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Welcome to my place within Honest Gamers. I like retrogaming and wrestling. Hope we can be friends in gaming. I am also an amateur photographer, game developer enthusiast, and cartoonist, and I am a fan of 80s music as well.

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The Legend of Karnov
November 22, 2018

Karnov made his first appearance on his very own Arcade game by Data East in 1987. You played as the titular Russian strongman* in search of an ancient treasure buried somewhere in a place called "Wonderland." That was pretty much it; Karnov was one greedy bastard and little else. The game featured three buttons for firing, jumping, and selecting special items that could help Karnov pass through stages such as ladders to reach high places, boots to run faster, and wings to fly about. The game was not without flaws, the fact that it was a one hit per death concept was met with a high level of difficulty beginning from the very start of the game. Memorizing the enemy patterns was a bit of help, but not enough to make it through unscathed. There was also a time period to push gamers int

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Return of the (purple) dragon
November 17, 2018

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy inspired me to go back into playing the original game on PSX. Its hard to imagine how well it still looks and plays, and that soundtrack is still one of the best I've heard during my PlaySTation days. Truly a wonderful game for the 32 Bit era.

Rumor has it...
November 16, 2018

So I heard it through the grapevine that the following months might bring Nintendo gamers a lot to to be joyful for. For one, Metroid Prime 4 has been rumored to be out in the following months, as well as another Mario Party Game and a stand alone Yoshi game. Other mentions include the next Super Smash Bros. installment (which I am sure was already talked about) and a new Pokemon game featuring Pikachu and Eevee on what was heard could be their very own stand alone game as well. If this rumor comes as a fact then the Nintendo Switch will have a pretty solid library launch within the next year.

Wonder Momo
November 16, 2018

Not many would assume about a character named Wonder Momo unless they had played her game early in the 80s or had recently heard of her when the character resurfaced in various media and games in the mid 2010s. Wonder Momo is one of a handful characters that seemingly had been vanished into the shadows and memories of gamers back then and in my opinion, should be back in full force as with many others we all had known in our young days as game enthusiasts.

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Ingrid the eternal goddess
November 14, 2018

Ingrid is a character from a canceled game called Capcom Fighting All-Stars which later was added into Capcom Fighting Evolution, among with other Street Fighter related games later on. At first she seems to heavily resemble Athena from the King of Fighters series, downright to the statement that she is a goddess. Her moveset is also similar to that of Athena which includes energy-influenced moves. On the Street Fighter wikia it is stated that she knows and holds Ryu and Rose in high regard, to the point of following Ryu whenever she finds out something interesting might come out in the end. Her demeaor is that of being a playful character and at times aloof, accentuating her goddess status within the game mythos.

Trying out Lufia and the Fortress of Doom
November 07, 2018

I think I tried out the second Lufia game in the series and it resembled Zelda II on the NES being that enemies would move at the same time you did when you tried to advance in dungeons. I am not sure. But this time I had started a game on the first entry of the Taito JRPG series on the SNES and so far its pretty pleasant. A bit annoying in some instances but it is quite an adventure worth playing at least once.


Happy Halloween
October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween everyone and be safe out there trick or treating :)

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