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My name's Rob. I'm insane, but not in a criminal way. At least, not yet. Take the character of Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, make him older and chubbier...and you pretty much know all you need to know about me.

Guess what! I remember to update progress again!
December 22, 2016

So, I'm currently working on my Silver Nornir review (another Kemco game). When that's done, I'll have Minelvaton Saga (absolutely horrid Famicom action RPG), Avernum: Escape from the Pit (really sweet Steam RPG) and Mass Effect (really good intro to really great series) to write, as my gaming productivity has been greater than my writing productivity. Oh, I have to post my Super Mario All-Stars review. I'll try to get that done after I'm done with this.

So, by system, here's what's on my agenda at the moment:

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Another update, of sorts
July 15, 2016

Games I'm playing, at least most of them. As I've been having my usual summer struggles with motivation, since when the weather's nice, I don't tend to get into gaming and recreational writing to the degree I do when I'm in the middle of a frozen tundra or torrential downpour. Which is why the vast majority of what I've written about are those short Kemco RPGs that don't take a great deal of effort to get through.

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A question for Mass Effect players
April 01, 2016

Right now on my 360, I'm going through Diablo 3. After I finish the Reaper of Souls chapter and mess around with Adventure Mode until I've gotten bored with it, I'm thinking about moving on to at least starting the Mass Effect Trilogy. Perhaps doing all three back-to-back-to-back, perhaps not.

Anyway, I have the collection with all three packaged in one container and from what I gather, this does not include DLC.

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My latest dose of updating my gaming
February 12, 2016

In the news of what I'm doing currently!

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Good times as a new year gets kind of close to beginning.
December 31, 2015

First, I did the Alpha Marathon successfully! First time to get all 27. Hell, I'm not sure I've gotten more than approximately 20 or so in the past.

That was good for my site productivity this year, as I finished with 36 reviews. After a couple years in the 20s, that was a nice change of pace. Late summer had a lull (only 1 in August), but I rallied late in the year, putting out six this month.

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Since there's been talk about Konami and how much of a screw-up they've become.
September 18, 2015


An article I read stating they're all-but-completely going Mobile only. Maybe I'll get real lucky and they'll go all-in on providing Kemco with a challenger on regularly churning out half-hearted mobile RPGs every month! I really, really hope not because one company doing this might break my sanity completely, but they could!

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Since it's been a while since I've given a gaming update...
August 28, 2015

While I do play a bit of Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millennium Girl, Eschalon Book One and Shin Megami Tensai IV from time to time, until I've finished the year and my likely-to-be-just-a couple-letters-shy run at the Alpha Marathon, I don't really make quick progress. I'm at Floor 10 in EO:U, killing goblins and wasp-things in Eschalon and working to advance things a bit in SMT IV by killing a demon located near the town I'm at (which I can't remember the name of off the top of my head -- I previously had killed Dullahan in another area near it, though.

As for the stuff I'm working on more regularly:


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