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September 06, 2010

Today, I posted my 250th review for this site and earnt one of those milestone thingies. I decided to see how I stood against the rest of you slackers in these terms and was not surprised to find this:

01. EmP. 665

Iím the best thing that ever happened to this website. Officially.

Most recent blog posts from Gary Hartley...

zigfried zigfried - September 06, 2010 (10:14 AM)
I wrote about RapeLay.

EmP EmP - September 06, 2010 (10:42 AM)
Pfft. I wrote about an educational game that helps you pass your driving theory test.

Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - September 06, 2010 (01:48 PM)
Oughtn't there be milestone for completing the entire library of Virtua Fighter CG Portrait games?
EmP EmP - September 06, 2010 (02:11 PM)
The idea of doing another nine of those chills me to the bone.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - September 07, 2010 (03:19 PM)
Don't you mean 8? I think you reviewed three now. XD

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