out even though it's likely not much fun to read if you're not considering purchasing the game. So thanks for your generous comments!

Also: congrats to those who placed in another great week of content, including Masters with another terrific review of the sort I love hosting on the site. And thanks for coming back with another review, Mariner. I hope we continue to see you around here!

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