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July 12, 2018

Ah glitches. Every other game is filled with such. While some are quite frustrating to the point of resetting your game, others help you out and give you a break allowing you to last longer in said game. Take for example the third stage of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Arcade, on which when you place your turtle in the exact position where the road meets the water tiles, your character will go for the most part ignored by every enemy you encounter, including the boss at the end. However you can still defeat such enemies without ever getting hit once. Some versions have a pizza halfway through so there is the temptation of nabbing it and risk breaking said glitch. What other glitches have favored your own gameplay?


All aboard the ghoul train.
June 25, 2018

As I approach the end of Secret of Mana, I once again revisit the Lost Continent's subterranean subway, a fraction of a city within the fallen continent's ruins. When you arrive you are greeted mostly by ghouls as you transverse row after row of seats within the moving platform until you reach its end and exit through the other side of it, confronted by a nasty Eggplant Man spawning lethal beings with high attack power and evasion (this can be avoided if you ignore the last couple ghouls which are easy to deal with however.) It is quite something to find such places in a high fantasy game like Secret of Mana which otherwise has little connection to the real world we live in save for some sections here and there, such as the temple at Mandala, where you get information from orbs called "v

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The greatest Sonic the Hedgehog review video I ever watched on youtube
June 19, 2018

Have watched a great Sonic related video on youtube by user Super Bunnyhop, whose narration floats like a paper boat on calm waters, smoothly and quite satisfying to experience, very knowledgeable, quite an extnsive vocanulary, and you just know what he talks about in every segment of this video, you just must watch it to sexperience it. I cannot embed said video, so copy it and enjoy.


Playing Secret of Mana
June 14, 2018

Since I am playing Legend of Mana I got nostalgic and decided to start a new game on Secret of Mana. As I play through I get this feeling that is a bit incomplete, after reading that it had stuff cut from it before release I found out this game at first was going to be in CD format after Nintendo was trying to cut a deal to create a CD add-on like Sega did but decided not to instead forming a deal with Phillips (something they regret doing in the long run I'm sure.) so this may why it feels this way, but is still very enjoyable, nostalgic, and full of high, colorful fantasy.

Since the remake is out for PS4 I can tell you I am celebrating said release as well by playing the original.


Now on Steam
June 13, 2018

I have now joined Steam although I am not doing much in it, will add some moneys later to check what games I can check out (I would probably get Shovel Knight to be honest.)

If you wish to join me or add me I am CptRetroBlue on it.

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My New Videogame List in HonestGamers
June 11, 2018

Hello fellow gamers, just adding a blog letting you all know I started adding games to my videogame list on this site. I will check back to more games I had forgotten to add and edit my current lists.

Meanwhile check what games I have and compare it to your lists if you wish, I am curious to see how many here have the same taste in games as I do. ;)


What could possibly go wrong
May 28, 2018

I watched Bubsy's pilot on TV when it aired in the late 90s. That wasn't a pleasant memory. I see after years since it dissapointing after one episode many still abhor it, often pointing out it's infamous phrase which happened to be the title of said pilot. I hear talk on bringing Bubsy back in Videogames, let's hope an animated series isn't in their minds this time. Another game which didn't survive the pilot debut was Battletoads, while not as atrocious, is quite badly made.


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