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IGN. Aren't they great?
September 21, 2007

IGN. Home of the dumb. Did you know that before the PS3 hit, they compiled a top ten list of why you should ignore the Xbox 360 and buy -- with money -- a PS3 instead? Sadly, I did and I even had the time to revisit it to see how many nails they hit on the head.

Spoilers: There's 3 flat-out lies, several mammoth exaggerations, one only-slightly disputable claim based around a game not many people care about anymore and more hyperbole than you can shake a stick at.

10 - 360 doesn't have a killer app:

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July & August. The forgotten months
September 01, 2007

Return to Mysterious Island (PC) July 03

This came in a boxet along with Journey to the Moon (which I got to later!) and was actually a lot of fun. The thing I liked most about RtMI was that each goal can be completed in a differing way. So this is what I focused on with this review. While I like how that aspect came out, it feels a bit.. samey. Like I'm getting a little too much into a rut. I need a break!

Armored Core 4 (XBOX360) July 04

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For Genj
July 30, 2007


Achievement Awarded: 100,000 hits
July 06, 2007

DoI may have beaten me in for the "Developer bitterly complains about review" achievement, but I'm not (too) jealous. Recently I hit the magical 100,000 review hits (the current total standing at 101456 at time of writing).

Soon I'll have the 100 total reviews one, too. Don't forget to read them, as well! I need to catch Mid.


Anything for a quiet month. June wasn't it, though.
July 02, 2007

Dawnspire June 4th 2007

This is my favourite review that I’ve written thus far this year. The publishers even went so far as to say that they loved the first 70% of the review and I should snip the last 30% away and score their game higher. I honestly wish I could.

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EmP stomps May.
June 09, 2007

Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle (PC) 3/5/07

I love that most of the publisher sent reviews I get are for point and click games. And I loved this one.

I flew through the game and then found the review came pretty easy. Obvioulsy, the little lemur at the start had qute an effect on me, but it also allowed me to not spoil any of the main story by focusing on the alcoholic rodent. Starting to play around more with intergrating screenshots into a review's main body, think I pulled this one off pretty well.

Soccer '97 (PSX) 7/5/07

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Back up, Gaylord!
April 27, 2007

Gaylord comes with a bone of his own.

Maybe it's because it's Friday and I have a weekend to look forward, maybe it's the small collection of empty beer cand already littering my computer desk and maybe it's my hatred of small children, but this did make me chuckle.


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