Invalid characterset or character set not supported OctJOEber 2023 update 2

OctJOEber 2023 update 2
September 04, 2023

Previously confirmed:
Absence (PC)
Blood Breed (Switch)
The Note (PC)
Warships on the Halloween Night (PC)

And now:

Bloodwash (PC) - Part walking simulator, part '80s splatter movie throwback, all awesome. Who's murdering people at the 24-hour laundromat? Why it's... a naked masked person...

Doom II (Clasic) (Switch) - Do I really need to tell you what this is about? I'll at least mention that it comes with the original Doom II release, plus Master Levels in one handy package.

Garten of Banban (PC) - A first-person dealy where you inspect a sinister kindergarten to discover that you've wasted time playing a fraction of a full game, and you now need to buy all of the other portions separately to get any answers.

I Live Under Your House (PC) - Humans have built a house over your burrow. You seek to show them what kind of horrible hellbeast you are, except that you happen to fall in love. Misguided romance? In my horror game? It's more common than you think.

Super Castlevania IV (SNES) - One of the few CV games I haven't reviewed on HG yet. Heh, you fight a couple of ghosts named Paula Abghoul and Fred Askare.

Most recent blog posts from Joseph Shaffer...

EmP EmP - September 06, 2023 (12:06 PM)
Any letters you're struggling on? I have so many Alpha lists I never got around to pulling the trigger on.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - September 06, 2023 (01:33 PM)
I'm not doing the alpha one this year. That'll probably be next year. I'm knocking G out for next year right now by working on Grim Dawn, plus doing The Shore for this year.
EmP EmP - September 07, 2023 (11:36 AM)
It was all a way to try and trick you into playing Fear & Hunger, anyway.

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