Two updates in one month?
January 31, 2019

Brief gaming summary of the past couple weeks.

I finished Avadon 3: The Warborn. Review is currently pending in proofreading/ready-for-submission mode.

My next game to replace that will be Divinity: Original Sin, but I haven't gotten started on that yet because I'm putting a lot of focus on Langrisser Mobile. This is a lot better than other free-to-plays that I've touched, as it is easy to play for hours without ever running out of stamina. Seems like the rare time or two I'm getting low, I'll get a team level (each individual member can't have a higher level than your team level, probably to prevent people from spamming XP items) and those give you a lot of stamina. There is a lot of stuff you can do, which often allows you to access other things, making this a complicated game where it's easy to play an hour just to get all the Team Level XP daily challenges, a bunch of items to power up your generic soldiers that are part of each unit and so on BEFORE actually progressing through the game. Probably have a review done for it either tomorrow or next week, depending on how well my brain focuses on words.

In Borderlands 2, I got through the part where Sanctuary gets teleported away and you have to go through a few areas to get to its new location. At which point you get at least a dozen side quests. I have a habit of doing side quests in order of advised level, so I did one where you have to find four of Tannis' ECHO recorders in The Highlands. Level 16 quest my ass! To get one, you have to make a precise girder-to-girder jump above a valley populated by a lot of Thrashers (not that tough in a vehicle, but on foot, they're pretty dangerous), another one is guarded by a Badass Pyro Thrasher and a third is in a Hyperion facility loaded with Loaders and Engineers and containing a battle with one of those damn Constructors.

With Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far, I'm up to Halloween Town in my replay of the first game and getting near the end of KH II. After mistakenly going to Twilight Town to The World That Never Was the instant that option came up and then getting WRECKED in the fight with Roxas, I regrouped and finished Pride Lands and am finishing Space Paranoids. After that, I might power up a bit, particularly a couple forms so I can collect more puzzle pieces. This is a really good game, although the second trips to each world seem shorter and more on rails than the first trip, where you have a few fights, a few cutscenes, a boss and you're off to another world. And, of the forms, I HATE the existence of Anti-Sora. You kill stuff to build up your Drive Gauge, you select a form to power up, you randomly turn into Anti-Sora and you realize your entire gauge was wasted, so you have to build it back up to try again. At least I finally found a good place to grind Wisdom Form, as the early areas of World That Never Was are loaded with tons of weak Heartless. Finish this and it'll be Birth By Sleep, Dream Drop Distance and the Fragmentary Passage short game that previewed the KH III engine, so by the end of the year, I might be ready to play the KH game that just came out!

Also, I'm up to the final stage of SkyBlazer and up to the second world's boss in Spyro: Year of the Dragon but haven't really had much time to touch those two with all the work I've been doing in the others.

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