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April 10, 2024

I couldn't not come back here. World culture is doing as it does, galvanizing into groups who are fixated on values, behaviors or needs. That's a little vague. I'll say this instead: We're forming two groups. Those give a toss about others and those who give a toss about themselves. It's sobering to read about JoeTheDestroyer's divorce. As a child - and adult - I grew up with that threat always looming over my head, and I am fortunate that after forty years the relationship of my parents has taken a healing turn.

Sure, I get mopey about it sometimes, but I am fortunate to have the opportunity to turn it into something different. Using what I've learned and experienced I have been able to learn more about psychology, and build a strong marriage based on the values I didn't see, along with the good ones that I did, in the relationship my parents have with each other.

It's the hardest work I've ever done in my life.

It's also the most worthwhile thing I will ever do.

I'm not suggesting that divorce is failure. What prepares us for this life-long olypmic-grade relationship in this cultural climate? Marriage requires skills of us that even a quest into the deepest, darkest dungeon are not likely to provide. I'm also not suggesting that escapism is wrong. Gaming provides social connections and reinforcement both mental and moral presented in a way unique to any other form of media. Find the good in it and invest yourself wisely. Not that I can even imply my balance has been in any way close to perfect.

The "_____" lives matter manifesto of those who definitely do matter has bothered me. It's unfortunate that we have to carry around a massive highlighter to draw attention to the people who need our care and due attention. A new movie will be coming out soon about another famous celebrity and while I'm glad the treatment of it appears to be respectful, the very fact of its existence brought my mind to the "average" people who do good every day. These people, us, in fact, hold the world together. Good will is real.

My wife and I travel to the United States on the regular (at least once a month), down to Washington. It's not far from where I live. America is a complicated place, except that it's not. Individuals get to be individuals, and I love it. The personal expressions of freedom run the gamut, and can threaten, and even end your life, which is scary. On the other hand, they enable some of the most beautiful manifestations of the value of goodness in people more powerful than anywhere on this planet.

The true threat to humanity isn't a bomb. It's when people stop caring. Kindness is a good start, but don't stop there.

Whereever we go from here, I'm grateful to everyone here for their support.

Thank you.

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