My review hits, here and at GameFAQs.
September 12, 2009

Game - HG - GF

Star Ocean 3 - 1399 - N/A
Shadow Hearts - 1001 - 250
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - 561 - 293
Final Fantasy VIII - 380 - N/A
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - 363 - 679
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - 360 - N/A
Final Fantasy X - 355 - N/A
Donkey Kong 64 - 354 - N/A
Grand Theft Auto III - 322 - 777
Golden Sun - 312 - N/A
SimEarth - 303 - 2007
Animal Crossing: City Folk - 287 - 842
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga - 245 - 195
Animal Crossing - 190 - 2618
Wii Fit - 177 - 377
Tales of Vesperia - 58 - 112

I took down some at GameFAQs, but left them up on HG. Though my SO3 review was rejected over at GameFAQs, yet is my only review on HG to win RotW. Go figure.

The differences are interesting. Some of my reviews did a lot better here, while some did a lot better over there. Seems my Nintendo reviews get more hits at GameFAQs, while other console reviews did better at HG, on average. And perhaps it's competition, too. There's very few SimEarth reviews at GameFAQs, so I got heaps of hits for it, while Lego Star Wars, Shadow Hearts etc already had lots of reviews by the time I posted mine.

The Animal Crossing review is a bit unfair. That actually got heaps of hits at HG when it was posted as fiction, but those hits are gone. Sigh. It also has a star over at GameFAQs, which helps.

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