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New PS2 games to my collection
Posted January 18, 2019 by CptRetroBlue

Got a good deal on Amazon and pawn shops this December/January. The Simpsons Hit 'N' Run and Road Rage are very entertaining titles featuring voices from the original cast and the insanity from the ongoing animated series, with Road Rage emulating SEGA's Crazy Taxi and Hit 'N' Run doing the same but with the likes of Grand Theft Auto in the most hilarious of ways. I will be getting The Game when I can but will stay away from their skating title as I heard it plays poorly.

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January progress - wrapping up
Posted January 18, 2019 by Masters

More dabbling. I tried Orwell and found it interesting. Made it through Day 1 or whatever it was. Don't know if I'll play it to completion.

Finished Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. These episodes feel longer than before, and it's not necessarily a good thing. They feel drawn out and a bit slow. The story is better than it has been for awhile, but it could definitely move along at a faster clip. I've just downloaded Episode 3, which I'll probably get on with next week.

Anodyne currently has my attention. I will probably try to complete this one. I like the haunting music and weird writing.

In terms of reviews, I'll have both Vision Soft Reset and Double Cross up this weekend and that'll be it for me for January.

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Game Progress, 1/15/19
Posted January 15, 2019 by JoeTheDestroyer

Cold Fear (Xbox)
As you can tell by this post's summary, Cold Fear is done. The final boss is pretty ridiculous, until you figure out how to deal with him without taking much damage. The main thing is learning to dodge his charge attack, which requires you to run toward him and then veer to the left at just the right moment. After that, I had some trouble getting the QTE intended to finish him off to work. However, during my successful run against him, I only took one hit and finished the beast off with about ninety percent of my health.

Iconoclasts (PC)

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High Score Girl
Posted January 15, 2019 by CptRetroBlue

Found out from a Discord server about this Anime featuring retro gaming arcade games played by a kid whose life is all about gaming and constantly challenged by another gamer girl enthusiast. It aired in Japan in 2018 and was released on Netflix this year. Seeing parts of it on the likes of youtube I can say this is sheer lovable nostalgia. The sypnosis reads as follows:

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One thing I don't like in modern platformers...
Posted January 12, 2019 by JoeTheDestroyer

Stringent level evaluations that stifle progress. Two examples: Action Henk and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams.

Both games evaluate you at the end of each level. If you don't score enough stars, then you can't unlock required boss levels. You then hit a period where you need to "git gud" and replay super tough levels to the point of insanity, all so you can earn more stars. Giana Sisters takes this to the next level by putting you through way overlong stages, and only counting stars within the same world towards you total. In other words, if you want to unlock the boss level in world three, then you need stars from world three levels. You can't go back to the easy levels at the beginning of world one to earn stars.

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Cold Fear really didn't age well
Posted January 12, 2019 by JoeTheDestroyer

If you haven't played Cold Fear, it's a PS2/Xbox era survival-horror game with a greater emphasis on third-person shooter elements--kinda like Resident Evil 4. I'm currently playing the Xbox version, and man, is it dingy. I don't think this game is going to rate well with me once I finish it, assuming I don't rage quit.

    No tank controls, which is good. It handles better without them anyway. However, you can't rotate the camera unless you aim your gun. Otherwise, you're stuck with a sloppy semi-fixed camera that gets you injured or killed pretty often.Whenever your character begins to aim, he never points in the direction he was originally facing. if you're facing an enemy when you initiate the aim, your character will look either off to the side or behind himself.

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The Plan: January
Posted January 10, 2019 by Masters

I came up with a ridiculous list recently, with a shitload of games on it that I had been... dabbling in. While it wasn't a New Years' resolution per se, new for 2019 is me not being quite so foolish. So here's what I'm playing and reviewing now, with only a few holdovers:Double Cross - I was provided this to review. I'm 1.2 hours in, and I' pretty much done with it. I haven't gotten that far, but the limitations are what they are, and I have a strong sense as to what the game is all about. I'll review it this weekend hopefully.Vision Soft Reset - I was provided this one to review as well. It's a quirky indie metroidvania that drops officially next Wednesday. I'm just under an hour in, and over the weekend I'll likely beat it and aim for the ever elusive DAY ONE REVIEW.

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Posted January 08, 2019 by CptRetroBlue

I own a Pac-Man compilation for GBA and one of said games included are Pac-Mania, basically a Tetris clone with a twist of its own: You must consume Ghist Monsters in order to align brown tetris-like blocks in order to progress the game, which is a feat more difficult than it sounds, having said ghosts piling up and not enough ways for Pac himself to devour them in order to make more space to continue. The version I am trying here is the SNES one which is also as addictive as the one ported to the GBA. I had to administer a strong sense of will in order to quit after each game over I got. Quite simply, it is a very addictive and fun to play.

EDIT: I called Pac-Mania instead of Pac-Attack and corrected the error.


What Joe's playing
Posted January 07, 2019 by JoeTheDestroyer

I've decided to take on four games at once, as I used to. We'll see if I finish all four of them, though. I have a feeling I'm going to abandon at least two of them.

Arcania: Gothic 4 (PC)
aka Gothic, but with Sad Robots
aka The Adventures of Budget Seth Green

I've already chatted about this one, and I've made no further progress. Please see that blog post for more details.

Cold Fear (Xbox)
aka I Liked This Premise Better When It Was Called 'The Intruder Within'
aka Where Are the Fucking Save Points?

