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Year in Review (Part III)
January 02, 2008

Tortuga: Two Treasures Preview (PC) January 02, 2007
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Never let my commitment be called into play! I wrote this still suffering from one hell of a hangover as I once again took on my old foe, New Years Day and lost in spectacular fashion.

Previews are bloody tough. Don't believe me? Download a pre-release demo and try to write one -- I dare you! Most people who have stop at only the one, and I don't blame them. You can't even talk in an assured tone because you have no way of knowing if what you're talking about will even make the final cut of the full game.

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EmP Hates on : Rap.
December 25, 2007

Xmas is about happiness and nothing makes me happy more than telling the world that all avenues of music everywhere suck. So, my gift to you -- Rap. It's shit and the retarded culture around it is even worse.

Look out for the cameo mid-video of HG's own Genj.

Merry Christmas and such.


(Untitled Post)
December 10, 2007

Today, while Xmas shopping (which I hate almost as much as the season itself) I, of course, wandered into a games shop and spend money on video games I will probably never play. This week I got:

Guilty Gear XX #Reloaded (XBox)

GGXX is awesome, but I already own the PS2 version and have done now for many years. As much as I love the game, I've not touched it in ages. Really, all GGXX# has over the version I already have is Robo-Ky and an online play feature long made redundant by the passing of time. Still, it was £3 and I regret nothing.

Broken Sword 3 (XBOX)

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November: The Reviewing Chronicals.
December 02, 2007

Honeycomb Beat (DS) November 6th

This was purely written on the publisher’s request as both Jason and Pup have a review up for this game already. Three staff reviews and no users, odd. Anyway, this meant that saying something new about it wasn’t really going to happen, so I didn’t bother checking on the aforementioned pair of reviews and just wrote. It’s a puzzle game review, so it’s not going top be my best thing ever, but it is adequate.

The jellyfish pic used to be the paragraph that you’d see on the game’s data page, but this made Jason uncomfortable. Probably because it upstaged the hell out of review effort!

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Internet DRAMA: Of Gamespot, hidden chequebooks and the users who hate it.
November 30, 2007

Obligitory summary: some guy got fired from Gamespot today and, although no reason has been given as of yet, we're all going to assume this: he wrote a Kane and Lynch review, scoring it 6/10 and Eidios, the game's publishers who paid 'spot a lot of money to run K&L ads, threw a fit. The fallout is the guy in the center has no job and other members of staff from the site seem to be walking. Whether it;s as seedy as it seems or not, Gamespot is still well and truely boned.

It's an interesting situation, but rather than harp on about the mess CNet have seemingly dropped themselves in, I'm a lot more concerned with the public who view this sacking as a moral victory because he gave their game of choice a sum total of 1.2 points short of a perfect review score.

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Chrono Cross hate continues
October 29, 2007

I recently subbed the 1/10 CC review over on 'Spot to give it a go in the next reviewspotting issue (ETA 2010) and it already has six negative votes towards it (and one plus, which I'll just assume was Ben)

And now I have this PM:

I respect your opinion but if you expect people to take you seriously you cannot just go throwing around 1/10's.  A review final score should be unemotional and based of facts to support the final score.  I don't feel that the aspects in your review support a 1/10 score though they do support a low one.  With all due respect (serioiusly) do yourself a favor and avoid 1/10's.

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A new hate topic -- all for me!
October 07, 2007

OMG he said bad things about Chrono Cross! Get him!

One of these pops up now and then, which prompts me to check the forums now and then to see if one has popped up.

I always enjoy them, but they're just not as good as the Bulletproof ones I used to get.

Sidenote: Bad Shotgun for not telling me said topic existed when you knew all about it!


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