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Welcome to my place within Honest Gamers. I like retrogaming and wrestling. Hope we can be friends in gaming. I am also an amateur photographer, game developer enthusiast, and cartoonist, and I am a fan of 80s music as well.

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Breath of Fire III, a retrospective
December 30, 2018

I remember playing Breath of Fire III when it came out in the US in the late 90s, that game being the first one of the series I ever played. I already knew of the games prior to it and its lore, so I was pretty familiar with it once I booted my PSX and began the adventure. While I never played the first games before it, I felt pretty familiar and nostalgic experiencing the third game, mostly due to the fact that it connects with the first game SO well and it leaves you with this nostalgic feeling about caring for the characters and the setting it takes place in.

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Makai Prince Dorabbochan, prequel to The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang
December 27, 2018

While writing my review for Spike McFang on the SNES, I came across an article which stated this is actually a sequel to a Supergrfx 16 title, called Makai Prince Dorabbochan, which was a 2D platformer and quite different from the top view sequel. The game also included upgrades for armor which seemed much needed in the sequel, but nothing much is said other than being an action platforming game. Seemingly, Spike McFang could have become a franchise of its own but without the release of the first game outside Japan this would probably could ever be the case.


Now Playing Phantasy Star Gaiden
December 26, 2018

I tried this game once years ago and am picking it up once more with the intention of finishing it this time around. The random encounters are plentiful and often obstruct your progress like no other but it will not deter me at the most.

A look at IDW's new Sonic The Hedgehog comic
December 22, 2018


I have post a blog on about IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog at my Blogger. If you wish to read it this is the link towards it.

IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

Spike McFang twisting his way into adventure.
December 22, 2018

There have been many games on the SNES that I had yet to experience and The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang is such one that I had forgotten about ever since it was announced back during the 16-bit days. While I am testing it for the first time I will say that its cute, colorful look quite contradicts when it comes to its ample difficulty and testy boss battles.

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Discord once again shows the ugly side of things
December 18, 2018

So I get banned from Giant Bomb's Discord after having an argument with one of their Administrators who seemed pretty biased about the entire thing leading that point. This is nothing new for me. I always had problems like such back in other chatroom sites and forums. My problem being certain users being immature and knowing that if they poke you long enough, you can't do anything about it otherwise they will cry fowl to the people in charge. Other times I would just be banned just for the hell of it. Abuse of power is very common online ever since its beginning.

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New Sonic Movie teaser leaves many highly uncomfortable
December 10, 2018

The 20+ second teaser for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie has left many with a bitter taste in their mouths. For one, there is *very* little for anyone to break down said teaser, having a couple blue blurred lines dashing through huge hoops that make that familiar ring sound only to have Sonic himself stop right at the middle of the screen, on a frozen pose which implies he never moved to begin with and stayed in a transfixed position to make the illusion he stopped so fast your eyes could not pick up. Sonic himself is in shadows, leaving a grotesque disproportionate shape whose only visible marks are his fur around his body and bright red sneakers which completely clash with its dark setting, something that makes me believe it was drawn on the fly, moments before the teaser was do

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