Got me a PSP today
October 19, 2009

An original PSP, seems to be in excellent condition and no dead pixels or anything.

Picked up Crisis Core (been wanting to play that for ages), and Star Ocean: Second Evolution which was selling for half price. I took it home and then realised I needed a memory stick for it... for some reason I didn't think about that at all.

So I looked around online and a store nearby had a 2GB stick at $5 off, which works for me at the moment.

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Suskie Suskie - October 19, 2009 (08:35 PM)
I haven't played the PSP port but the original SO2 is one of my all-time favorite games. Like, top ten. Seriously. So, good choice.
jerec jerec - October 19, 2009 (10:58 PM)
I actually still have my PS1 copy. But this was cheap enough that I could justify the purchase.
EmP EmP - October 20, 2009 (03:35 AM)
Crisis Core is a game I love. A Square game I love.

It's made by Square, and I love it.

Just saying.
jerec jerec - October 20, 2009 (04:09 AM)
I'm enjoying it a lot. Been playing it every chance I get.
darketernal darketernal - October 20, 2009 (05:35 AM)
It is a good game. Tough if you want to do everything though. Those cactuars will slaughter you.

I am still parked next to the last boss, been at that spot for quite a few months now.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - October 20, 2009 (08:39 AM)
I've never heard EmP use the word "love" in a non-sarcastic fashion so many times in one sitting. XD I'm surprised the world hasn't ended yet.
zippdementia zippdementia - October 21, 2009 (12:20 PM)
This is why me and EmP should either (a) never see each other or (b) get married immediately.

I hated Crisis Core with a heavenly passion.

Although, the hatred didn't begin until about two thirds of the way through when I realized how repetitive the combat system was while forcing you to pay lots of attention, how derivative and over-written the story was, and how the magic system sucks balls.

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