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Games Consumed 2023 vol. 3
December 24, 2023

For the most part, my gaming habits is simply to attack the backlog I've accumulated over years, no longer buying games I think I'll get around to and focusing on actually playing those games in the past I'll assume I'll get around to. I've tried to write about them a little because I want to try and find a way where I can still write a bit in enough moderation to not be in constant pain. 2010 Gary would call me a pussy. I may do this more next year, I may do this less. I don't know what the future holds. However, what I do have is three lists talking about the games I've played this year and, to test if anyone still reads the things I write, I propose this. The first person to post a game they would like to see me review in these lists, I will attempt to do so. First come, first served.



BROK The InvestaGATOR: Little known fact - I love a good pun. This is a game about a P.I. alligator, taking on small sleuthing jobs in a point and click that also is a side scrolling brawler as well.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed: This is such a spectacle heavy game, and a real showcase of the kind of imagination that's been wholesale stripped from things since the Disney rebrand. Every level is a new slice of some ridiculous idea. Vadar stalking to Wookie homeworld with massive scale battles in the background, or lightsaber duels in a sarlacc pit. The game itself is pretty serviceable, but the world building is phenomenal.

BEATEN stuff:

Sleeping Dogs: The GTA clone that out-GTA's GTA. Went back to do a few of the DLC things that I'd done before, but felt like doing again. On one hand, the fact this game never got a series is criminal. On the other hand, how the hell to you live up to this one almost perfect game?

Neko Navy: Went back this because I've not picked up a shooter since my wrist turned to dust and wanted to see if I had any twitch skills left in me. I used to be pretty good at this stuff; I guess I'm now downgraded to decent. The Meat Man boss fight remains nightmare fuel.

Rebuild 3: A zombie apocalypse city builder where you try and survive the new world filled with inconvenient flesh eaters. The first two entries are excellent browser flash games I spent a lot of time playing when I should have been working, and the commercial effort is a suitable step up.

Football School: it's a football academy thing where you try and raise a team though the ranks. It's basic and a bit bad. I've abandoned it.

Emerald City Confidential: A point and click featuring an Oz post adventures. It's a good retelling of an old tale with a lot of familiar faces cast in new roles. Had a lot of fun with this one.

One Piece World Seeker: I've posted someone how I 100&'d this game, which was probably a mistake, turning a game I had a lot of fun with into an obligatory grind as I embraced the hell out of the sunk cost fallacy. It was how they stretched out the DLC achievements that killed me... Still, this game is a lot of fun, but has issues that should not exist. The world is pretty lifeless and the basic combat uninspired, but you can easily create your own fun in how you can manipulate Luffy's powers, plus the plot is on par with a One Piece movie, if not a main entry ark.

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honestgamer honestgamer - December 25, 2023 (03:16 PM)
Sleeping Dogs is pretty great. I was so sad when they were working on a sequel and folded. But I think you're right. They captured lightning in a bottle the one time, after much adversity. There was likely never going to be a proper repeat.
darketernal darketernal - January 16, 2024 (04:13 PM)
Since nobody sees a chance when there is one, I'll nominate BROK The InvestaGATOR, for reasons that are not sinister in any way.
EmP EmP - January 20, 2024 (08:54 AM)
Of all the people to rise from their dusty grave to re-administer the bullet I thought long dodged, that it is you annoys me the most.

BROK it is.
Masters Masters - February 01, 2024 (06:54 AM)
Sleeping Dogs WAS great, Jason. Agreed. I was also sad to learn there'd be no next gen sequel. Such a waste.

Anyway: Emp, review it!
EmP EmP - February 11, 2024 (05:37 AM)
I'm struggling enough with BROK. Not sure I have sleeping Dogs in me too. But stranger things have happened.
overdrive overdrive - February 15, 2024 (01:20 PM)
I was going to say I was disappointed I didn't get to this post in order to force you to review something, but then I realized you meant solely from games on this list, which would take a lot of the fun out of it for me and my sadism.

In absolutely totally in-no-way related news, one of the games I'm currently playing is Shining Soul on the GBA. Where Atlus, for some reason, got the idea that it would be an absolute banger of an idea to take one of gaming's most revered turn-based strategy (and first-person dungeon crawling) series and create a really generic, repetitive and annoying Diablo clone. I guess I'd told myself I'm playing too many really good games in recent times often enough that I decided to run back to the wrong side of the tracks and play something that is looking upward at mediocrity.
EmP EmP - February 16, 2024 (12:08 PM)
I had three blog lists containing every game I played last year that people could pick from, but maybe I explained that badly. Didn't matter; DE's characteristic spite-based pick has locked me into a game I kind of parked and never beat, so I have to go back to that.

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