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OctJOEber 2023
August 01, 2023

Yes, I'm still eventually doing AlphaMurderthon.

Yes, I'm doing a separate OctJOEber this year.

No, I didn't do squat last year because I was busy with work. Unlike the previous year, I actually have some stuff played and reviewed and I will post it here come October. Here's what to expect so far:

Absence (PC)- You wake up in a bathroom in the middle of the woods and somehow end up in a sewer running away from a pre-made asset monster. The horror!

Blood Breed (Switch)- A marriage of PlayStation-era survival-horror and '80s VHS films where you outrun a masked killer, avoid his sadistic traps, and bump off the occasional minotaur.

CALENDULA (PC)- Another addition to the "cursed/haunted game" sub-genre in which you attempt to play a game that doesn't want to be played. What are your secrets, forbidden app?

The Note (PC)- Yeah, I finally got this one to work. Imagine Slender, except lame. Who decided to make "gather all the pieces of paper for no apparent reason" a horror trope, anyway?

Warships on the Halloween Night (PC)- A scrolling shooter where you blast pumpkin ships. It's a hell of a lot better than it looks, actually...

What I'm currently playing/picking at/hoping to review this year:
White Night (Switch)
The Padre (PC)
Garten of Banban (PC)
Conarium (PC)
Sagebrush (Switch)
Whatever else I can dredge up from Steam or Switch...

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EmP EmP - August 04, 2023 (08:48 AM)
White Night looks decent, and is stylish to look at, but you have White Day right there!
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - August 30, 2023 (09:32 AM)
That could become a reality, seeing as I couldn't get into White Night. I may try to finish it another time, but it's quite boring. Stylish, sure, but not terribly compelling.

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