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Switch Updates

The newest Switch content available on the site is listed on this page. You can search the game database alphabetically to find additional screenshots, guides and reviews, or feel free to check content for additional systems.

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Most Recent Switch Game Reviews
Mega Mall Story 2 (Switch)

Mega Mall Story 2 review (Switch)

Reviewed April 02, 2021

Jason Venter says: "Mega Mall Story 2 is about as close as some of us will ever get to managing a massive mall in 2021 and beyond."
Wild Park Manager (Switch) artwork

Wild Park Manager review (Switch)

Reviewed March 28, 2021

Jason Venter says: "Let your cares melt away as you assemble the perfect series of animal exhibits and ancillary facilities."
Space Otter Charlie (Switch) artwork

Space Otter Charlie review (Switch)

Reviewed March 24, 2021

Jason Venter says: "You maybe otter try this, if'n yer lookin' fer somethin' a bit diff'rent!"
Super Mario Bros. 35 (Switch) artwork

Super Mario Bros. 35 review (Switch)

Reviewed March 21, 2021

Jason Venter says: "The Mushroom Kingdom isn't quite so hospitable when Mario brings along 34 friends who look just like he does."

Most Recent Switch Screenshots and Images

If you're interested, check out this list of Switch games released in North America, sorted by year. You can also browse Switch releases in all regions using the alphabet strip near the top of this page.

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