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Can't think of a title for your game?
Posted January 07, 2019 by jerec


There's probably more.


Posted January 07, 2019 by CptRetroBlue

I am 2 hours of game time into Xenogears and it already filled my brain with all this symbolism that delves into the mysterious psyche of the human mind. Most of the game time has been spent in long cutscenes and animated portions, which Xenogears seems to be mostly made of a lot more than grinding through the world in achieving better stats for your characters and their Mecha named Gears. Its safe to say this game is more like an adventure than a game overall, one which traps you into its sharp claws of engaging storytelling and moral ambiguity.


Gothic 3 is done, and I've begun Gothic 4.
Posted January 05, 2019 by JoeTheDestroyer

I completed, and enjoyed (despite how arduous of an experience it was) Gothic 3. Review coming soon.

As you can imagine, I aim to end my time with this series once and for all. I obtained Arcania: Gothic 4 in 2012, and decided to install and play it tonight. And let me tell you, it's uh... interesting.

-Piranha Bytes parted ways with publisher JoWood Studios before this one came out, and Spellbound stepped in to develop it. It's obvious from the get-go that it has a different developer. I understood before going into this one that it would pretty much function like it's own game, and I'm okay with that.

-The rebel ending from Gothic 3 is treated as the canon ending. The nameless protagonist from the previous games also has a name now: King Rhobar III.

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Double Dragon for Atari 2600
Posted January 04, 2019 by CptRetroBlue

This game is an absolute abomination in terms of gameplay and game mechanics. Obviously the Atari 2600's incredible limitations would mean you had to do everything with a combination of movements and the sole button its controller features, something that is a lot harder than you could realize while enemies beat the ever pixel snot from all directions as you try to land a single hit in turn. I've seen videos of those who exploit the elbow move done here, but to be honest, performing it to the point of executing such takes a whole lot of patience than you could ever bother with.

Gaming Progress - January 2019
Posted January 02, 2019 by Masters

I'm going to pretend now that this will be a regular thing, but it likely won't be. I will try, though!

I thought it useful to list all the new games I've been playing over the last month, if for no other reason than to get my shit together (read: shame myself into putting an end to my endless Steam shopping). I've officially turned into that little kid in a room of toys who says, "I'm BORED! I have nothing to play!" much to the chagrin of his overextended parents.

I need to curb that type of behaviour right away!

So here goes:

The Messenger - starts off as an awesome NES Ninja Gaiden redux for the new millenium and overstays its welcome a bit when it turns into a slightly-less-awesome metroidvania along the way.

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Secret of Mana on SNES...
Posted January 02, 2019 by hastypixels

I think when you view Secret of Mana through the lens of youth you see a fantastic adventure into the unknown, filled with colourful and quirky monsters, a few friends and a delightful assortment of classical weapons. When you learn about the origin and execution of the gameís development, you begin to understand why itís just so darn flawed. However to this day it stands as a legendary representative of its console and respective generation, the venerable fifth, to be exact.

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Piranha Bytes games aren't just addictive, they're just about consuming.
Posted January 02, 2019 by JoeTheDestroyer

I've enjoyed Gothic 3 for the most part, despite some of its nagging flaws, but damn is it a long title. As of right now, I've put almost 80 hours into it, staying up much later than I should and losing sleep. I've become so obsessed with closing the book on PB's Gothic series that I'm engaging in unhealthy habits to get this one out of the way.

However, an end is in sight.

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Happy New Year 2019
Posted January 01, 2019 by CptRetroBlue

Hope you New Year has been keen. Expect more Reviews and Gaming Blogs from yours truly. Also, take a gander to my new 2019 Calendar.


Ending 2018 on a Phantastic Note
Posted December 30, 2018 by CptRetroBlue

Having finished the main Phantasy Star entries in gaming reviews feels like an accomplishment. I spent a lot of time playing through them and have many a good memory of the experience with the original games whose premise of a mostly Sci-Fi covered RPG setting captivated me since I was a kid hearing about it. I also went on adding Gaiden as a bonus as well. Finishing this year with Part IV as the final review on SEGA's phantastic series will be a good way to close this year I believe. I know there are more PS titles out there including Adventure and the Telegames based on separate stories from the cast of PSII and I will cover them sometime next year as well as some titles that came later on just as well.

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Breath of Fire III, a retrospective
Posted December 30, 2018 by CptRetroBlue

I remember playing Breath of Fire III when it came out in the US in the late 90s, that game being the first one of the series I ever played. I already knew of the games prior to it and its lore, so I was pretty familiar with it once I booted my PSX and began the adventure. While I never played the first games before it, I felt pretty familiar and nostalgic experiencing the third game, mostly due to the fact that it connects with the first game SO well and it leaves you with this nostalgic feeling about caring for the characters and the setting it takes place in.

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Makai Prince Dorabbochan, prequel to The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang
Posted December 27, 2018 by CptRetroBlue

While writing my review for Spike McFang on the SNES, I came across an article which stated this is actually a sequel to a Supergrfx 16 title, called Makai Prince Dorabbochan, which was a 2D platformer and quite different from the top view sequel. The game also included upgrades for armor which seemed much needed in the sequel, but nothing much is said other than being an action platforming game. Seemingly, Spike McFang could have become a franchise of its own but without the release of the first game outside Japan this would probably could ever be the case.


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