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My name's Rob. I'm insane, but not in a criminal way. At least, not yet. Take the character of Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, make him older and chubbier...and you pretty much know all you need to know about me.

Save Scumming!
January 16, 2015

So, one of my many projects right now is the first Eschalon game on Steam. It's a reasonably solid stripped-down Baldur's Gate-type, with a one-man party fighting goblins, thugs, lizards, slimes and (I'd assume) other critters. As well as me butchering a helpful townsperson because he had an adverse reaction to me looting his house.

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An era will end in a few days
January 14, 2015

When Skyrim came out, I played the hell out of it and finished it with about 215 hours recorded. Last year, I bought all the DLC and started from scratch. I've done all of vanilla Skyrim and Dawnguard (and as much of Hearthfire as I felt like, by which I bought all the properties, set up framework for the houses and adopted a kid to live alone with my wife in Solitude's expensive house while my character exists as the world's worst husband/parent by basically never going home, since I use my Whiterun house as my storage place. SUCKS TO BE YOU, FAMILY!

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Today I wrote my 330th review.
April 21, 2012

It's a round number, so I'm noting it as a milestone of sorts. Which gives me an excuse to celebrate heavily today. CHEERS!

My reviews are getting longer again...
March 03, 2012

I don't know if its just because I've had a lot to say about certain games like FF XIII and Chrono Cross, but I've been more in the 8-9 MB realm than the 5-6 MB realm recently. Might have to do a couple short-n-sweet reviews just in case I'm just getting overly verbose.

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Random Skyrim thoughts
January 10, 2012

Since I'll be reviewing it in the next couple weeks most likely. Love the game, but am starting to get a bit tired of it. 150ish hours of something does do that.

1. Avoid Fast Travel when possible. I only use it to get back to base and/or collect quest rewards, but try to walk everywhere. The game's really attractive and immersive, but when you rely on fast travel, it really devolves. Which is why I'm still going strong after 150 hours. That walking takes time.

2. Most alive world I've experienced. Just the sheer number of quests you can get from just about everyone, as well as all the little randomized events that can happen as you're walking around the countryside.

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What I'm playing now!
October 25, 2011

Since it's been a couple of weeks since I've bored/enthralled everyone with that sort of thing.

1. Oblivion. Been so long since I played it that I decided to just start over. It'll be interesting to see how long I keep away from Fast Travel. Playing it in HD (didn't have my new TV when I first played it) is nice enough to keep me interesting in watching the countryside. I've done the entry level mage guild work (in other words, walked virtually all the main roads) and the opening bits of the main quest to where I now have to take Martin to Weynon Priory.

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A few early impressions
October 07, 2011

Over the past week or two, I ordered (and received) Stella Deus: Gate of Eternity and Wild Arms 2 online and just started Final Fantasy XIII last night. Impressions are below:

1. Stella Deus: Through the first of five chapters. Pretty easy, but entertaining. The points system for moves/attacks/spells is pretty good and adds strategy. Nothing groundbreaking or awesome, but for someone who hasn't played a turn-based strategy game in some time, it's a good way to get reacquainted with that genre. If I'd find a battle that I struggle with, I can easily hit up the (dull) Catacombs fights for levels and money to buy stuff.

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