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December 02, 2005

I was looking at the brackets for that GF single-elimination tournament and found this POTENTIAL second-round match-up!!!!!

The re-match of the summer team tournament's most-talked about match!!!! That's right......you could be witnessing......

OVERDRIVE VS. GRUEL: PART TWO!!!!! (Hell Takes No Prisoners)

Dragon Quest VIII — Second Impressions
November 30, 2005

After two days of playing DQ8, I've made my first trip to the abbey on the second continent and have obtained a bit more insight into things I like/dislike.

1. As said before, the load times. Whether it be active-screen load times (ie: post-battle celebrations, opening town gates to enter/exit villages) or simple black-screen fun times, it does get to be a drag. I think part of it is simply due to the slower-pace of RPGs as compared to other genres. When a type of game runs at a relaxed pace, you tend to notice things like load times that slow things down even more.


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Dragon Quest VIII — First Impressions
November 28, 2005

1. Whoa!!!! It's a sweet combo of amazing new-age visuals/whatnot along with old-school gameplay. This might not be for everyone, but I love the old-timey turn-based, random battles. Especially since I had just finished Dragon Warrior 4 for the 3rd or 4th time.....I was worried they'd change the battle system, but other than fancier graphics, it all feels comfortable.

2. The upgraded menu system is really cool, as are the monster menus and the one that gives game stats.

3. From the very brief look at the overworld I've gotten, it looks to be really big and immersive. Something tells me I'll be happy to obtain the world map, as (in my opinion) the overworld here looks more vast than in the similarly-styled Star Ocean:TtEnT maps.

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I struggled today
November 09, 2005

I wrote a review on Metroid. The thing is that a ways back, Mariner had and it was submitted during one of my GF RotD days. I read it and completely agreed with it.

I hate when that happens, because I feel my review is so inspired by his that it really doesn't have a true identity. I don't think it's a bad review, by any means.....I've read it a dozen or so times and liked the writing......it just strikes me as being a somewhat derivative review.

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What I am I doing.......
November 07, 2005

So, yesterday afternoon, I was playing Addams Family Values for the SNES......and suddenly, it just hit me: I'VE HIT ROCK BOTTOM!!!!! I mean, I was playing Addams Family Values, fer christsakes!!!!!

Someone put me out of my misery.......


I hate when good ideas go to waste......
November 01, 2005

During the whole time I've been at GameFAQs, probably the best idea (on paper) they ever came through with there was their current review rating system.

I thought it was bitchin' groovin', dude! A lot of us had been talking about how it'd be nice if actual writers of quality could be seperated from the "chaff" in some way......and a few of us had the chance. By being on the "Highest Rated" list, a number of the best writers that submitted there could be prominently featured.

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Something I've grown to dislike......
October 26, 2005

Is 7th Saga.

I was playing it for a bit last night and realized that game makes me miserable. I'm up to the snowy continent now......meaning I'm 'bout two-thirds of the way through, so my stupid sense of pride won't let me abort my quest, but I am just hating this game right now.

The battle graphics are quite nice for the SNES. I love some of the music (dungeon, especially, even though it loops after a very brief time). I absolutely can't stand the massive amount of fights it takes to level up and the necessity of doing so. It's like Enix set out to make the most tedious experience possible.

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