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Well, now I have all the consoles from this gen.
March 05, 2010

Bought a 250GB PS3 with Heavy Rain today.

So, I have a 360, PS3, Wii, PSP and DS... well, no DSi, which is the new thing at the moment. But an old chunky DS is enough for me.


Okay, ME1 isn't so bad.
February 12, 2010

Got past the Eden Prime bit and I'm enjoying it again, like I used to. Need to get me some achievements.


Wow. Mass Effect sucks now.
February 07, 2010

It was a good game, but Mass Effect 2 has improved on it so much that it's impossible to go back. This game needs a remake. Because it still has a fine story. It just needs ME2's combat.


Oh, now I can read the Retro section of the site.
February 02, 2010

Got glasses. My eyes must have been on the way out for quite some time. Lately, it's been getting even harder to read (both books and on the PC). So. Issue solved.

Sorry Venter. Guess it was my vision that was to blame last Team Tournament.


(Untitled Post)
January 31, 2010

Empleh16: I found this site that has a good deal on ringtones Click Here
Jerec 84: damn it, emp. stop it
Jerec 84: why am i on your buddy list anyway? you're not on mine

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(Untitled Post)
January 05, 2010

Emp has some new pics on his profile. Can't see why he'd IM me for the first time ever just to tell me this. Didn't even know I was on his buddy list. He wasn't on mine. >_>

Anyway, it seemed suspicious, and even if it wasn't, I'm not interested in looking at pics of Emp at all. So I ignored it.

Anyone else get one of these? EmP, run a virus check, or be less gay. Your choice.


The games I played in 2009
January 01, 2010

Oh this is gonna be tough to remember them all, but...

'Splosion Man - Interesting one button game. I've played a few levels so far, and I find it really fun. But it's one of those games I can only play in small amounts, lest I get overwhelmed by awesome.

Banjo Kazooie (XBLA) - This version is better than the N64 version. I love that notes collected are saved. I've gotten further this time than I ever have before. I will finish this one some time.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts - I haven't played much, yet. I find the game a bit overwhelming. There's so much going on, and it is like a platformer where every quest is a free-form race. I haven't really gotten far enough in yet to do anything major to my vehicle. Perhaps I'll go back to this one soon.

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