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My name's Rob. I'm insane, but not in a criminal way. At least, not yet. Take the character of Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, make him older and chubbier...and you pretty much know all you need to know about me.

Production update and such
September 14, 2011

I'm nearly finished with my playthrough of Breath of Fire II for this month's contest. I'm also nearly finished with my replay of Rogue Galaxy, where I've toughed it out and am at the beginning of the 13th and final chapter.

I'm trying to decide if I should rework that review, as I think I was too hard on it the first time. However, the "too hard" is more like where I think it should have gotten a 5 or so instead of a 3, as opposed to the sort of dramatic difference that would really warrant a rewrite. Time will tell. Just like time will hopefully tell me why I've invested like 50 hours of my time into replaying a game I didn't like just because a little voice in my head thought I should give it a second chance.

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Hits equal 300K
September 05, 2011

Just another accomplishment on my part. This time getting my hits over the 300,000 mark. And I'm one hit shy of having 100 reviews with 1,000+ hits each.

It's about time there was a reason to have a holiday on the first Monday in September in the U.S.!


A second try at Baldur's Gate II
August 03, 2011

Sometimes I get these urges to play something and they are uncontrollable. Such as a few days ago when I decided that I really needed to try beating Baldur's Gate II. I'd been playing it a few years ago, but way too much shit was going on in my life and that game's way too engrossing and life-stealing for me to handle both it and real life.

So, it's take two!

As opposed to my wuss good-guy Paladin from the first trek, I figured I'd go with a character more along my heart a Chaotic Neutral fighter. I can excuse good deeds because of the need to help people to get rewards and I can excuse the bad things I'll do because I just don't care about law and stuff.

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Of Resonance of Fate...
July 22, 2011

Very impressive, through the first chapter or so. I'm in Chapter 2 where I still have to do the main dungeon and one sidequest which involves collecting three of an item dropped by a specific monster in said dungeon.

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Rob's newest milestone
July 13, 2011

Looks like my just-finished review for Ms. Splosion Man is my 300th on this site. I should have some replica pro wrestling title mailed to me for this accomplishment. I'd wear it in public. And drop elbows on anyone who questioned my sanity.


That next update post (post RF Guerrilla edition)
July 08, 2011

Been playing a good bit of Cthulhu Saves the World. Up to the dungeon in Innsmouth, which means I've done most things in the game. With the exception of the Astral Cave and final dungeon. And optional fight with Dem from Breath of Death VII.

Downloaded Apple Jack (platformer) as the game I spend my other 80 points on. First couple levels are simple, but there's potential once the game stops with the hand-holding.

Basically up to the part of Breath of Fire II where I fight the circus ringmaster to rescue Spar. Algernon was as tough a boss as I remembered. Even though I've been grinding a bit, it still was a tough battle. Its two sidekicks come back to life way too quickly.

And through 3-2 in Yoshi's Island.

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Moar Progress. MOAR, I SAY!
June 27, 2011

Ah, it seems my near-six month of lethargy to open 2011 have disappeared and I'm in a writing mood. Which explains why I did reviews for two really old games last week. I have a few more 2600 titles lined up for potential reviewing, because the world needs to know how I feel about Dodge 'Em. Don't deny...you care. More than you care about your own life.

Anyway, I'm kinda playing four games bit by bit right now, since I like variety.

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