Another update!
February 15, 2019

I have my Langrisser Mobile review (yes, I did write something for a game released THIS DAMN YEAR!) in proofing purgatory right now and haven't started my Skyblazer one yet, so there's two games out of the way.

I was going to start Divinity: Original Sin after getting done playing LangMob, but instead went with the first The Witcher game. Mainly because when I started Divinity, I had this situation where it autosaving or me trying to save progress would cause my computer to crash. Which annoyed me. But a couple days later, I decided to do some research online, as according to Steam, the game was compatible with my Mac and its OS. And found out that when the OS upgraded last year, it caused a glitch in the game, but said glitch had an easy work-around (hit command as game starts up to go to its control panel, where you can adjust one setting and then it'll play normally and without crashing computers).

But I'd started The Witcher at that point, so I figured I'd be going full speed ahead with it. I'm a good chunk of the way through the first chapter, aka: the one where you walk between about 4 locations repeatedly until you've done all the quests. There are some neat touches, such as how monsters primarily come out at night and how you need either a torch or a particular potion to explore caves and crypts AND I've heard this game gets better the further into it you get, so I'm cool with the slow start. Or at least not annoyed with how you basically bounce from the inn to the village to Abigail's house to the crypt and back and back and back. Part of that has to do with the combat, which is pretty fun, as you click on an enemy to attack and then click whenever flames appear around the sword icon to add to a combo. And I like the use of potions, as well. To regen health quicker, see in the dark, etc. Gives a bit of depth to the game.

Also, while I know it is definitely in vogue to LOUDLY comment on the "problematic" aspects of any game with any actual fanservice nowaday (in this game, banging chicks is basically a mini-game that gives you "trading cards" that are basically more explicit versions of the bromides from Lunar), stuff like that doesn't bother me one bit. Other than how the chick I saved from bandits and escorted home set up her encounter for the NEXT night at the mill, so I'll have to remember to go there after the current night has turned to day and back to night again. Having to remember stuff for down the road? Now that's what I call "problematic"! Especially since time in this game (barring mediating at fireplaces) moves slower than usual for a game in this one. Unless I sleep away a lot of this time, it'd be a full hour or so of real time before I get my problematic sex card for Verna or Vesper or whatever her damn name is!

But really, the only annoying thing I've really noticed about this game is how it can be a bit glitchy at times. Take the V-name chick and you saving her from bandits. I was approaching the inn at night. The screen then focused on the bandits and Geralt said something about how it looked like she was heading into trouble. And I was auto-moved into the inn area. So I followed her out to where she walked up to the bandits...and nothing happened. Until I talked to her, at which point, the cut-scene of her asking for help happened. And then when I got her home, I went into the house and nothing happened, so I had to go back outside to get the conversation where you set up your hook-up.

The rest of the update is composed of games you've read me talking about before, assuming you've read my last couple entries. In brief:

Borderlands 2: I met and got the support of the Slab King (Brick from the first game) and now have to go to Opportunity to get a Jack body-double. I was wondering how I'd do DLC in this game and the answer looks to be: exactly how I did it in the first game. Beat the game and then do all the DLC in True Vault Hunter Mode, where if the higher difficulty gets to me, I will go through main game stuff to grind a couple levels. With five small DLCs and four big ones, might take longer to do that stuff than it does to actually beat the game.

Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far: In my beginner-mode replay of the first game, I'm through Halloween Town, so I have Neverland, Hollow Bastion and the final area to do. And a few of the optional things like Coliseum fights. In my playthrough of KH II Final Mix, I could beat the game at any time, but have been working to also master all of Sora's forms in order to explore the optional dungeon set in the Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden area completely to hopefully get all the game's treasures and puzzle pieces. The only Chain of Memories Organization member fight I haven't beaten now is Marluxia and I finally figured out that the main strategy for him is to block until you can action-command his scythe from him and attack him to damage him and regain a few hits for Sora. As for the main part, I'm in the last dungeon and defeated Roxas (which is how I can max out my forms) and went a couple save points further. Next time I play it (tonight, likely), I'll probably be able to go after the other organization members, as Luxord, Saix, Xemnas and Xigbar are still alive. Good ol' Square...regardless of what series it is, you will have a boss-heavy final dungeon!

Spyro: Year of the Dragon: I'm midway through the third of four worlds. Fun game, but not all of the new characters are great. Bentley the Yeti is slow and clumsy and I gave up really quickly when it came time to try to do his first boxing match. So, I'm hoping the final world is as lenient as the first three when it comes to how many eggs you need to unlock levels. At least not another Ripto's Rage situation where I wind up spending a few hours doing mini-games to get items necessary to access the final boss. That sucked!

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