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My name's Rob. I'm insane, but not in a criminal way. At least, not yet. Take the character of Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, make him older and chubbier...and you pretty much know all you need to know about me.

Low G Man!
February 06, 2009

Low G Man has been reviewed.

One of those I owned when I was younger. Played it again recently and had a good time with it. Always good to churn out 8-bit reviews while going through Oblivion at the pace of a deceased turtle.


And on the 30th day of 2009, Overdrive created......
January 30, 2009

....this review for Emerald Dragon

Not Zig's TG-CD version, but the SFC version I played. Not the awesome 10/10 experience Zig gushed about in a review everyone gushed about, but a pretty fun (if too easy) RPG. One of those that fit into that ugly "is it a 7 or is it an 8" area. If decimals were allowed, I'd say 7.5, but went down to 7 for various reasons. Mainly to put it in a level with other RPGs where I loved the story/characters, but found the gameplay lacking such as Tales of Legendia and Suikoden III.

And with this.....
January 21, 2009

P = Panic Restaurant

.......I have four letters reviewed with at least one more to come this month. Nothing like having a slow day where I was desperately looking for something to pass the time. If not for that, I'd never have played this game. Now I have.

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Another letter down....
January 14, 2009

K = Kung Fu Panda

Now I just have to get 24 (counting numbers)! I was happier until I realized EmP subbed something yesterday to keep a step ahead of me. That saddened me. Or enraged me to a homicidal fury, to be more precise.

On the docket:

1. Continue playing Oblivion. I'm at 60 hours and still barely have scratched the surface. Damn....

2. Keep working through the XBA Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Yes, even though I own it on the PSX, I still bought it on the 360. I really don't know why......but I still love the game.....

3. Start playing Lego Indiana Jones. It looks really fun, but I just haven't got to it yet.

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M is for.....
January 08, 2009

Meteos Wars

Only eight days into the year and I've already put down two letters! Not a bad start, if I do say so myself.

My only regret right now is that I have to work for a while tonight and then likely will head to a friend's house to watch the rest of the Florida-Oklahoma national championship game, so I won't get my Meteos fix for today. Curses! I'm already feeling the shakes from withdrawal.....


REALLY LONG Year in Review 2008 and the beginning to Year in Present 2009
January 07, 2009

If nothing else, I like to be derivative of others, so let me now commence with my own YEAR IN REVIEW with overly verbose commentary.

Flying Hero: Bugyuro no Daibouken (SNES) --- January 23: I'd been wanting to play this amusing little shooter for some time.....and so I did. I spent most of the first half or so of the year in this mode where all I felt like playing were RPGs and I'd gone nearly a whole month without writing anything, so I took an evening or two to play through this game, so I could put out a review.

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And another year in reviewing comes to an end.....
December 30, 2008

With Rogue Galaxy.

Looks like 33 reviews spanning 17 letters. Got off to a slow start, but kinda hit something resembling a groove over the last couple of months (15/33 over the last third of the year).

And, for the hell of it, let's look at my game progress!

1. Oblivion: completely immersed, wandering around doing quests here and killing stuff there.

2. Kung Fu Panda: hey, it came with the system. Done about four levels....maybe five. I've really just been playing Oblivion, but this will be one of those January reviews, I'll be guessing.

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