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Disc 4: Lost Odyssey
August 25, 2010

Great Jove, some of this stuff is challenging! I did the boss fight with the big demon and the two Keystones at the top of the Ancient Ruins and then the "save the city from the Arthrosauruseseseseses" battles.

Took me forever to beat the demon and three tries to beat the Arthrosauruseseseseses before the city was destroyed. Think I'm a boss fight away or so from being able to put saving the world on hold to whore myself out for sidequests and stuff.

Very good game. I'd probably like more storyline villains than just Gongora and the stupid Numara general, as most bosses are just "big monster randomly appearing to fight you" types. With unimaginative names like "Magic Beast" and "Ice Magic Beast".


A pair of thoughts!
August 13, 2010

1. Made it to Disc 3 of Lost Odyssey tonight. After finishing Clash of the Titans, I can go back to this game. As I get farther into the game, I can see why EmP had said it's the best 360 J-RPG. When I "reviewed" it under the "HAMMER-time" name, all I mentioned for whatever wacky contest that it was for happened to be the "Thousand Years of Dreams" stories. As good as they are, I think the game would have to be horribly broken for me not to want to recommend it. The "Bright Rain" story which I got tonight was the perfect example of how beautiful in a depressive way AND thought-provoking these stories are. I'm glad there's a FAQ solely to tell how to get these stories. If there's one thing I want to collect all of in this game, it's the stories.

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July 28, 2010

It really isn't THAT bad. Oh, it's horribly flawed, but it's rare that a game's plot has me this hooked. That mid-game twist is pulled off awesomely! And the moments where your party is depleted are awesome. If you have a full party, you can bash through everything...but if you're only controlling 1-2 characters, enemy luring and combo-working become essential. The section where Flece rescues Joseph is simply awesome because of that!


A mini-review that could wind up a....maxi?
July 14, 2010

Tonight, for the first time in over eight years, I played Summoner... Perhaps I was in a particularly self-hating frame of mind.

You start out woodenly moving through a burning village, chopping down weak foes until it all mercifully ends. No, wait! It's not merciful...now you're in the overworld where you have to find some castle-town base of operations. And, for your solo character, any random encounter monster is best avoided unless you're patient enough to save after every single fight.

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My latest brand new review!
July 01, 2010

TwinBee 3

Heh heh heh...NOW I can simply spam forums with threads for everything I write instead of hoping someone starts a submission thread about it! I WIN!!!!*

Annoying for me was that I forgot that with my screenshot capturer on this particular emulator, I have to rename each pic after I take it, I guess. So, each shot I took (at least 10) replaced the one before it. So I ended with only a pic of the final boss. Which I trashed in a fit of godly fury. Live and learn, I guess.

*assuming this thread doesn't just get ignored. In which case, I really don't win.


Of dreams...
June 28, 2010

Last night, I had the weirdest sequence of dreams I've ever experienced. I'd been getting wasted at a local race track all weekend, which I think set things up, as from what I've read, at least step one gets made more possible by things like eating before bed and having massive intoxication affect sleep.

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Old RPGs are the GR8EST!!1!1111!!!
June 14, 2010

Tecmo Secret of the Stars

A little bit of nastiness disposed of. Now back to stuff I'm having fun playing, as I've gotten my bash review jollies out of my system for at least a few days.

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